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happy memorial day to our Amercian friends and have a wonderful weekend for our other friends from around the world..

Hi Humans,

 Have a wonderful weekend all and a Happy Memorial day to our American friends .. Enjoy your long weekend .. Me and the human will be back with more of Amber and Harry and me of course.

 Love, SweetPea and her Human..

SweetPea's did you know Thursday"s..

Hi Humans,

 Today is did you know Thursday's/ I thought i would show you some of my human's different products she offers in her store. You can save 15% too  . She offers light switch's  and show curtains and even cookies.. HMM they are not for cat's so they can't be good.. .lolol.. but great for humans.. not tuna flavored so i would not like them.. lolol

  Enjoy the day, Love SweetPea...

40% off tees Sweetpea loves ...

Hi Humans,

 We have lot of summer tees priced at 40% off some tees are 15% enjoy the saving and your memorial day... Here I am sitting in my dad human's work clothes  for the next day. I love to hide among the boots so the humans can not find me... lolol
 have a great day , ,Love SweetPea

The Night Amber left the house she had built for her .

Amber did not want to tell Harry what her sister did  but she had found her husband with another woman and it had been going on for a long.The town of Atlantic city was full with gangsters  out looking to make a buck and of course her brother-law had to get right in the middle of it.

When she had used the gun on her husband several of them were at the house and made a deal they were get of rid of him and the girl but they had to leave the house and never return.  So she packed up her sister who was still in shock and her children and went to live with their parents in Hammonton.

No one ever talked about what happened she just told her father that  her brother-in-law left her sister and it was to much for her and they did  not want to go back. Amber spent many years paying taxes on the place and when the casino's were after the land she decided to sell it. She keep a lot of the money but gave some to her sister's children. They had been through a lot their mother had to be ho…

The night at the Mansion and why Amber left New Jersey.

Amber was wondering how long Harry was going to stay should she offer him her spare room? He did walk in with a suitcase and it was getting late. They talked late into the night and Amber did fix a simple meal for them both of pasta a sauce.
Harry was  glad he was there and he was wondering if he should go to the hotel down the street for the night when Amber said" Harry do you have a place to stay?" You are welcome to stay in my spare room". 
 Harry of course said yes and they were still talking about what happened to them when the clock struck 2 a.m.  They had talked about Harry but he wanted to know what Amber had been doing? Why did she sell her home ? Ha she been back to southern New Jersey. He had so many questions but he would wait till tomorrow . He said his good-nights and went in to bed.

Now Amber spent the night tossing and turning she wondered what was she going to do now? Will Harry stay or will he go?  Harry did say something that bothered her he was sur…

The whole story of what happened to Harry?

Bother Amber and Harry are in their sixties and even thought it has been 40Years  they were talking and laughing like they did in the 20's. The first thing Amber wanted to know was he married and did he have kids . Harry did say there was a gal in Italy that he had married but it did not work out he was trying to recover from his injuries and it took many years.
The plane he was in was shoot down over Italy and was found by fishermen in a village and his pilot was found in the wreck of the plane by the Nazi. His saviors got him out of the area quickly they k new what they would do to him if he was found.

 He spend many weeks in and out of conscious and even the village doctor said he needed more help than he could give. He did get better but after the war was over and the us forces were able to find him he spent weeks in the hospital in the us.

His savior did stay in touch she even was allowed to come to the us with her family they did marry but did not have children . She was a…

More examples of items 40% off at

Hi humans,

 I told you yesterday i had more cool stuff to show you. I have been checking out the human's stores on zazzle and i want to show you the best stuff .. Have a great day and remember you can save 40% on the items shown here and lot of items are at a discount too. It is a good sale ..

 Love, Sweetpea 

Sweetpea shares some items that are 40% off at the big sale going on on Pinecat 15 @

Hi Humans,

 Thought i would share my human's web-stores  sale items . Here are some of my picks . We are going to start with pillows and re-usable bags.. Human will bring back the story of amber and Harry Sunday.

 I of course will be sleeping the whole time it is raining here in N.J. nothing much for a cat to do other than sleep . Enjoy the day and check out some new items.

 Love Sweetpea.

Amatol beginnings Amber and Harry cont.

Amber was shocked that Harry was standing at her door she thought he probably had passed away when he was over in Europe during the second world war. she had heard nothing and that was the most upsetting  . She had went home and built her dream house down near the shore  her family would go and vacation in it  during her trips around the world.
She had heard from several reporters that Harry had been in a plane that had been shot down over Germany and she thought he was dead or worse in a camp. His fate bothered her everyday of her life she of course went on to work in  the new film industry making quite a bit of money.
The cash  helped build her dream home one she had hoped one day she would live in with Harry instead she allowed her sister to live in it and that had been a mistake that had effected her for the rest of her life.

Fate had not  been kind to her and even her family her mother had passed away when she was in Hollywood and she wished she had been around for  the situatio…

Wrap up your Spring and Summer gifts with our pretty tissue and papers and stickers


 I wanted to show you papers tissue and stickers but wanted to included this pretty  design across several  items at pinecat 15.

Save 15 % off site wide get ready for spring and summer parties, Nora


Hi, Humans,

 I hope all the human moms had a great day yesterday and of course fur moms of all kinds.. I bought my mom human some flowers. Well after all she does feed me and takes care of me...

A girl has to show her  cat slave a little love once in  awhile..  Enjoy the art and you can save 15% off

Love sweetpea.

SweetPea's mother's day wishes...

Happy Mother's day Humans from me and all of us at Pinecat studios ..   Love Sweetpea

New designs coming to the stores.

New designs coming to the stores in the future. Have a great weekend all we will be back on Monday. Nora and Sweetpea.