Sad news.

The  family  spend the few days  getting ready for a early Christmas they were going to have a dinner before James had to leave to join the troops. They did go to services at Christ church together  the night before the big dinner. They did leave early because it looked like it was going to snow again.

Rebecca covered up Sarah because she had fallen asleep on the way home . She had seemed  ill and she wanted to get her home and to bed. She hoped it was not serious and she would recover quickly. But by the time they reached home she was burning up with fever. 
 James carried his baby girl into the house and was feeling alarmed he had to go back to his troops and the thought that his child was ill really upset him. He knew they are only a  day's ride away  he could go and beg General Washington to let him  take a leave.

He told his wife that he would go now and ride and get the doctor and  then go and ride to see General Washington . She agreed because she knew there was no other …

Doubts and worries in the life of a Revolutionery War Soldier

James could not wait to  get in the house to see his family . He knew Rebecca was waiting and   of course his little Sarah. The door opened as he was getting of the horse and Sarah was there  running at him. A path had been dug though the snow and she was not afraid of falling.
James though if she  was to fall they would not find her and she really needed to stop doing things with out her mother. Rebeca was quick to follow her but it is still dangerous he must talk to her again about this.
James scooped up the smiling child and walked into his home as he entered the doorway Rebecca was there looking for Sarah. She was shocked to see him with their daughter in tow but upset the child got out of the house again on her on.
James entered the home and closed the door and hugged both mother and child and took off his coat and sat by the fire. Rebeca  gave him a hot cup of tea and ask "Well what news do you have to tell me?" Is the war over are you coming home"? 
Now James k…

The lost souls of Swedes

The mother and child drew closer to the fire the snow was coming down heavy now they were suppose to go to the church for the festival but the woman was afraid to go  her husband was in the army and she knew that through talk, in the village General Washington was going to be in the area.

She hoped that her husband  could make it home to a least to visit she came the fire burning along  with her father and brother . James Smith had always lived in Pennsylvania his grandparents had come from England with William Penn.

He had given the family this plot of land to farm and even helped build the first church that was    in the area. The festival would have to be missed  General Washington had wanted to get the men out of the bad weather. " Boy he wished he could stop home and see his family, Rebecca and his daughter Sarah weighed on his mind as he drove his horse through the snow.

 Rebecca decided to put her daughter to bed she was all of 4 and was very sad because Christmas was co…

Old Swedes church and my visit some years ago.

Took this photo many years ago with a new camera at a  very historical place in Old Swedes.
 This is the church that George Washington spotted in a brutal snow storm.  He did enter it on December 13th  and was invited to join the services.  They still do the Swedish festival that he  witnessed today.

 It's a great church and I was there some years ago taking photos  and  showing my art in a show. As you can see I got many great photos the one I posted was a strange one with the two  headstones. I felt sad when I saw them for some reason I think they were a mother and child. Nothing was written on them  so it is a mystery.

 As you can see the church is near the cemetery I was surprised to find the two orbs in the picture  I did not have any in the other photos.  

 This is a wonderful piece of history and as I dig around the internet I have found proof that Washington was in the area at that time. Still looking for the piece of proof. 
Coming soon a new short story with history roo…

Sweetpea's Secret vice..

hi Humans,

 Sorry  we are so late human has been busy working and forgot the time. I have been busy getting into stuff like  chewing the plastic off paper towel bundles. There it is you know my secret I like to chew plastic.  Especially from packages of water  you know that kind of stuff that water is packaged in.

Human thinks it strange but I like the sound it makes... She takes the plastic away from me but I can not help myself....

    Have a great day humans, Love Sweetpea

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