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 I think i need my own shirt don't you?  My brother pinecat has one . Why not me?  Even though i do not like picture taking i told human paint a picture of me and use that . She just bought a piece of canvas..
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The end of a story ? Maybe i should write more adventures?

The ash storm last for a few days and our group was safe in the hotel . Ramose did help with the different things the hotel owner did like feed livestock and get food out of storage. They wore  cloths over there faces and still could not stay out long.  They put thin pieces of linden over their eyes they could see but it helped keep the ash out.

 Finely one morning they woke up and the skies were clear all that could be seen was a strange clouds in the direction of  Crete.  Ramose knew they had to get moving and get on the boat they had to get to some of the lands north of the  Tigris and the Euphrates.

 Isis was glad to be on her way again and she and Lotus were ready quick to board the boat along with her friend and her children. They knew they could not go back and this new area could bring them peace and they could settle down.

The group did make it to what is now know as Syria they settled down there and Isis and Ramose had 5 sons and 2 daughters and were happy. Ramose had his …

Happy Valentine's Day Humans...

Happy Valentine's day humans .... You get another post from me ...  I do hate late night pictures but my human is a the ..... Yikes i am not allow to say bad words but you can the idea.

 I do not like this dog .. I hate dogs HUman!!!! Have a fun day  Humans, Love Sweet Pea..

The disaster That happened to Crete..

The morning was cool and rainy when our group  boarded the boat Ramose had helped load his  pottery and other  items on the ship the night before . He was up early loading their processions into the boat  he had several friends helping him and Isis was busy saying good -by to friends for awhile.

 Many told her they would check up on their home and  Isis almost told them to come with them  and get away from this place but she promised Ramose she would not say  anything/ What if she was wrong then what?

 Isis found herself staring at the volcano looking for any signs of  danger she did get Lotus on her lead and get through the narrow streets to the harbor as she did that she thought she felt the ground move  a bit. Many people just smiled and laughed at the look of fear on her face and told her the gods are angry today.

Ramose was glad to see her and Lotus and helped them into the boat it was time to leave and everyone was ready. Europa  and her children and many other wives that were…

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Isis and her warnings from the Gods?

Ramose was doing well in the workshops he especially liked making the pottery that the Minoans  would be known for eternity. He like the natural  shapes and drawing of fish and wild life that he could put on he pieces.
He was starting to get popular and was even ask to go on  trip to help deliver  the piece to  the many trade spots through out the Aegean  and beyond. He knew he did not want to stop in Egypt because of Isis  she would be going with him. He would not dare live her alone here. 

 She seemed so nervous with the volcano did she know something he didn't?  He had always heard that the temple priests in Egypt  had a six sense from the Gods..  Could she know something other worldly?
 Ramose entered his home early one night and  Isis was sitting in a corner with Lotus on her lap and  seemed to be in some kind of trance. When he moved toward her she awoke a bit unnerved to see him and even the cat  let out a almost shriek  of surprise.

 " Isis i have a surprise we are …

Thera the volcano and the first few weeks of a new Life..

The sun  was rising and the ship was not far from Crete  land of many mountains and a volcano this was  something never seen before by our travelers from Egypt.  Isis was impressed along with Ramose  the beauty of this island that had a interesting round harbor. Even  the land masses were round in shape something our travelers knew nothing of.

Lotus loved to sit at the tip of the boat and feel the breezes and on more than one occasion she had to be fished out of the water after falling in so  she would wear and harness  with a lead so she didn't go to far and they could fish her out of the water easily.

 When they did land the boat  our small group did get several invites from crew to stay with them till they found a place to live and Ramose would get work. The one crew member did have family who worked at the queen's palace actually he was the head of the artisans of the whole country and knew he would fit in.
 Ramose was busy when they traveled here working on small pieces…