Sad days ahead for the Sam's as Kelly plan's her sister's Funeral.

Kelly was not happy waiting for the police chief to see her she wanted to know why Sam was told
both his parents were dead. It was hard to question the child after having surviving child's home even if it was only for a day or 2. The chief was very sorry and apologized more than once to her.  Now the hard part was telling Sam she hoped he would be ok. She was not sure if she should have sent him to school but she had things she had to do without him.
After she left the police station she got a call from the hospital and much to her delight, it was her brother-in-law on the other end and he was doing well. He asked about Sam and she told him he was ok and in school she did not know if she should tell him about the mistake by the cops. Would upset him  too much to hear this.
She told Sam senior she would come to see him in a few minutes and she wanted to talk about Christmas with him.  Christmas was everywhere the decorations of green and red were on every home and building sadne…

Sam 's father and the recovery...

In a quiet room in intensive care a man woke up the nurses were so happy they ran to get the Doctor in charge.  Samuel J. Anderson woke up.  Moving around Sam could not figure out what happened he remembered the crash and looking for his wife. What happened to Karen?  He remembers hearing the para-medics saying the woman is gone.
Is Karen gone? What about my Sam who was at School where is he?  The nurses told him to try not to move, and the doctor took the breathing tube out. The minute he could catch his breath he asked about his son.  The hospital knows the boy was with his aunt and they would call her about his condition.
Kelly woke up when the phone rang she had only had about 4 hours sleep she was up late with Little Sam trying to get him to settle into his old room. As she moved in bed, she could see a small form next to her. She was ok that he was sleeping with her poor kid he has been through a lot.
As she picked up the phone the boy moved, the nurse told her that his father w…

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My human will be back on Friday she is busy working. Lots to do so close to Christmas.

Love, Sweetpea

Love and Lost through the eyes of a child at Christmas

In a snow-covered valley deep in a mountain range that runs across a state in the West, a child lay sleeping in a cold and white room with iron beds and other kids sleeping. In a blue pair of pajamas the golden hair boy dreams of Christmas past when he had a family and life was good. He wondered if his Aunt back East knew his parents were dead and would she come and save him from this place?
The woman just got home from work when the call came her sister was dead and her brother-in-law was near death, he was not expected to live through the night.  Her first thought was about  her nephew where was he? She asks the person who called what happened to Sam? They gave her the name of the place where family services had taken him.
The woman quickly booked a ticket to go west the weather had been bad, but she knew she had to get there. Poor Sam what must he be thinking?  The person told her brother-in-law was never death she would go to the hospital later she had to get Sam out of the place…

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Murder and Memories of a Christmas Past.

The house stood in gloomy silence as the snow fell around it. They abandoned it in the 30s after they took the woman to jail leaving  everything was as it was, even down to the Christmas tree returning to dust in its stand.  It was a snapshot of Christmas past and the couple who wanted to buy the house probably would not with that knowledge.
The realtor moved around the old home opening windows she decided the tree and decorations needed to come down and the place needed to be  cleaned . She hoped the couple did not check out the history; the internet was a good and bad thing in her mind.
As she finished up along with her main stance workers ,shocked that one of them came down the staircase with a giant knife they had  found in a crumbling wall. She knew the history of the house and that they had not found the murder weapon. She found the number of the local police and had them come out she had an appointment in the afternoon to show the place.
 The woman and man loved Christmas and …

Christmas Tree 2018

Happy Holidays everyone.

 Thought you might like to see pictures of my tree. Of course the queen bee has her cat perch in the picture . Yes she has more than one and loves to sit and watch tv.

 We enjoy a vintage tree with shiny brites  front and center . We have a large collection and still growing.

Have a great day all and we will chat more Monday. Noreen