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Eyes on the future and the many faces of my creatvity.

Some of the many items I have for sale.. Next year I am going to dip my foot into the pool of Esty... I am hoping to stop doing shows and just ship items to people.  So I will be blogging a lot of course.

Next year I hope to really start submitting stories that I have written for you all and get published. I want to do more with the many paintings I have in storage and sell them.

There are a lot of things I want to do next year. I am proud to say the story of whispering Pines has been written I had that idea at least 13 years ago and have been fooling around with it for years.  Even taking writing classes funny thing my professor told me it was a great start what I had that I write like a artist and that I should keep going. 

I have been inspired by many things especially local history. I have shared my knowledge and done a lot of research. My stories of course need to be perfected and edited my paintings could always be better all creative people say this.

 Life and history go toge…

Growing Flowers God's artwork...

Thought I would share some photos of flowers I have grown.. Enjoy the day and have a Peaceful Sunday.

Water, clouds and the Pines


Thought I would share some of my Pines paintings this is a painting over looking a  river . They are for sale of course.. 100.00 plus shipping..

This piece is of the Harrisville ruins.. Not much left of course..

                                                            This piece is also in  gold frame.

I have painted many Batsto Buildings this is the Grist Mill..

Have a great day everyone, We will be back on Sunday, noreen

Romance Blooms in the Pinecat studio as Summer Turns to Fall

Some of my work 

 I do re-do furniture the tables were a pair of that came from a church that was dated to the 1860's the tops were cracked and I filled them in with wood filler . They are solid wood but small enough for a small apartment or home..

Next we have a 16x20  Rose painting with a great recycled frame.

                 Goes great with the tables if you love Victorian style this is for you. This painting was influenced by a piece I sold when I was working for a shop that had a lot of antique inspired  furniture and art work. I  loved the frame and the roses and never did buy a copy .

I  have quite a lot of children's furniture for purchase with a floral or romantic theme to them. Great for the girls and women for plants and displays in the Romantic style.

 Have a wonderful day , Noreen

Last Day of the Big 50% off cards Sale

Hi ,

Today is the last day to get a great deal on cards and postcards. 50% is certainly cheaper that the cards stores and even big box stores.

 Have a great day everyone, Noreen

Sparkling cards and Abstract trees , avaiable at

Hi Everyone,

Save 50% off cards with SHOPOCTZ and postcard. Christmas it coming and you need cards and of course birthday cards for the special people in your life. We have the collections you will need to serve all your needs.

 Have a wonderful day, Noreen

Remebering Pinecat one year later.

It's only been a year and I think of him a lot. This animal inspired me and was a great comfort during the trails of life that we sometimes go through. Of course  he was loved and spoiled and treated like a king.

He inspired my Zazzle stores and where every he is many believe pets go to the rainbow bridge I like to think our pets go and live with the person we loved most in life . Since my husband is still here I am sure my grandfather on my mother's side has a lot of my pets living with him.
I hope in the after life Pinecat learned to like dogs because I had a few of them too. It funny how pets become so important in our life.  When they go they leave a giant hole. But I like to think that our passed pets have a little hand in helping us find the next pet we get.

Would Pinecat and Sweetpea get along I have no idea. But I like to think he had a small hand in bring us to the pet that needs us the most. 
May you have a peaceful Sunday friends, Noreen.
I have heard the rumors …

Rumors of google closing? Where you can find me.

It's rumored that google + is going to closed down. if YOU enjoy our writing and pictures and like to look at our work  here are several websites and social media pages where you can find us..

 I am on Tumblr , Nora's art world and antiques, Facebook public page .
Twitter is a private page  if you want to follow me please put you are a follower on google. Norareen@ twitter I post a lot of my new products and blog posts on here.

Hopefully google blogger will not be gone to you can follow me on there too.
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We will be back on Friday

Human is sick today and we will be back on Friday... I had to stand in of course and write this. She has something called a sinus headache.. What ever that is.. Have a good day.

Love Sweetpea

Sweetpea and the bathtub.

This is my life everyday yes I said it Sweetpea loves the bathtub. Pinecat did too  but not like this girl. She loves to drink from the faucet in the tub.

Lolol notice the paw on the faucet .. 

Will Sweetpea ever drink from a bowl? It is like a sighting of a unicorn when she does..

 this is about as far as we can get … Yes that is a small paper cup..

I am innocent Humans … Do not believe her..

Have a good day everyone Noreen, Sweetpea

The ghosts re-unite and the family at Whispering Pines spends eternity together.

As the event in the real world started the ghosts gathered also from the stairs they could see everyone Sara was there with John and Caleb and of course her children and even Anna had joined them.  Many other souls had joined them People Sara knew were her  relatives  from the future and who had run the Grist Mill.

They all knew each other though they had not meet in life and were happy that everyone was there. One woman stepped forward and explained how she had gone to the Mill when a bad flu outbreak had happened she knew she was getting sick and if she died she wanted her family history to be remembered as she found a place to hide the work she fell. She dropped the lantern she had and started a fire that destroyed most of the mill. 

She had hit her head and was lucky the caretaker came and put the fire out and tried to save her she died a week later . She knew the family's History was hidden and someday it would be found and she hoped by someone who would care enough to pres…

History lost and revealed as the living and the dead gather for their story to be told

Sara could not figure out why when she looked out the window she could see other buildings on her property. Their were strange things parked  that were made of a steel and she had no idea what they were. John came to her and said ,'you do not understand do you we are all dead and this house has made it through the years into the future". "I  head some of the living talking about something called a car and as I imagine that is what you are looking at". 
 Now Sara was shocked and  John ask her ,"What was the last thing you remember in our time?".  Sara answered ," I was getting dressed for a party and I felt a pain in my chest and it was so bad I fell to the floor, the last thing I remember hearing is my daughter screaming for me". "Then I walked into the light and you were there , but one thing I do not remember is my father being there my mother and parents were there but not my father".

"Where is he John did he go to the other pl…

New items in the stores.. abstract trees for the Holidays and new abstract art

New items in the stores .. Fun abstracts and cool Christmas mid-century  cards..

Have a great weekend all we will be back on Sunday with the whispering Pines ghosts short story, Noreen

Sweetpea Pictures

Hi Humans,

   More pictures of me lolol Have a good day humans.

Sweetpea News


 I am back and I have a story to tell. I was rolling around next to my human one morning and she was going to pet me and I made a mistake and jumped up and somehow I bit her. She is ok but she thinks I might have something called hyperesthesia syndrome ( that is where I get muscle spasms and jump . I have done this before  it looks like to the human someone are something pushed me she though it was the ghost of my brother till she saw my leg twitting in the cat box.

 We will be  visiting the vet and get her advice what to do according to the articles on google not much to be done just keep me calm and maybe some meds...  We are not sick eat and drink and use our box.

Just one of those things I guess a girl has to deal with.  Love, Sweetpea