Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The orgins of the flag?

 I bet many people think  Betsy Ross was the original maker of the flag according to history the only proof we have are  her grandson's word and a daughter and niece of Betsy. Their are no receipts no flags are anything to show she really did this.

 Some important points are the time period are off from the Rosses memories 2  artists that were in Washington's army Colonel John Trumbull and Captain Charles Wilson Pearle show the flag in paintings two years before the Rosses date .

 A gentle man from New Jersey a Samuel Francis Hopkins Wetherill said he made the first flag and hade receipts from 1780 . He was also a signer of the declaration of Independence.

Betsy's grandson gave a speech in March  to a historical society about Betsy's involvement.  Betsy did mention this to a Quaker friend in the early 1800's and even gave him the pattern for the star.

 Yes friends this star is real and does prove the idea that Betsy made the flag . The history of this paper pattern does go all the way back to a friend of Betsy's and was locked in a safe over a century. It was found in 1922 by Abel P. Wetherill and relative of her friend.  A pistol was found and a paper pattern of the star.

 Samuel Wetherill was a member of the free fighting Quaker group along with Betsy and her husband.  The Quaker house had the paper star on display for many years till it was stolen out of a not locked box in 2004.

Our flag making gal had more than one husband and had seen a lot of heart-ache Her first husband was killed . John Ross who she started a upholstery business with was killed in a gun powder explosion in 1752.   He was outside the Quaker religion and they married at a tavern across the river in a Town now called Gloucester city.

 The historical society still has the fireplace mantel that was in the tavern.. More about the tavern another time.... Her next husband was Joseph Ashburn a sailor who died in England after being captured in a ship by the British.

 If you were British and living in the new world and fought again the British and they catch you they were put you in prison.

 Her last husband came and told her what happened Joseph and they were married.  He lived with her for over 34 years and died in 1817.

 She also had 5 daughters and two were lost in childhood. Betsy passed in the 1830's she was in her 80's she certainly lived a full life. I have noticed with history not everything is cut and dry  makes me wonder how many pieces of history was lost with time.

 Coming up.. artists of the day ,the story behind the star pattern and Betsy's grand-son ....

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Monday, June 26, 2017

What do the colors of the flag mean?

Today I thought I would talk about the meaning of the colors of the flag. This is the colonial flag from 1777.  When it was first made the colors had know meaning after the construction of the American seal then the colors gained meaning.

 They are as follows, Red- Valor Bravery, White - Purity and innocence, Blue -vigilance, perseverance and justice.

 Many vintage and antique collectable are not just flags everything from jewelry ,clothes and dishes  are in some form or color value of our fourth of colors. Below are some examples...

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Night was falling outside the little radio station somewhere in the Arizona desert.  Andy Green late night radio host was on the air where people can call in and talk about anything.  Tonight he decided to ask his listeners' about their UFO sightings.  It was Arizona and the desert so he wondered if anybody in this state had any experiences.

 Everybody has heard of  Roswell New Mexico but Arizona has had their share of sightings  just a few years ago thousands saw UFO'S over several nights even the governor. So the topic was a good one.

 Before he started the program he took a walk outside and looked up at the night's sky he could see the stars showing up in the  sky.  Out of the corner of his eye he thought he saw something strange .  What was the bright light that seemed to get larger in the night's sky.. "Probably a plane , " he thought.

  The little radio station was a lonely place his partner was going to be late and Andy knew he had to start the program out at the controls too and grumbled to his self I do not get paid enough. 'Good evening folks this is the Andy Green show and tonight we want to talk about Your UFO sightings give us a call".

The phone lines started to flash and he figured this will be a hot topic tonight . 'Hello you are the Andy Green show , No one  was on the other end  next call same thing  and another and another. Andy thought what the heck is going on here .Soon the phones stopped flashing and Andy decided to put some music on.

Andy felt a sense of loneliness as he went outside he really was all alone out here the lights of the town can be seen from his station but it seemed a million miles away.  When you are alone from all the modern elements of life even though they are 2 miles away you get to thinking about life ..

 He decided to go in and see if he had any calls the phones were lite up again and he decided to take the first call just to talk with someone.  " Hi Andy ," it's me. It was Andy's wife on the other end she had been worried that he had put music on and the phones lines have not been working.

 Well that explains no one on the other end of the earlier calls and just as he hung up with is wife his partner came in . He told him what happened and they had traced the problem to a crossed wire.

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Saturday, June 24, 2017


 New items in the stores... Pillows, cards and re-useable bags .. Lots of great stuff and sales.

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Pine cat -I was a hero this morning..

 Hi , friends

 Human is still having trouble with her blogger page.  I was a hero this morning.. I was up at 5;30 practicing by singing so humans get up. Well she got up to feed me I guess and then weird noises came over the phone. We were having  a tornedo alert which is odd for New Jersey.. We were ok of course sometimes the weather people get crazy over nothing..

 Humans got dressed and even got my cat carrier out.  We live in a mobile home so we were probably going to have to leave if the storm got worse.

 But now the sun is out and the skies are blue .. Have a great day , Love pine cat..

Friday, June 23, 2017

 Some new designs coming to the stores soon. I have no idea why my posts page is not loading I had to write another post that I have already done . Enjoy the art .. stay dry .. we will have left over storms from the hurricane.


Thursday, June 22, 2017

we will be back on Friday.. Human has some work to do...

 Sorry friends , we will be back on Friday have some work I have to do to websites..

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