John Andre sat in the dinning room sipping his tea and listening to Anna go on and on about living out here in the woods.  Sara sat stone faced and  would smile and nod when she should but said nothing . She is wondering why I am here he thought . I do need to find the codes that her father had in his hands before he died.

 It could mean a win or a loss for the British it was that important . He knew that the iron ore made in Batsto was  being made into cannon balls and other items for the revolution. The Read family was know for helping  the patriots.
But what could they do ? Charles and him were in a area that was not friendly to the British and if they tried to strong arm the Read men they would have many friends that would come to their aid. He had noticed when he rode up with Charles many eyes looking on them.

 They would be watching his every move and even the servants could be listening to him and Charles talk. 
 Sarah said, " John how is your family doing "?  John …

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John Andre Sarah's friend or enemy?

John rose from his seat to greet Sarah with a big smile and a kiss on the cheek he knew she was here  but was glad to see her. She was as pretty as ever but looked at him with surprise that he was there in this small town.

 Sarah was taken back by the appearance of John and she wondered why a known British Military man was this far deep into southern new jersey she knew there were spies everywhere her dying father told her to trust no one and she didn't even a known friend.

 Dolly and her would allow the British military officers to take them to plays they put on at theaters at the time Philadelphia was taken over by the British and no one in the theater district would perform for them. She and Dolly both knew they had to go because they would suffer if they did not. They could be kind a polite but would not hesitate to do harm to them.

 John had been kind to her told her he hated the war and wished it could be different  they had a lot of things they both liked including art. H…
I will be back on Sunday but a news update please pray and sending good thoughts to our favorite historical town Batsto. I had posted in the past this is a historical real life town deep in the pines.. A fire is raging only two miles away.  The fire is 60 % under control but you never know.. 

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New art coming soon in the stores.. We will be back Sunday with more about whispering pines. But  enjoy the art.
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Who is the guest at the Mansion?

Sarah was glad to meet some nice people in the town Annie and the children were pleasant and she did like Beth her maid  but it was different than meeting people who are from the area.  Sarah was so happy to meet Sally and Esther she started chatting about Philadelphia and what was going on there.
Both women seemed interested but really wanted to know about her painting and her father and his business.   Sally ask her if she had any examples of his work and she showed them her miniature of  he did when she was 18 just two years ago.  Didn't seem that long  ago.

 Sally said to Sarah , "Do you think you would have time to make 2 miniatures of me and my daughter Esther?"  'Perhaps ," said Sarah if the portrait doesn't take to long I can do that". She figured at least she could get out of the house a little if she does some other work  ' I plan to start the portrait today I am actually here for some canvas and  minerals to mix the paint with".  N…
The sun was shining in the windows as Sarah stirred from her sleep she had a bit of a headache from the bump on her head but she felt ok other wise. Nothing broken  when she got up she felt ok  and she decided to get ready for her day. The maid knocked on the door with fresh water and ask her how she felt . She was really just had a bit of a headache.
She had planned to start sketching the different family members that were going to be in the portrait she thought it was odd the master of the house was not going to be in the painting.  She also wanted to write a few letters to her cousin and her uncle and her attorney and of course her grandmother.
She decided to spend the morning writing letters in her room and had the maid bring up a with her breakfast she knew Annie would be worried if she did not come down stairs to breakfast but she wanted to take it easy and write her letters and go mail them at the post office she saw yesterday.
 It was also a small general store so she though…