Friday, March 31, 2017

Ukrainian Easter Eggs and what the traditional colors mean.

 The Easter and Passover holidays are coming up and I wanted to share a few traditions from around the world.  A Pysanka  is a Ukrainian Easter egg  they are decorated with Ukraine Folk art designs using the resist wax method. The wax the use is bee's wax melted over a candle.  You have a small cone shaped copper piece mounted on a wooden stick. I have tried this myself and enjoyed it but I really needed to practice it.

As you can see they are very beautiful when done .  The beauty of the simple designs are amazing of course you do a lot of dipping in color and letting them dry but it is such a wonderful look.

 Would love to find a artisan who still does this type of work and learn from them with out having to
go to the Ukraine.     I did find some information about the color meaning of the eggs. 1.Red means life giving blood.2 Black other world 3. Yellow moon, sun and stars. 4. blue ,  Blue skies or air, good health 5.brown, earth 6. White , purity, birth , light. 7. Green, color of spring

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Stafford china dogs were not just King Charles Spaniels.

A favorite mantel decoration of fireplaces in the 19th. century the king Charles spaniel was a favorite of British monarchs.  They of course were made in Stafford and were a symbol of money for upper -middle class in the British isles .

 These pieces were produced in 1720's  and enjoyed popular status through out Victorian England . After the 1920's people lost interest in them.

I  was surprised to learn many other type of dogs were also produced in pairs pugs, afghans, greyhounds , collies and poodles were also sold in pairs. The spaniels always had the a collar and chain on them some were painted some wore gold chains.

 Just thought I would include what to look for when you are going to yard sales flea markets etc.
 I actually found a dog in the trash  with a broken tail I still wonder if he would have been worth anything and if he was rare it was only one.  Not sure check it out before you trash it.

Some other examples of fire place dogs

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Claude Monet a favorite along with Renoir loved to play with light  and shadow. I was visiting the Philadelphia museum of art back in the 1990s and had the pleasure  of seeing a series pf paintings he did of a church in Paris at different times of the day and weather conditions

 I was surprised that he even traveled to Venice to paint the scenery  I have included some of the pictures

So many of us know of the French scenes but thought the Venice  paintings were interesting.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Pine cat and the fish. Can you teach a old Cat new tricks?

 Well this blog post is a bit different today not about art or antiques but about a certain Persian cat we all know and love.. My husband who is recovering from surgery is bored and decided to set up a fish tank. Well those of you who have pets think dogs and cats are work. These little creatures have my
 cat beat by a mile.

 First getting a tank's water right you have to perform scientific experiments to get the right ph.  Then when you get the fish you have hold them in the plastic bag  and pray on the way home you do not shake them up to much or worse....

 Then you have to put the bags in the tank so they warm up to the temperature in the tank..  about 15 or 20 minutes.   Then when you go to bed you say a little prayer they do not pass away over nite after you just spent 25.00 on fish.

Then in comes this guy now Pine cat is a curious kitty and had to jump up on the loveseat 1,000 times to paw the tank's glass as he watches the fish swim around.  Now funny thing this cat in the 2 years I had the sofa and loveseat will not jump up on them but now he will..

 Wanted to get a frog for the tank but not a good idea he jumps out of the tank  two things could happen 1. he would become pine cat's three clock snack of frog legs or 2. I would slip on him coming into the room.  The frog stayed at the  PetSmart where he would be safe.

 So far friends the fish are safe and thriving but I know if I saw a big giant cat head staring at me through glass it would scare the crap out of me.  So at 16 pine cat has to learn not to jump on the  love seat and just look up at them from the floor.

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Renoir and the Theater.

 Just thought I would share some pictures that are not well known of my favorite artist. enjoy and have a great day, Nora

Sunday, March 26, 2017

The kiss and what it really about?

 So many of us have seen some form of this sculpture either a copy or in museums. Actually their is a great small Rodin museum in Philadelphia where another version is. There are several large marble over size version's  of the sculpture. The original piece is located in Paris actual in the Hotel Biron Magnificent a 18th century palace Rodin used as a studio in 1917.

  Another interesting fact is that he based the sculpture on Dante's Inferno characters Paolo and Francesca  and if you have read the story they were lovers and got caught by a jealous husband and killed.

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

The art of Make-up in the ancient world

  Yesterday we talked about how art is more than just painting and drawing and can lead to many different types of things for everyday use.  The art of make-up goes back to one of my favorite time periods in history Ancient Egypt.

 The Egyptians used a lot of  potions and lotions for making themselves beautiful . Kohl of course was used for the eyes and it thought it helped protect them from bugs and the bright sun.

This picture is a holder for Kohl . This make-up  is made of staminate charcoal . Castor oil Beeswax , olive oil rose water were some of the ingredients they used in potions and lotions.  Chewing frankincense and licorice root helped them with bad breath. 

The art of beauty of course can produce practical items for everyday use . As you can see in my lists of elements they are still used in make-up today..

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Why art Matters.

 Today I just thought I would write about why I paint and draw and do a lot of creative things.  Art education does matter in everyday life because it helps people think outside the box.  Many of our most important artists also invented useful items for everyday life. If you have ever  read anything about Michelangelo he had many notebooks full of inventions.

 One important artist who I didn't even know was a artist is Samuel F.B Morse. He evented yes the code of course and the telegraph. According to history he really wanted to be known in the art world and worked on a painting of the inside of the Louvre in Paris. He spend 3 years on the painting and thought it would be his ticket to fame and fortune.

 With out this artist thinking and wondering about things and experimenting we would never had  a important element of communications in the early 19th century.

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Delft Pottery

How many of you have any Delft Pottery ? If you have any one in your family tree was from  the Netherlands it is a good bet they could own some of this type of pottery.  Delftware was made when types of tin glazed earth wear with a white glaze applied and decorated with metal oxides

Some of the best delft wear was made in between the dates of 1640-1740 . The pottery included all kinds  of pottery objects including tiles.

 You have probably heard of the blue and white tiles that were quite popular.

By the year 1750 Delft was considered artistically inferior and by the end of the 18th century
most of the pottery factories went out of business.

The only factory left that still makes the blue and white products is in Markun , Friesland. It is still very collectable even new pieces Look for the mark Delfts Blue.

 Hope you enjoyed this bit of history , Have a great day all Nora.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Some of my Paintings

 Thought I would share of my other artwork I do painting etc.. Have a great day, Nora

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Happy Birthday spring , flowers are blooming all over the pine cat 15 stores..

 Hi Happy full day of spring .  I was going to write a post about flapper dresses but could not find any examples of real dresses just copies. Maybe I will dig deeper in to internet in the next couple days. But I wanted to show you some examples of my flowers that I draw for my designs on zazzle.

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Flapper beaded and mesh Bags.

  The 20's had the best handbags if you like things made by hand beaded and meshed bags were done this way.  The bags were made small so you can carry make-up a compact and a few dollars and believe or not cigarettes


Their was quite a art to making these bags the mesh was hand woven unto a metal frame. The beaded purses were sew to a fabric base. They actually would sell the kits to do the beaded purses.

 Lot of examples to look at as you probably noticed all the bags have long thin straps and some are small boxes with handles. I bet your great grandmother might have one of these bags.. They held up pretty well but of course but should be stored separately and wrapped in tissue paper.  You  can buy copies of these type of bag for special events...  But if you have a original you might just want to have a professional put in a glass incased box so you can hang it on the wall like art.

 Because they really are works of art like the beaded dresses...  Happy Spring , Nora