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Sweet Pea's catfish15@ picks for humans...

Hi Humans,
 It is me Sweet Pea I do have some favorite picks of my humans stores... Hmmm no Sweet Pea items yet . I have to bug human  to  do that. My brother is all over the place but i need some  items too.  
 I like  the following ...

 Do these items look like sweet pea's?  They are dogwood according to human but i lay claim to them.
 enjoy your day humans, Love Sweet Pea

The great ESCAPE

The priestess was up at dawn she had her prayers to say but she must feed her cats first. She decided to go and find the group of them near the Sphinx  she noticed they all seemed to act very nervous and she wondered why. Lotus was there by her side and was busy gathering the cats to hide. The woman could feel the ground rumble and she thought it could be a earthquake? But it was something worse she could see chariots racing across the desert toward them.

 She was afraid because she knew that she was with out cover and she did not know what to do. Most  armies kill the temple priests and she had to hide and get away when she could.  Lotus seemed to understand she had to help her human friend and  directed her to a human size hole in the great Sphinx  backside for her to hide in.

 The woman was safe  for now but she knew she could not stay down her long with the coming of night she had to escape least she be killed by a snake. Lotus would not leave her side like she knew she had to p…

Lotus and the night

The priestess was busy getting ready for bed when she saw a animal figure  in the distance running toward her she knew it was a cat my the size but had a weapon just in case it was a wild one.  The temple walls did keep out most animals and of course she did sleep up high but you never know.

Other priests had long gone to bed and she knew she would be along if she had battle a wild animal. As the animal got closer she could hear a very  meow that was music to her ears  "Lotus:, She had wondered where that  cat was all day. She wondered where  a lot of them were during the heat of the day  and hoped they were not getting into stuff that could hurt them.

 'Time for bed Lotus ". The cat was glad to see her favorite human and wished that she would not seem so sad sometimes. Cats can tell if someone is sad or not and if they are close with a person they connect deeply.

 The Priestess laid down and Lotus settled in next to her and they both sleep soundly and dreamless to be …

Lotus and her desert secrets..

The heat during the day was horrible both human and beast would find a cool spot during the day and try to stay cool... Lotus did  find a cool spot and small area that she could into  under the sphinx .  The  opening opened up into a very cool place that had lots of things that humans like the priests would like.
 The place looked like a what the humans would call a library lots of scrolls with the secrets of times past. It is thought the Sphinx had a room deep in the under chambers that held the secrets that time  forgot.

 The information goes all the way back to the time of the floods and what really happened and how the earth was populated again.  Many of the cats would find their way down there to get out of the heat and explore the strange items they had no idea what they were.

 Lotus found herself looking straight into the eyes of what she thought could be another cat or worse a snake . The eyes were about 10 feet up from the floor and if any light peeked in from the cracks wh…

Sweet Pea tells secrets...

Hi, Humans
 My human will be back on Sunday she has a bug... She will try and finish Lotus's story...  Lolo incase you did not figure it out  I am Lotus  no not really human has a  weird imagination ...  I do love the Egyptian figures  though...  have a great weekend, Love sweet pea. 

Lotus and Priestess

Lotus yawned and stretched  night had come to the Giza plateau she decided to go on a hunt for some mice that she could hear near by. The woman was inside her home and  she did sometimes go in and sleep with her .  Tonight was her night to hunt.

 She did get  food from her priestess but she wanted some meat in her diet . She did find her prey and ate  the creature quickly...  She did have to be careful with her hunting the snakes did come out and she had to make sure she stayed away from them.
She had lost her mate when he  got to close to a cobra his death was quick and sad Lotus  had to leave herself  so she would not be a victim too.

 The woman was up before sunrise she had so many things to do . She worried about the temple cats and their was always a chance one or two could be gone from getting to close to a snake.
 She would say prayers to Bastet daily for their safety and protection ,  Her duty was a simple one to protect and watch over the cats at the temple.
 She was happy …

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Sphinix cat

The Egyptian Mau is a old breed they can be seen in tomb and temple paintings through out ancient Egypt.  The cats were so important they  had laws to protect them. If you killed such a cat the punishment could be death.
 This type of cat was a good hunter and  would not just help with mice and rats. They are a good size cat and  would even bring down  ducks.

 The sleeping cat stirred and looked around she was in such a deep sleep she did not hear that her new family was calling her. She wondered about what she had been dreaming as any cat would.  Caught between  strange dreams and her new home she wasn't quite sure  where she was.

 She went into her human's bedroom strange when she looked into the giant mirror she looked like the cat in her dream green eyes, tabby markings on the head.  She even liked to talk like the cat in her dream.

  After a late supper and he humans went to bed  she curled up at the end of their bed slept soundly with the comforting smells of her new …

Sweetpea's spooky pictures..

Sorry humans ,

 Human is working over time today and will write the story tonight and post on Tuesday.. Hope you are having a great day .. This is a spooky picture of me looking like a cat from hell....

 Here i am looking mysterious... 

I am back to normal......  love sweet pea

Sphinx Cat

Carved from the bedrock of the Giza plateau, the Sphinx is truly a mysterious marvel from the days of ancientEgypt. The body of a lion with the head of a king or god, the sphinx has come to symbolize strength and wisdom. From the north side the profile of the Sphinx reveals the proportion of the body to the head.

 The  gold painted figures  seem to call to the little cat she seemed to have memories of  a deep past rooted in her soul. She had lived many lives. Her kind had been worshipped  in the ancient past  
 The golden pharaoh head that was in the modern day living room seem to look past the many centuries and right into her soul.  She wondered why they were here and even the black obelisk  that she loved to rub on the top. The woman would  say it was for luck.  Her luck had changed with her new family and she knew it from the beginning .. She had her own cat tree and would like to  sit on top of it like a sitting Sphinx. Her new humans would laugh and call her Sphinx cat. One  warm a…

New Short story the Sphinix Cat

"You are the Great Cat, the avenger of the gods, and the judge of words, and the president of the sovereign chiefs and the governor of the holy Circle; you are indeed the Great Cat."   Ancient Egypt -text

 The sad little cat rolled over in it's cage she had no idea how she got here. She had a home at one time  but her owners did not like her anymore because the other cats were fighting with her and she was so  scared that she would not even use the box any more.
 The humans would get so angry yell and scream and hit her she would have to hide to stay safe. One day  they caught her and took her to a place with a bunch of  cages  and other cats. She was in a shelter and by what she was told it was a bad place .
 Nobody wanted cats or dogs in this place and it was their last chance to find other families. She was lucky that the place was having a adoption event maybe today she would find her new family.
 She saw the couple round the corner she tried to be friendly and meow gree…

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Sweetpea's questions about where she is from?

Hi Humans,
 My human is working her other job so it is up to me to write the blog today.. Since i  like art and i have  a special love of my human's Egypt figures and i like to  sit on my cat tree like a sphinx  i have been looking through her art work.

 Look what i found? hmm did she know i would be her cat some day?  It does look like me .?

 I could be a one of these cats?  hmmm she says it's a Maine land coon....  hmm it does look like me and it was painting she did  5 years ago...
 The mystery cont.  my friends, Love Sweet Pea............................

Rohlf's not just furniture.

Charles Rolf was well known for furniture but he did not start out designing furniture . He was a pattern maker for stoves that were quite decorative in the early 1900's .  To design stoves you did need carving skills for working in a iron foundry.

 Cat iron stoves were a heavy hot item to work on. If you have ever worked around such type of  factories where heat is used it can be quite hot.  I spent many years working in a china factory myself  putting designs on plates so i found this quite interesting.

 The  stove designs  can be seen in the furniture designs as well a tribute to the designer artistic skill and ability.

  have a great day friends, Nora

New art Avaialble in the stores.

We do like to experiment and have fun  with  imagines.

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  Have a great day, Nora

Pine cat studios?

Hi, Friends

 Been thinking of honoring Pinecat with a new name for the stores . This button is available I have to get one myself so  i can honor my favorite Persian.

 Here are some other items that are new to the stores.. everything from tiles for decorating  to clothes.

 Enjoy the weekend  we will be back on Monday with a follow up article about Ruhlfs furniture.

Hot new antique to collect Ruhlfs furniture { art and craft movement).

Charles Ruhlfs was born February 15, 1853 he spent his life doing many jobs the list includes actor , pattern maker , stove designer and artistic furniture designer.  He started his furniture business quite late 1897 was the date he opened a store. Marshall Fields was interested and the business boomed.

 The reason i am writing about this furniture maker because he is one of the new hot collectables.
                                                   Some examples are  show in the pictures.

 So when you are Flea marketing look around you never know. On Sunday i will write about  what to look for to date this type of furniture, have a good weekend, It is warm here in New jersey but raining get out and enjoy the day, Nora

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