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Thought I Would include some information about Hugg's tavern where Betsy and John got married.   The building was built between 1720 and 1721. It was actually built by  Joseph Hug and not far from the county jail . It was used in the beginning for feeding prisoners and the crowds that would come and watch hangings.

 After Joseph's death in the 1740's his wife ran the tavern for 7 years.  Around the time of Betsy's and John's marriage a son took over the place and that's when it was known as The sign of the ship. The  place was  torn down in the 20's. Sadly the folks that wanted to save it were not listened too.

A marker in the park let's people know where the building was.. I still  think Betsy made the flag she even went to Christ church  in Philadelphia  George Washington had a pew there so they probably did know each other.

 She married her second husband there and third husband there.  .. More about Christ church on Sunday ..  Saturday I have a pa…
John Trumbell who I named in another article was born on June 6,1756 and left this good earth on November 10, 1843. He graduated Harvard in 1773 and serviced as a aid to General George Washington . After the war he returned to London where he was put in prison for the hanging of John Andre .
 He was let go and returned to the young country where Thomas Jefferson got him to make 4 large paintings for the capital Rotunda. I think if you have visited the capital you will see these paintings.  
 Now several scholars  have stated  that our flag girl could not have made the flag because of these paintings. According to what I am learning they were made after the war and he just used sketches and water colors of the scenes to make his paintings. Trust me oil paintings take months to dry and George Washington moved around a lot and he was a aid to him.
 He did seem to travel back and fourth to London a lot don't think I would after they put me in jail the first time but he did study pai…

Betsy does have ties to George Washington.

Well friends our flag making gal really did have ties to George Washington found in Mt. Vernon  was a receipt for lots of bedding by made her and  husband John. So that is another piece of the puzzle that she could have made the flag.  John and her were only married for 4 years and according to records  they were married in Gloucester city after being thrown out of the Quaker meeting house.

 I did get a picture of the mantle the building where her and john were married was removed in 1929.

 Gloucester city does have a record of the marriage and I guess a copy of it. I do have a friend from there historical society and might have to ask her about it.  Gloucester city is a great place beautiful views of Philadelphia.

I have been trying to look for the receipt from the mt. Vernon purchases from work they did for Washington have to really dig in the library on line to see if I can find it.

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The orgins of the flag?

I bet many people think  Betsy Ross was the original maker of the flag according to history the only proof we have are  her grandson's word and a daughter and niece of Betsy. Their are no receipts no flags are anything to show she really did this.

 Some important points are the time period are off from the Rosses memories 2  artists that were in Washington's army Colonel John Trumbull and Captain Charles Wilson Pearle show the flag in paintings two years before the Rosses date .

 A gentle man from New Jersey a Samuel Francis Hopkins Wetherill said he made the first flag and hade receipts from 1780 . He was also a signer of the declaration of Independence.

Betsy's grandson gave a speech in March  to a historical society about Betsy's involvement.  Betsy did mention this to a Quaker friend in the early 1800's and even gave him the pattern for the star.

 Yes friends this star is real and does prove the idea that Betsy made the flag . The history of this paper patte…

What do the colors of the flag mean?

Today I thought I would talk about the meaning of the colors of the flag. This is the colonial flag from 1777.  When it was first made the colors had know meaning after the construction of the American seal then the colors gained meaning.
 They are as follows, Red- Valor Bravery, White - Purity and innocence, Blue -vigilance, perseverance and justice.

 Many vintage and antique collectable are not just flags everything from jewelry ,clothes and dishes  are in some form or color value of our fourth of colors. Below are some examples...

 Just a taste of items that are red white and blue.  Have a great day follow us on goggle + and like our blog.

Night was falling outside the little radio station somewhere in the Arizona desert.  Andy Green late night radio host was on the air where people can call in and talk about anything.  Tonight he decided to ask his listeners' about their UFO sightings.  It was Arizona and the desert so he wondered if anybody in this state had any experiences.
 Everybody has heard of  Roswell New Mexico but Arizona has had their share of sightings  just a few years ago thousands saw UFO'S over several nights even the governor. So the topic was a good one.

 Before he started the program he took a walk outside and looked up at the night's sky he could see the stars showing up in the  sky.  Out of the corner of his eye he thought he saw something strange .  What was the bright light that seemed to get larger in the night's sky.. "Probably a plane , " he thought.

  The little radio station was a lonely place his partner was going to be late and Andy knew he had to start the progra…
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Pine cat -I was a hero this morning..

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 Humans got dressed and even got my cat carrier out.  We live in a mobile home so we were probably going to have to leave if the storm got worse.

 But now the sun is out and the skies are blue .. Have a great day , Love pine cat..

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This is another jewel of history deep in the pines  we have traveled once again to the small town of Pleasant mills. If you read the blog yesterday we talked about the  mill that was right across the way from this home that was built in the 1700's.
It has a few myths and legends associated with the house now it is a beautiful remodeled home.  Privately own they have done a great job keeping up the house.  A book was  written about the house and the owner and the myth that is pine barrens folk lore.

 This book was written in 1855 by a gentleman who was from Philadelphia I have noticed in my many articles south jersey had many ties to Philadelphia in the early days not so much now. Philadelphia was a big place and they would try and beat the heat of the city and come here.

The story of the house that Elijah Clark   built the mill owned the home he started the mill mill and wanted to live near by . Through out the years and many re-models and a fire it doesn't look like the …

Pleasant mills New Jersey A small town's special links to history

Deep in the Pines where sleepy history awaits the keen observer there is a sleep beauty of historical worth waiting for that special non-profit to make it come alive again.  This place was built in 1822 by the partnership of Benjamin Richards, William Lippincott, Edward York, Benjamin Sooy. The place started out as a saw mill and then a cotton mill and in 1853 there was a fire and the mill was repaired and became a paper Mill.

 I have been inside the place yes I actually went to a yard sale there  they had some many things in there from the different time periods it was a time capsule  of the many people that came and went in the building.

 Through out time it was bought and sold by many companies and was even a art gallery in the 50's . I was a bit surprised to find out a Mrs. a. Fenno bought the building in 1953 and made a play house out of it . Several plays were performed there from 1953 to 1957 .  A young Tony Perkins was sais to have performed there.

 Finally the building …

Coming soon...

Coming up in the near future on the blog we will finish the whispering pines story..  More art from my  stores . More stories I want to write for your summer reading pleasure.  I am thinking of  having a appraisal day where you  send me pictures of items where I can find out what I can about it and we can chat.

 More pictures of Pine cat ,more historical inspired short articles. Collecting trends so you can know what to buy at the summer yard sales and flea markets..

 Thinking of a series of fun and interesting trips for families to go on.. They is a lot of great places in the world and we should talk about it. ..

And coming in fall I have several art shows scheduled if you are in the New Jersey area.. Please share our page we are adding new friends but would love a lot more . I do appreciate each and every one of you.

And of course their is this guy Benny aka; Pine cat...  little known pine cat facts he is a seal point Himalayan, he likes to talk a lot especially at 5:30 a.m. .. W…

Who is left standing in the round barn mystery?

What we know so far the group that joseph belonged to was picked up for questioning in new York. Josh was closing in on his friend Mike who was out searching the grounds for Sarah. Sarah was hiding in a barn with a old friend .  The art-facts that everyone was hunting for were safe in a safe deposit box  at josh's bank.

The NYPD had quite the time getting the group to talk they were made up of history professors ,scholars, bankers, doctors and even a few lawyers.  They were quite shocked all of them had a lot of education. They could not figure out what was the reason behind all of this till they started digging around into other countries and found similar cases of murder etc. of archeologists  and important finds.

They also found several names of people in the group that were wanted on suspicious activities around said events.   The captain had several cops in the room questioning a lot of the group one on one.

 The captain decided he would take the leader one on one and tell …

we will see you sunday for the ending of the round barn murder...

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 It's me Pine cat again wanted to tell you about some new items in the stores.  Human is off doing god knows what so I am in-charge today.. Here I am at my last birthday party.. Human celebrates my birthday on 4th of July because I am a rescue kitty and she doesn't know my birthday.... Guess I better do a good job so I get lots of presents..

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