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Sweetpea's Easter greetings ..

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 Just wanted to wish you Happy Passover and Happy Easter.... Human will be back with the story of Amber and Harry on Monday.. And if you do not celebrate the above holidays  Happy Spring...

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Shawls, Egyptian trips , a suprise Reporter

Amber went through the many items she had in her closet, the assistant living apartment she lived in had a lot of storage so she had had lots of room for the many keepsakes she had saved through the years.

 They did bring some furniture from the house she bought in Absecon  she sold the building to a developer  and bought her apartment here. Her sister's kids though their aunt should move where it was warm so living in Florida works for her.  She did like tropical weather when she was in the valley of the Kings she loved the dry heat.

She spent a lot of time working in the tomb  taking pictures help carter capture the finds for the world and for museums around the world.  She finished her work for the paper early along with the others who came along with her on the trip.

The girls left Cairo after the news real was shot and they took the report and photographs she did with them. She did get a chance to talk to her editor and ask if she could stay longer they were needing a photog…

Memories of friends, Old photos , A unknown Visitor

The old woman was cleaning her room she was looking at proofs of photos she took long ago  . Egypt was interesting in the early 20"s she remembered  when she and the team from the paper went  she was so surprised to see some old friends all grown-up  and professional reporters.

She remembered from her Amatol days her neighbors daughters they became friends with the 11 months they were living there. When the factory closed the family moved to Philadelphia  they would  come and visit in the summer and they would go and swim at the new lake that was made in Hammonton.
 Once they finished high school  and started school they did not write much and they seemed to drift away  from each other.  But seeing the girls was just such a amazing gift on this trip she was not use to not being around people she didn't know well .
 Megan was the older sister  a smart and funny blond who could be sweet and as tuff as nails when she needed to be. She was prepared for the trip and  was over jo…

New friendship?, Romance for Amber and Harry? The Egypt trip


 Amber  was surprised to see Harry and welcomed him into her home. She had a trunk and  a few suitcases around half full. Harry asked"Going somewhere?" He had not heard about the Egypt trip and was surprised when she told him.  She did want to know what he was doing for the summer she would be gone for 4 months and she was taking a boat over to Egypt  with people from the paper and a group of photographers and movie real film makers. She was hoping to learn from them and many make a few shorts in the future.
She did know the dig needed   people to draw and photograph the dig finds and she could be of some help and it would be great to learn about Egypt . Harry sat silent the whole time it seemed that she had her whole life worked out and their was not much room for him .
He did tell her that  he would be returning to school and finish up his degree like her ,he wanted to go into reporting his racing days were over and he wanted to do something useful and exciting.  Amber r…

Famliy ties , friends and exploring the world as a Reporter

Harry was sitting  on the porch of the small hospital in Hammonton when he saw Amber's family coming up the side walk boy he was glad to see people his own family did make it out on weekends but during the week he was bored.

Amber was at school working hard and trying not to think about Harry she had received several letters from her father telling him what happened to him . She was glad he had only broken his legs but  the sport was dangerous. She did not want to get involved with a man who took such risks and really wanted to finish her school and  work as a reporter, Photographer.

Amber did return to the newspaper office and turn in her article it was well received and she  sent a copy home to her family. Her father was so excited he even showed Harry when they went to see him. Amber's mother brought some treats for Harry homemade apple bread,  chocolate walnut fudge,  and a few books from the library she figured he would be bored.

He was so happy that he had friends here…

Harry's Race. and after

The race day was cool and comfortable Harry also know as Harry Hertz in the racing world was busy getting his car ready with is friends. He could see the stands filling up and he wondered was Amber there?  He could see his family in the stands but could not tell if he could see the tall classic beauty in her  black wool coat.

 Amber and her parents got to the race late and were looking for a place to sit and she did find a space for them all near  the bottom of the grand stand to her surprise she saw grandpa Joe waving her over with the rest of the family.  They were glad to see  Amber and her family and they all got settled in.

 Harry was driving a car with a Miller Chassis and the race was A.A.A. approved and yes it is the car and roadside company of today. The wooden race track was 1.5 miles and they would go around twice.

As the cars moved to the starting line Amber decided to wave to Harry he did see her and waved back.  Harry thought "She is here and that is great maybe j…

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Amatol Raceway Opening day? Will Amber see Harry race?

"HI Harry and grand Pa Joe ", said Amber  Bother men were pleased that she came over . Harry replied " it is so good to see you . How are you? " 'Good', replied Amber', been busy  writing the article and getting the background i need". 
Amber was wondering why they decided to come all this way for the dedication but as the speakers began she could see why as grandpa Joe started to tear up.  She decided Harry was a better man than she thought and was glad to see he cared so much for his grandfather .

 The ride on the train was quiet she was glad to the two men were there sitting with her and out the blue Harry ask her if she was going to the opening day of the race at Amatol raceway the wooden track was finished and as they stopped at the station across the street from it . She could see the track  in all it's glory.

It was really quite amazing looking and she thought well maybe her father would like to go? Harry said" I will leave tickets…

Remembering the civil war parade in Atlantic city

Amber was busy for the next 2 weeks and did not see Harry anywhere on campus   she did hear that he took  a leave of absence from school for his racing season and that the  school allowed this . She was surprised but had found out that his family gave money to the school so  they gave him a chance to make up work.

She was preparing  her article and doing her other work. She was suppose to meet with a photo grapher that  knew her professor in the photography dept. She wanted to find a part-time job and she had a love of the new medium and  needed the money.

 She was scheduled for a interview after she came back from the sign for the  44th National encampment was show to the world. She had her ticket for the train ride home and just needed to pack a bag it was late fall and the ride would be pretty with the leaves starting to turn color. It was her favorite time of year  not to cold or not to hot.

She  hoped that her article would be printed and her photographs for the paper published …

Joseph Campbell and the bloody angle at Gettsburg

Amber was happy to sit and talk with Harry's grandfather.  Joseph  Campbell was a proud soul who lost his leg in the battle of Gettysburg.  He began his story with his arrival at  Atlantic city  along with his daughter and son-law and a young Harry and his sisters. 
We were so surprised to see our meeting hall decorated with thousands of tiny lights and flags it certainly made it festive for all  grand  soldiers  to enjoy with their families were 15,000 strong with our families. The city was decorated up with it's finest  plants and flags . "It was September  19th and we rushed off to hear our comrade a very  great man Brigadier General Daniel Sickles. He was with use when we were fighting at Blood Angle in Gettysburg.

 It was great to see the general again and  he talked to each of us that were left from his legion and  it was sad to see so many old friends gone from old age.  Fighting Dan as we called him still had a spring in his step even after he lost his leg.  It …

The Atlantic city parade..

Harry was happy to pick-up Amber the  next morning and drive her to his families house  she did not know his grandfather lived with his family. His  mother was home but his Dad was at work  they were expecting them and his mother  even made breakfast.

Amber was surprised how nicely Harry lived she knew how her family saved for years to buy their house but she could even imagine a home like this. It was a two story brick home with white columns in the front. .
They had a nice piece of property out of Philadelphia  as he drove up Harry said " Their is my grandfather sitting on the  porch Amber saw a older man actually wearing a civil war hat  sitting waiting patiently as the got out of the car.

Harry said grandfather this is my friend Amber and she is writing a article about the civil war parade in Atlantic city they are putting up a sign to remember it and she was looking for people that are still around to talk about.

A tall man Harry's grandfather stood when he saw Amber. &…

Amber and Harry friends?

Harry was glad to see Amber and was happy she sat down. He did ask her about how her day was going and she shared a little  about her project  . Harry noticed how excited she was when she talked about writing . She certainly had the passion and was very creative  . He did tell her that  he had someone he would like her to meet  to help with her article about the meeting in Atlantic city.

Amber was all ears when Harry said he had someone who talk about the Atlantic city event  he seemed different today more likeable and she was glad to listen to him. " Harry she asked who is this person you want me to meet"? Does he live near by"?  Harry replied "Yes 3 blocks away and he is my grandfather who is 90 years old. He fought in the civil war and went to the meeting at Atlantic city and even the meeting at Gettysburg.

My grandfather even managed to get over the fences at the Gettysburg meeting and shook the hands of lots of rebel soldiers. Some he even writes  to till th…

The civil War Parade in Atlantic city and a writing a article Seeing Harry again?

Amber had everything packed she was heading back to school early and  her dad was giving her a ride to the station. Her mother was already  crying that she was leaving early but she explained that she had work to do.
She had been given a writing job  by a local paper her professor had showed a friend that worked on  a paper in town.  He wanted her to do a small article about a event that happened in 1911. The town of  Atlantic City had a event coming up to dedicate a sign to  commemorate the in encampment  of the union army and the parade that was in Atlantic city.

Amber was glad to be back at her room at the  campus.
 Her roommate was still away so she could study and write as long as she wanted . She would go to the paper and read through the articles  from 1911 and see who was there and maybe follow up and see if she could find anyone  who was still alive from that period . Amber did get to sleep her mind was filled with details and thoughts about her article . She had set her al…

Amber, Harry and the dinner and Harry suprises them with his background.

Amber tried to dismiss her mother when she was questioning her feelings about Harry but she  just thought her sister was too young for someone like him. Carol does think she is worldly but she is no match for someone like him.

 As they entered the room she saw Harry leaning over and looking at her painted chest. He was impressed with the work and ask Mary, " Did you do this it is beautiful" 'No replied Mary that is our Amber's work". " Wow it is beautiful i didn't know you were a artist too". That is polish folk art  My grandmother did that type of work". My mother  has some of her pieces to this day "

Amber was surprised that he liked the chest and even knew it was from the old country even more shocking he was Polish. " Where  does your family live Harry ", ask Mary."Philadelphia ",was his reply.

 Amber was ready to move on and said "Let's eat some cake". The family and Harry sat down and had dessert.…

Pictures and memories of Amatol town and plant

Thought i would share some art- facts from Amatol  as you can see this items is in great shape. As a kid we never found anything but shells but it would have been fun.

 This is a photo i think of the winner's circle  They did have a lot of wooden races tracks in the country and as you can imagine  most burned down..

 Amazon photo of the inside of the factory.

 This photo was amazing for me as i could tell where it was taken from .. A lot more trees now then  when the factory was running.

 I do remember that some ruins of these buildings were still around in the 60's when we use to explore the area.

 I want to thank everyone who published their photos for the public to see . It's always fun to see  what the places  look like  when you are reading a story..
 Have a great day, Nora

Sisters disagree.

Carol followed her sister in to the other room  she knew she was angry but was wondering why she was so angry about a guy she just meet? Amber asked her " What are you doing with him"? "Nobody  else could have given you a ride home".

 Carol still did not understand her reaction, He was just a cute guy that did her a favor nothing more she was to busy to think about men. Mary came into the room and said in a quiet but serious tone " Girls we have company you can discuss this later". " I need help with the dinner and setting the table hurry now".

With that Mary left and returned to the dining room  where she could see Harry was deep in conversation with her husband about racing. Both girls entered the room ready to help and be polite but the both knew this was not over and they would talk later.

As the group sat down to dinner  Harry was pleasant and polite to all and asked Amber about her studies. She gave yes and no answers and was distant. Ca…

Dinner with Harry? Two sisters are at odds.

Harry could not believe his luck the beautiful girl he was just talking to 2 hours ago was right in front of him again. He knew Carol from school and he was ahead of her in his studies but she was pretty but when she said she needed a ride,  after he dropped his friends at the train station. He knew he was in luck , when Carol told him the address he was happy to take her to her home.
 Mary was a bit taken back that her youngest though that it was ok to take a ride from someone she did not know.  Carol quickly got out of the car to make the introductions but she knew by her mother's tight lipped smile that she would be in trouble later.
Harry was very friendly and shook the hands of both Mary and Amber with a slick smile he said :, Nice to meet you Amber".  Now Carol who was trying to break the ice ask Amber if she went out to the track that was being built . Amber replied"  yes  and we were not alone were we Harry ? 'oh you know Harry is a race car driver he said …

Harry shocks the family?

Harry was polite and wanted to talk more with Amber but his friends were yelling for him to come on . With a smile he said",  Nice to meet you both but i must go now . 'Hope to see you in the near future I can send you some tickets when the track opens up if you want to give me your address?' Now John figured why not he had a P.O  box and maybe he could go with the family something to do.
But for now they were leaving too it was getting hot and the bugs were bad in this area so he wrote out his address and thanked Harry and  both groups went on their way.

 The friends of Harry's started teasing him about chatting up another woman. Harry certainly was popular with the ladies. But he said, " This lady was different really very classy  she was in college and a writer and into photography",

 Amber sat in silence all the way home she was angry at father because he gave out their address she wanted nothing to do with this young man.  John entered the house befor…

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Harry and Amber meet in the Pines..

A young man  along with a few of his friends drive up to the place where  the track they wanted to see how it was  coming along. He was Harry Simson and he was the darling of the race track world  he hade a great record on the many tracks in the country.
 This one seemed like a challenge  the carve was going to be different than the others and he did like the idea that it was outside of a town.  He knew he would draw large crowds, people seem to not get enough of the sport.

 He did notice the area was a bit hot even in the fall and dry .  Looking around he saw a very pretty young woman with a older man  taking pictures. He wondered "Was she from a race magazine? Look? or Life? She had a certain city like elegance that did not belong here in the pines. The man  looked a bit like her and he was wondering maybe her dad?

As  he walked  closer to the pair he wanted to know why she was taking pictures?  He decided to say hello  and hey why not maybe get some free advertising for his …

The bulding of a racetrack... Amber and the family living in Hammonton

Amber thought it was a interesting to see the track being built  and took the camera, she borrowed from the school with her. They family did move to Hammonton ,the girls did finish high school and both girls were in college.  Their father had found work in a shoe factory and was even made  a boss.

The pay was pretty good and their mother would work part-time there when they had a lot of orders and needed extra help.     They did buy a small home in Hammonton  and were happy but once the 20's rolled around the world was changing  , lots of new things were happening  with history and science.

Amber was in the middle of it in her school , film was becoming a big thing and of course she was learning and writing about all the latest things in the school paper. Amber loved to write and take photographs she thought the new wooden race car track would be a interesting thing for the school paper and she knew she could get the pictures living near by.

Side  note i could not believe this  …

Death of a town?

The old woman woke up and looked around the  sitting room was dark lights were on and a nurse was sitting near by  with a few other people watching tv. Amber always wondered why people thought it was such a good thing she remembered when it was invented. Her involvement with the beginning of the industry was a tale for another day.

She wished she had family left the days did get long and lonely with out family . She did have  a old friend's grand daughter who would come and visit from time to time but it was not that often.  She did love to get her local paper sent to her so she could read about what was happening in New Jersey.
She guessed the factory was nothing but ruins by now and she did remember after it closed and the move a lot of people were going and taking the materials and using them to build other homes.  Actually there was a family that actually moved their home to Hammonton and lived in it for many years.
She wondered if it was still there ?  She did have nurse…

Movie time eating out moving on?

I wanted to post this picture from someone's family photos that they shared for everyone to see  Just a bit of information this road is  in use today it is a dirt one but still there.  I have shared some of the public photos off the internet. I want to thank the people who shared bits of history  for the rest of us by posts photos and memories and things they have from this  time in history.

 The girls decided to stay in the rest of the day and when their parents came home they decided they would go to the place where a lot of the workers got their meals . The  largest restaurant could feed 6,000 people and the family decided to go and eat and meet other families.

As they started to walk toward the restaurant their neighbors who had just bought a car stopped to pick them up .Amber thought this was her time to ask about the movies with the other family around so her parents couldn't say no.

"Mom said Amber can we go with the girls to the picture show tomorrow " It i…

Factory work and movie watching?

The neighbor girls were happy to have two girls their age next door.  Megan and Sally were smart and quiet girls who did well in their studies but  had been living in Philadelphia before coming to south Jersey.

 They both loved to read  and go to the movies they were lucky to have a movie theater here . They would show afternoon movies especially for the kids. The girls had plans in the early after noon and invited Amber and her sister to go with them.
Amber said to Megan she was not sure if they should go or not but maybe the next day if they ask their parents. The girls then decided to go and finish the morning chores and finish in-packing
 Amber hoped the girls were not upset that they did not go today. She knew her parents would want to know where they would be going  .

Mean while the couple settled into the factory assembly line .. Mary was busy filling shells and John was moving them and putting them on pallets.

 They came together for lunch and went to the cafeteria they wer…

Factory work and the girls make new friends..

The family rose early and ate Breakfast both parents were out the door early  they had to walk to the plant it was 2 miles away.  As they started to walk they saw a few people walking too and joined them . They is a wagon that comes and picks up workers and they just have to wait  at the end of the town.

As they approached the waiting area they could see their new friend driving a large wagon with others sitting in the back. The Nowak's  John and Mary had been through a lot all they wanted was a good life for their  girls. Traveling to America  was not something they took lightly they left a country and a family and everything they ever known to come here.

 They had left before America entered the war and by all news reports it was going pretty well. They often were glued to their radios waiting for news of areas that loved ones lived in . The news was pretty good. They did wonder if they made a mistake coming here?

At less with these jobs they were doing they were helping the h…

Meeting friends settling in..

I was very interested in this map. It tells a lot about the town and where i lived as a kid and what parts of the town we explored.

Amber and her family were surprised and excited when the town came into the view the pine trees were nice but they were surprised to see a whole town. They pulled the wagon up to the house they would be in and it was a good size bigger that the apartment in New York city.They had two bedrooms ,the sisters had to share of course but the rooms were a good size and they even had a porch.

As they were moving in they meet the neighbors  a  family from Poland like them who came over on the boat and went through Ellis Island too . They had replied to the ad in the new York times looking for work out in the pines.

They knew it was kind of dangerous to bring their families here but they did not want to be with out them. They had 2 girls too and their last name was Krol.  Many families left what we now call Poland  after the  Russian and German and Austria Hungar…