Did you know we sell jewelry?

Did you know we have jewelry and hats?   Inclosing some of my favorites in this post check out 

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Hi friends

 We are back and ok after  the lost our beloved boy..  Pine cat certainly was a fun kitty he gave us lots of joy and will be missed. He would chase my husband around the house it was quite funny. He loved  pillows nobody could steal your pillow at night like him. He loved to talk to you and always wanted to be around you and would follow me around during the day.

 He loved to sit on my futon in my spare room and watch me write this blog and of course design my items for the stores. He certainly loved his humans and showed us that every day. I did not mention that he was ill because it was hard for me to talk about.
 In the future I  might get a new cat or maybe dog to love.  I will miss him till the end of time. He  was adopted from a humane society and I will probably adopt again and save another life.  I think he would have wanted that .
 Have a great day ,Nora

Rest in Peace Pine cat...

In loving memory of my boy Benny aka : Pine cat ...  You were deeply loved by both of your cat parents and will be missed for the rest of our lives. You are not in pain anymore and have crossed over the rainbow bridge...  May you find peace my sweet boy .. Their are not enough words to express the hurt I feel right now..

 I will be back in a couple of days friends . I was with him when he passed along with my husband . He went to the bridge listening to the comforting words of his humans. To we meet again my sweet boy you took  peace of my heart with you .

a video?

Something new for me friends hope it works did a show the other day and decided  video it enjoy..

   have a great day, Nora some new photos of pine cat ... enjoy.. hope the video works

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We do love our flowers

Christmas is coming ...

Postcards are also included 

 Have a great day friends and we will back back Sunday.

Art coming to the stores..

Thought I would share some modern art that is coming to the stores in the future. I have  not been posting long because everybody's favorite Persian cat is sick.. I have been taking care of him. Our boy is 16 and battling  more than one illness.
 If you believe in a higher power or pray say one for Pine cat and me . I know his time is getting closer hard to deal with.  Have a great day friends.

Modern Art From Pine cat 15 and Catfish 15 stores.

Did  you know I offer abstract art? Sometimes I like to create interesting abstract drawings.  I enjoy bright colors and like to play around with shapes and colors.

 A lot of the work is available on inexpensive posters and more pricy canvas.

  As you can see we have a lot of designs available .. enjoy the day , Nora