Save 40% 0ff magnets Sweetpea approved of course...

Hi humans ,
We are having a sale on magnets and yes my picture is on one . It's about time.

  The sale is 40% off... Human has to order hers too....

                                                          Today is the last day for the sale friends .

Love, Sweetpea

Chintz floral China, Great for Tea parties and special times...

Many of you know I paint a lot of flowers so of course I would be interested in the pretty patterns of chintz china. I was surprised to learn that this term is a generic and can be used  for many floral patterns in the past 100 years are more.

The name is Indian  and reflects the floral patterns that   were manufactured in the late 1800's . Many people would match their china with their table linens and even clothes . Early patterns were made out of bone china and translucent.  The most important manufacturers were James Kent, crown, Ducal, Lord Chelsen, Royal Winton.
Many companies would use the same patterns and just change the back ground colors this is how many patterns were produced in 50 years.

 Indian piece of chintz  China

 Have a great day every one , Nora

Collecting Red Cross posters.

War world posters and red cross prints are something that is in the listings' of hot collectables for 2018 . There is a whole collection of red cross items including pins that the nurses would wear  that people are collecting.
Prices do vary and you must be careful of fakes. What you need to look for when buying posters is artist name and even printer name and number of print and if it was a small run of prints. Examples if you have a run of 200 posters and if your poster is 2/200 this would be a more valuable print. The reason is it closer to the artist's idea of what it should look like.

When you print after awhile small things effect the screen and you can be  of with color etc. that is why the earlier printers are better.

I was checking out prices on one popular auction site  many appraisers do not go by the prices listed on there.  I recommend  going to the collector sites and chat with people who really love collecting this type of item.  They are the people who would b…

What is trench art?

From time to time I  like to write about  out new antiques you should be looking out for .  World war I collectables are very hot everything from daggers pickelhaube swords, trench art and red cross prints.
Today we would like to give you some basic information about trench art in war world 1 Soldiers  and many people in war zones would create art out of  pieces of shell cases, shrapnel, and pieces of destroyed buildings and downed planes.

Noe many people might think  this was art made waiting in trenches waiting for the enemy but that is not the case. This activity was done after combat and certainly helped them put their mind on something else . Some of the examples are quite lovely.  Even citizens would recycle materials and sell them to soldiers to remember. This has happened even during the early wars their are examples of this activity during the civil and revolutionary wars.

Art has always been good for the soul and helped people heal from trauma.  So ask your grand-parents a…

Save 40% off all types of clocks,,

We have all kinds of clocks , abstract art and traditional , food clocks etc.

Have a great day and we will be back on Sunday we have a art show and will not be around for 2 days.

Happy National cat day! Sweetpea wonders if anyone believes in cat ghosts.??

Hi humans,

 Happy national cat to all the kitties out there. I had something weird happen to me yesterday I was sleeping on the bed and I felt something push me . No it was not my humans . My human is about 50 feet away not sitting on the bed .

 I jumped and even human heard a bang and saw me jump she was a bit shocked at what she saw. I turned around and was staring at the empty space . Human ask me "What do you see Sweetpea?'  I think I spooked even human. We think it could have been this guy?

 Human did say I was sleeping in his favorite spot she told him to go back to the bridge and to give her love to the others there.  Human has had a lot of pets I even think she had some turtles too. Weird but true and yes human does talk to me sometimes. lolol...

Have a great day and we will start really writing The farm stand story soon. love Sweetpea