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Joseph where is he hiding?

Josh knew he had to go to sit down and try to find Joseph's where about in his data base. Checking the airport flights to Egypt would be the first thing he would do. He needed to make sure he left the country last week and where he was heading in Egypt so he could have the authorities  looking for him.
 He could be considered dangerous and was wanted for the murder of Katherine .  Josh still could not believe she was gone their first few weeks of marriage had been happy. She seemed to be so positive about the future and did not tell him about Joseph.  He could have done something  anything ...

 He made his call and the Egyptian government was glad they warned him about Joseph and they were going to investigate and talk with his family there to see if they have seen on heard from him.

Now her needed to get Sarah to Mike's apartment where they both can get rest and go back to Hancock and see how the investigation was going .

 Sarah was too tired to argue about where they were …

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Katherine had  been glad Joseph had not contacted her after the Egyptian magic meeting. She was planning her yearly dig at Amarna and was packing her clothes and items she would need for the month she would be there.
 She had not looked at the list of  persons who was going to go on the dig it's a great way for the college to raise money for the dig and they can always use the help. The coordinator of the project was going along on the dig and was in charge of the lay-people that would help.

 The morning of the trip Katherine just made it to the airport in time.  She saw the coordinator and sat down next to her she decided to look at the list of names of the persons she would be living with for the next month. She noticed to her disbelieve Joseph 's name was on the list. She hoped he would not give her any problems and if he did she knew plenty of Egyptian police that she could call .

 The Egyptians always have a watchful eye on sites especially important  ones like Amarna …

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Egyptian MAGIC....

Joseph had ask Katherine if she wanted to attend  a meeting of Egypt witches and being the scientist that she was she figured why not. When she went to the meeting they all look normal  no black caps are silly hats just people of all shapes and sizes  it looked like the many college staff meetings she had attended.

 Then Joseph introduced her to the group and they all seemed quite pleased to see her there. They seemed to know of her work at Amarna and how she did not believe in the oldest craft Egyptian magic and that wax figures for spells  were not used any more .

 When she started to talk about it the group seemed to become quite nasty ,yelling at her that she was wrong, where was her proof and so on.   Katherine seemed to grow nervous that she was in the room with people that basically believed they could harm people with magic and there was really something wrong with them.
 One man even stood up and ask her if she was a Christian and did she know of the passages in the bible t…
Josh was trying to remember any other bits of information he might have heard or saw the sleeping arrangements were a room for the men and a room for the women. He did remember one night at Amarna he couldn't sleep and he got up and went out of the guest house and noticed the person of interest wasn't in his sleeping back. He thought nothing of it till he saw him come out of the tent  where all the today's finds were keep to be looked at and  discussed.
 His cop genes set in and he hid behind a pillar so the man could not see him he had to know what he was up too.  He did over hear the man talking to someone on his cell phone in Arabic unfortunately he did not understand much of the language. The man finally went back in and went to bed then Josh went in the man was still awake but Josh just smiled and said I had to go and got back into his sleeping bag.
 Well Mike could see that Josh was deep in thought and decided to ask Sarah some questions she had been too quiet for …
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Zazzle is having a tee sale 30% off I wanted to take a  break from the Round Barn Murder to post about the sale. I also wanted to give some background information about the writing of the mystery you have been reading. Many years ago I took a trip actually in the early 90's to the beautiful state of Mass.
 I did make a trip to the Hancock shaker village where the round barn is located. It is a interesting place and kind spread out. I joked with my mother that it would be a great place for a murder with the fields seeming to spread out  and no one around.
 Yes the sheep really do graze in the fields and the barn is round when I went it did not have a lot of staff and wasn't open all year.  The  homes that we toured did not have a lot of furniture in them. Shaker furniture which is quite lovely but very plain..

 I also wanted to state that the story is my own nothing like this has happened in any of the places mentioned in our story . The Met in New York is a amazing place …

the round barn murder What happened in Amarna?

Josh and Mike headed to the police station to sit and figure out what they know with the different clues and to question Sarah again. They needed to know all they could if they ever want to bring Katherine's murder to justice.   Both men went into Mike's office with Sarah close behind and decided to fill the chalk board in there with the different things they knew.

 They wanted to go back to the building and talk more to the owner but first they have to figure what they know already. Sarah looked tired and they needed to find her a place to stay for the night but Josh didn't want to leave her alone so for now she stayed with them.

Mike decided to  start with what they know 1. the museum seemed to know nothing about what really happened to Katherine 2.  Sarah was called by a private investor about  where Katherine was. 3. the Dig at Amarna had something to do with her death. 3. The person  Sarah  Id  left the United States right after the murder leaving nothing behind. 4…

The Amarna dig and who was on it..

Katherine got herself out to the street through a back entrance a woman saw her and came to her aid. She got her into a taxi and took her into the hospital doors she left her in the hands of a nurse and left.  Katherine was in and out when the doctors  looked at her she wasn't hurt anywhere but had a large bruise on her forehead.  They did x-ray her head and saw nothing but a bad concession she would have a bad head ache for awhile but they could not figure out why she could not remember anything.

 The only thing she had with her besides a weird Egyptian thing , was a letter from a post box and a address  from Hancock Mass.  They had decided to send her to a hospital in that area  while they looked for her family. They some how found her sister through a private detective  actually looking for her and matched up the two cases.

Her sister was so happy to see her it seemed like she remembered her. The hospital decided to leave it up to the sister to take care of her.
Both cops kn…
John Strong was waiting for both cops to show up at the museum  he knew they would ask a lot of questions and some he did not have the answer to. That day of the explosion had been so crazy he  was thrown from his desk chair from the blast. When he woke up a cop was standing over him  giving him first aid.
 Their was a big hole in the wall of his office and his thoughts went to his museum and of course the people working in there and the customers.  The cop was asking his questions as he was taking out on a  stretcher . He was trying to remember who was in the area of the blaze he wondered about the few people that were doing research in the area .

 He saw Peter and Sean on his way out of the museum on the stretcher but what about Katherine ? He told them where her research room was and that she had come from the local college to do research for the museum He had hoped she was ok but later found out that nothing was left of the room and that she was probably blown to such small piec…

cat eyed glasses and back to our round barn murder mystery...

So friends seems that the older you get your eyes can get better I thought it would be worse seems I have been wearing glasses that are too strong for me now. I have no clue, so the new glasses are  not as strong ...lolol who knows

 Funny story the sales person keep trying to push cat shaped glasses on me  now you know I love pine cat but I do not want to look like him... lololo.... Now back to out story...

 Mike rang and rang the building's security system to gain entrance he had wanted to do this quick and hurry to the museum and see Josh. Finally the security let him in after he showed him a badge through a window...  He told the man he was here on police business and ask about the person living in apartment 10 . He was told that the person who lived there went back to Egypt   because he had family who were ill there.

They had left about 3 weeks ago in quite the rush. Mike thanked him and jumped back into his car and headed to the Met.

 Josh and Sarah had been traveling for a…

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My human will be back on Sunday with more mystery in the round barn murder  and is off to buy glasses .. ... Lolol She needs them ... love Pine cat

who killed Katherine and why?? in the Round Barn murder

The museum was quiet after the 10 a.m. tours walked through , John Strong was always glad when he had enough quiet around him to get his research done . The call from Josh Katherine's husband had shaken him  he knew he had to make the call to the NYPD.  After the bomb last year and not being able to locate Katherine he still knew it was a open case.
 The phone was ringing as Mike made it to his desk boy did he miss his partner that would cover him if he got in late. Josh had never been the same since Katherine went missing and had left the dept. for a job in  a little town in Mass. He was a great officer but the lost had touched him deeply he knew he had to try and check on him but something always got in the way.
He hoped the change of a small town would help him move forward but he wasn't sure if the not knowing what happened to his wife would creep in anyway.  Mike picked up the phone and the museum director told him the basic story how Josh had called him and told him Ka…
Sarah and Josh had to run to make the train leaving for New York after everything she told him he had her pack a bag and stay with him over night where he was up early buying train tickets on line.  He had called the museum and ask to speak to the director  and told him this was official police business and that he was coming to look at the records from the dig and who was on it.
  In his bag he had a laptop and a wax figure and of course the ambulant he also had his police id and his gun.. After 9/11 he would certainly have to show id just to get on the train with a gun. Sarah didn't say much just sat staring out the window looking at passing towns streaking by.
 She hoped answers would be found and that she could put this behind her. No matter what she wanted the person to pay for killing her sister . She wondered about Josh and hoped this would give him the peace he seemed to need.
 If this would could have been fun if it wasn't under such a bad situation she had not been…

Is the mystery over or deeping in the round barn Mystery?

The king orders sacrifices, he alone controls them,
the king eats humans, feeds on gods,
he has them presented on an altar to himself,
he has agents to do his will. He fires off the orders!
The king eats their magic, he gulps down their souls,
the adults he has for breakfast,
the young are lunch,
the babies he has for supper,
the old ones are too tough to eat, he just burns them on the altar as an offering to himself.

Pyramid Texts 273-4, Old Kingdom
Sarah was quiet on the way home Josh could understand her need for silence but his cop instincts  were telling him something is very wrong. She was too quiet something else was on her mind not just her sister's death and all the horror that went along with it.

Josh decided to break the silence and ask her , 'Sara what happened to your friend?"  Now Sarah knew she had to tell him the truth. 'He was no friend of mine he actually in my house when I got home yesterday and torn it apart looking for the ambulan…

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