The history of shiny brite ornaments

Well the shiny brite ornament came to life right before the war  when people were concerned there would be no more hand blown  ornaments from Germany.  Corning glass company  re-did a machine that made glass ribbons into a ornament machine.
They would sent to a decorating plant in New Jersey where they were sprayed with silver nitrate and lacquered that is where the name shiny Brite comes from. This was done at a plant called Eckerd's where stripes we hand painted and the sayings and Christmas scenes were stenciled .  Before the war the caps on the bulbs were metal  and during the war they were paper.
 During the war years and into the 50's they would be  mass produced to the tune of 300,00 a day their was a large market for them and a box of ornaments were sold for 60 cents.  They were sold every where even though Woolworth started the trend with asking corning to product them.

 I am including some examples and will talk about values in the future. Enjoy this little piece …

White house Ornaments.

I figured I would keep talking about collecting ornaments today and show you some of the items I collect and hang on my tree.  I started getting these ornaments as gifts from a couple who my husband and I have been good friends with for a long time.

 Each year they fill my tree with more gold beauty and I do look forward to receiving them each year.  I love shiny bright and they go well together. I was surprised they are quite the collectable and would make a get heirloom collection to pass down to one's family through out the years.
 Some buyer's pointers to look for if you buy them on e-bay the years from 1995-1997 the box gold paint scratches easy so if you are looking just to collect and keep them in the book that is a factor. They do come with paper work and should be included they come in a velvet box and make a nice gift.

 They are the only official white house ornaments and were started in 1981 and have continued to this day. .
 I am inclosing some examples so you ca…

Do not over look avon collectables.

The company of Avon has  been around for a long time. Did you know that some of these items are quite valuable? I was surprised to see what some items I have in my collect from over the years are worth. So if you see those Christmas ornaments or  glass Avon figures at yard sales and flea markets jump on them. Would be great if you have the boxes but they are still valuable if you don't thought I would include some examples ..

  A lot of these ornaments are from the 90's but people love to collect and Christmas is a time for giving.

  Have a great day, Nora

Breast Cancer ... Month

Pink items are every where October is breast cancer  month.  Please  get you yearly check-up  when  especially when you turn 40. You are worth it.   If you find something do not wait and get more then one opinion..  wishing you health and happiness ,Nora

Halloween beginings .. Might suprise you?

Halloween started out as a Celtic festival called Samhain 2,000 years ago.  The new year was November 1, in this culture and they believed the night before that ghosts would fly around at night so they would leave food and drink on their door steps  the night before and even dress up to look like ghosts so they would blend in.

 They would light large fires and burn crops and even sacrifice animals the last day of the year so they would have good luck..

 During the 8 century the church changed  the name to all hallows eve where kids would dress up and play tricks and get food and money and even wine for gifts if they sing and dance and tell jokes.

 The name was shorten through the years and in the 50's it became the holiday we know today with trick or treating and more a family event.

  One trick treat night a couple had a party and was also giving out candy to kids...  As the children would approach the dark street and the many trees in the yard they saw a shadow moving among th…

The man in green..

The couple was coming home from a gathering from a friend's home it was about 9  p.m.   Most people did not want to travel this road at night and  it was know for ghost sightings and all kinds of odd things... Day time was no problem but when the on set of  night,  shades play tricks on the eyes and minds of drivers it is best to go another way.
 The woman was a bit nervous about this road she had a dream the other night about driving down a not well lighted road and seeing a man dressed in a emerald  green suit wearing ,a green fishing hat and even more spooky he was wearing a green  Banda over part of his face. She remembered waking up screaming because he had red demon like eyes and that was all you could see .  She remembered that  the more they speeded up in the dream the man was always on the side of the road ahead of them.
As they came to the beginning of the road something made the man stop and ask his partner Do you want to go another way home? " The woman replied…
Went to a sunflower farm where I live. Surprised they had such a think but they are around . Want to share my farm pictures and yes I di pick some flowers to take home have a great weekend friends I will  be back on Sunday. Nora