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SweetPea wants her face on zazzle...

Hi Humans,

  Hope you are having a great day.. My human thought she would post some pictures of me and she is busy working on new ideas and things she wants to share with you all... Coming, hopefully better pictures of me 

 I think i need my own shirt don't you?  My brother pinecat has one . Why not me?  Even though i do not like picture taking i told human paint a picture of me and use that . She just bought a piece of canvas..
 Have a great day friends love Sweet Pea

The end of a story ? Maybe i should write more adventures?

The ash storm last for a few days and our group was safe in the hotel . Ramose did help with the different things the hotel owner did like feed livestock and get food out of storage. They wore  cloths over there faces and still could not stay out long.  They put thin pieces of linden over their eyes they could see but it helped keep the ash out.

 Finely one morning they woke up and the skies were clear all that could be seen was a strange clouds in the direction of  Crete.  Ramose knew they had to get moving and get on the boat they had to get to some of the lands north of the  Tigris and the Euphrates.

 Isis was glad to be on her way again and she and Lotus were ready quick to board the boat along with her friend and her children. They knew they could not go back and this new area could bring them peace and they could settle down.

The group did make it to what is now know as Syria they settled down there and Isis and Ramose had 5 sons and 2 daughters and were happy. Ramose had his …

Happy Valentine's Day Humans...

Happy Valentine's day humans .... You get another post from me ...  I do hate late night pictures but my human is a the ..... Yikes i am not allow to say bad words but you can the idea.

 I do not like this dog .. I hate dogs HUman!!!! Have a fun day  Humans, Love Sweet Pea..

The disaster That happened to Crete..

The morning was cool and rainy when our group  boarded the boat Ramose had helped load his  pottery and other  items on the ship the night before . He was up early loading their processions into the boat  he had several friends helping him and Isis was busy saying good -by to friends for awhile.

 Many told her they would check up on their home and  Isis almost told them to come with them  and get away from this place but she promised Ramose she would not say  anything/ What if she was wrong then what?

 Isis found herself staring at the volcano looking for any signs of  danger she did get Lotus on her lead and get through the narrow streets to the harbor as she did that she thought she felt the ground move  a bit. Many people just smiled and laughed at the look of fear on her face and told her the gods are angry today.

Ramose was glad to see her and Lotus and helped them into the boat it was time to leave and everyone was ready. Europa  and her children and many other wives that were…

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Isis and her warnings from the Gods?

Ramose was doing well in the workshops he especially liked making the pottery that the Minoans  would be known for eternity. He like the natural  shapes and drawing of fish and wild life that he could put on he pieces.
He was starting to get popular and was even ask to go on  trip to help deliver  the piece to  the many trade spots through out the Aegean  and beyond. He knew he did not want to stop in Egypt because of Isis  she would be going with him. He would not dare live her alone here. 

 She seemed so nervous with the volcano did she know something he didn't?  He had always heard that the temple priests in Egypt  had a six sense from the Gods..  Could she know something other worldly?
 Ramose entered his home early one night and  Isis was sitting in a corner with Lotus on her lap and  seemed to be in some kind of trance. When he moved toward her she awoke a bit unnerved to see him and even the cat  let out a almost shriek  of surprise.

 " Isis i have a surprise we are …

Thera the volcano and the first few weeks of a new Life..

The sun  was rising and the ship was not far from Crete  land of many mountains and a volcano this was  something never seen before by our travelers from Egypt.  Isis was impressed along with Ramose  the beauty of this island that had a interesting round harbor. Even  the land masses were round in shape something our travelers knew nothing of.

Lotus loved to sit at the tip of the boat and feel the breezes and on more than one occasion she had to be fished out of the water after falling in so  she would wear and harness  with a lead so she didn't go to far and they could fish her out of the water easily.

 When they did land the boat  our small group did get several invites from crew to stay with them till they found a place to live and Ramose would get work. The one crew member did have family who worked at the queen's palace actually he was the head of the artisans of the whole country and knew he would fit in.
 Ramose was busy when they traveled here working on small pieces…

Sweetpea's tales of human photos ops...

Hi friends  it's me Sweet Pea...

 Thought you might like to see  some new pictures of me . Hum an is not well she has something called asthma..   She sounds like a frog when she talks and coughs a lot. She has this thing she breaths into that is weird ...

 But back to me i have been letting the human take some pictures a girl has got to get her beauty sleep and she is always bugging me taking pictures. Here i am looking like enough human it is past ten pm.

 Go paint something you have a lot of stuff to do...

                       I refused to look at her with that bright light i was asleep sort of.

Again i told her no close ups...

Well i will tell you some secrets though the story she has been writing takes a lot of research she really does try and get the correct information in her stories so it takes time to research stuff.

 She does love some weird stuff Minoan  culture?  Ancient Egypt? 
We do appreciate you reading our blog and hope you are enjoying what we write. Human is …

Crete bound..

The sea was calm during the journey to Crete the couple with the cat were busy helping the crew with chores they would help with the fishing and the general cleaning. Lotus was enjoying the fish scraps everyday as the fish was cleaned salted and then  stored for the rest of the time aboard.They did  have a stove type thing called a oven Brazier where coals were out in it and you  and cook on the top.

Isis had to learn to use this to help with the cooking she had a friend named  Europa who  was also on the ship coming back from Egypt she found Isis to be  quite delightful when she did talk she would talk about her trips to the  temples around the Sphinx  . One evening when they were  above deck she ask her "Isis you seem to know so much about the temples were you a priestess ?"  Isis was quite upset she thought she had said to much and looked upset. Europa calmed her fears and told he you are heading to a new land  we  will welcome you women are thought highly off in Crete&…

Lotus and family journey to Crete..

The  sun was rising and Lotus was busy eating scraps from the humans morning meal  they would be waiting for the caravan  to take them to the ocean where they will board a boat to Crete. It was a pretty short journey by sea but they would be going on Minoan  trade ship . They were happy to bring back a man such as Ramose who had such artistic skills to their homeland.
 Many who lived and worked in Amarna  had left  the city and went to other lands to live afraid of  being killed for believing in the god Aten.  Isis was a bit worried about Lotus and how she would do in a strange land . Would the people be afraid of her or worse would they want to kill her?
 They had traveled for many days in the caravan which was made up of Minoans she did find there stories of their land interesting but she did feel a bit sad that she would be leaving Egypt. They did have a strange way of dressing and she was surprised that she could wear what she wanted.

 They welcomed everyone and the land was fil…

Isis and Ramose husband and wife

The couple left late one night when the moon was high in the sky the cat following behind looking at every movement the night time desert made. Lotus was on the hunt at night and Isis knew she could ran off so she did put a  lead on her that she made from reeds.

 Lotus was not happy but Isis was she would have the family she always wanted with Ramose . In  Egyptian culture if a woman moves into a man's house she was his wife. It was that simple both of them knew that and were ok.  They had loved each other for a long time and did come together as one . With the gods help she would soon be with child but first she hoped she would get to  Crete before that happened.

 The Egyptians did use a form of birth control.. believe it or not they were quite good at it a mixture of Acacia berries and honey and ground dates helped kill sperm.   Isis did know of these secrets from the other priestesses  in the temple.

 Many were so young and never made it to womanhood before they were  placed …

The sculptor Ramose and the great queen..

Ramose went to his workshop and gathered his tools  spies have told him that the city of the Aten was no more. After the death of the Pharaoh  and the death of the great Queen people like him would not be safe here.
He took his bride and her cat and left late at night carrying all they had into the desert he knew of a place they could stay for awhile that had water and animals to hunt it was a day away but he knew they could make it with the water and food they had.
 They had to make it to the  Nile and then they could sail to meet his friend and they would go across the desert to a ship and go to the island of Crete. They would be safe there and he could work in the great workshops of the Minoans  using his sculpting skills to make likeness of their Gods.

Ramose had been very sad to have to bury a piece of art work that he had started of the great queen. He had been so honored to have visited the queen's palace in the great city of the sun.    Nefertiti  was a beautiful creatur…

New Life for Isis and Lotus??

It was a law that no priestess can be touched by any male.  Isis was happy to see her old flame but she knew even though the country was going to be taken over by  invaders again she still needed to get out of the village as soon as she can . Maybe go to another land and live a quiet life  , she would not have to worry about the invaders but her own people.
 They might take it upon themselves to kill her because that is what the Gods choice for the other temple  priests. The man knew this and covered her quickly with his cloak and got her to his small house on the out skirts of town.
Isis scooped up Lotus and walked quickly with the man into the cool home  she knew she had to change and put on clothes that were like the rest of the village she had to stay away from her family who might not even realize who she was but she did not want to take that chance.
 The man left and came back again and quietly gave her some clothes to put on he would go out at night and bury her clothes in the…
The woman did find a way to creep out of the temple and get far away from the burning town she said a pray for her cats but she knew they would be ok.  They certainly knew how to hunt and of course hide from the invaders. 
By dawn she did  make it to her town of birth, Lotus by her side she did find a weapon to protect herself from the night creatures of the desert.  As dawn came she could see people moving around in the village and it seemed the men were out and ready to protect the town.

 Several men saw her in the distance and came towards her . One man saw no enemy but a sad woman who was dressed in temple dress with a large cat following her. He knew a few of the villagers had  daughters that were given to the temple. He wondered if this was a priestess who got away?
 He moved quickly to make sure the woman was ok as he got closer he realized he knew this girl.. Could it be ?  The gods be praised is it Isis? After all this time  she was a young love that he had that was not mean…

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Sweet Pea's catfish15@ picks for humans...

Hi Humans,
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The great ESCAPE

The priestess was up at dawn she had her prayers to say but she must feed her cats first. She decided to go and find the group of them near the Sphinx  she noticed they all seemed to act very nervous and she wondered why. Lotus was there by her side and was busy gathering the cats to hide. The woman could feel the ground rumble and she thought it could be a earthquake? But it was something worse she could see chariots racing across the desert toward them.

 She was afraid because she knew that she was with out cover and she did not know what to do. Most  armies kill the temple priests and she had to hide and get away when she could.  Lotus seemed to understand she had to help her human friend and  directed her to a human size hole in the great Sphinx  backside for her to hide in.

 The woman was safe  for now but she knew she could not stay down her long with the coming of night she had to escape least she be killed by a snake. Lotus would not leave her side like she knew she had to p…

Lotus and the night

The priestess was busy getting ready for bed when she saw a animal figure  in the distance running toward her she knew it was a cat my the size but had a weapon just in case it was a wild one.  The temple walls did keep out most animals and of course she did sleep up high but you never know.

Other priests had long gone to bed and she knew she would be along if she had battle a wild animal. As the animal got closer she could hear a very  meow that was music to her ears  "Lotus:, She had wondered where that  cat was all day. She wondered where  a lot of them were during the heat of the day  and hoped they were not getting into stuff that could hurt them.

 'Time for bed Lotus ". The cat was glad to see her favorite human and wished that she would not seem so sad sometimes. Cats can tell if someone is sad or not and if they are close with a person they connect deeply.

 The Priestess laid down and Lotus settled in next to her and they both sleep soundly and dreamless to be …

Lotus and her desert secrets..

The heat during the day was horrible both human and beast would find a cool spot during the day and try to stay cool... Lotus did  find a cool spot and small area that she could into  under the sphinx .  The  opening opened up into a very cool place that had lots of things that humans like the priests would like.
 The place looked like a what the humans would call a library lots of scrolls with the secrets of times past. It is thought the Sphinx had a room deep in the under chambers that held the secrets that time  forgot.

 The information goes all the way back to the time of the floods and what really happened and how the earth was populated again.  Many of the cats would find their way down there to get out of the heat and explore the strange items they had no idea what they were.

 Lotus found herself looking straight into the eyes of what she thought could be another cat or worse a snake . The eyes were about 10 feet up from the floor and if any light peeked in from the cracks wh…

Sweet Pea tells secrets...

Hi, Humans
 My human will be back on Sunday she has a bug... She will try and finish Lotus's story...  Lolo incase you did not figure it out  I am Lotus  no not really human has a  weird imagination ...  I do love the Egyptian figures  though...  have a great weekend, Love sweet pea. 

Lotus and Priestess

Lotus yawned and stretched  night had come to the Giza plateau she decided to go on a hunt for some mice that she could hear near by. The woman was inside her home and  she did sometimes go in and sleep with her .  Tonight was her night to hunt.

 She did get  food from her priestess but she wanted some meat in her diet . She did find her prey and ate  the creature quickly...  She did have to be careful with her hunting the snakes did come out and she had to make sure she stayed away from them.
She had lost her mate when he  got to close to a cobra his death was quick and sad Lotus  had to leave herself  so she would not be a victim too.

 The woman was up before sunrise she had so many things to do . She worried about the temple cats and their was always a chance one or two could be gone from getting to close to a snake.
 She would say prayers to Bastet daily for their safety and protection ,  Her duty was a simple one to protect and watch over the cats at the temple.
 She was happy …

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Sphinix cat

The Egyptian Mau is a old breed they can be seen in tomb and temple paintings through out ancient Egypt.  The cats were so important they  had laws to protect them. If you killed such a cat the punishment could be death.
 This type of cat was a good hunter and  would not just help with mice and rats. They are a good size cat and  would even bring down  ducks.

 The sleeping cat stirred and looked around she was in such a deep sleep she did not hear that her new family was calling her. She wondered about what she had been dreaming as any cat would.  Caught between  strange dreams and her new home she wasn't quite sure  where she was.

 She went into her human's bedroom strange when she looked into the giant mirror she looked like the cat in her dream green eyes, tabby markings on the head.  She even liked to talk like the cat in her dream.

  After a late supper and he humans went to bed  she curled up at the end of their bed slept soundly with the comforting smells of her new …

Sweetpea's spooky pictures..

Sorry humans ,

 Human is working over time today and will write the story tonight and post on Tuesday.. Hope you are having a great day .. This is a spooky picture of me looking like a cat from hell....

 Here i am looking mysterious... 

I am back to normal......  love sweet pea