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Sunflowers are a happy flower... growing through out spring and summer it come to it peak as summer ends and fall begins...  We have several designs in the pine cat 15 and catfish15 stores to enjoy...

Check out the new items ...
  Nice bright shower curtain

 another bath set match it.

Bathroom  rug.

January blues? and warm january

January is always a boring month..  Trying to keep focused on art sometimes is harder than you might think...   Been think of some new ideas but warm weather and flowers always get in the mood for creativity.

 The one picture is the view from my back yard... One warm day in September...  Last week it was actually in the 70's in south Jersey..  may you all have a peaceful Sunday...
New designs for a new year coming soon to the zazzle stores...
 I have been playing around with shapes etc...

  happy Saturday friends.....
Sunflowers are a favorite of many artists down through the ages.. Van Gogh was a important artist who loved painting them and the paintings now go for millions..  I have grown them in the past  and did quite well but always never  keep them around too long because they are a favorite of deer through out south jersey.

  They must taste good because one morning they are there and the next morning gone..

  My computer art for Zazzle gives me the chance to see my sunflowers live on..
 They are on everything from cards too dishes and dish towels and clocks.
 phone cases and kindle cases are also decorated with the happy flower of summer and autumn  Many people will always love the happy flower of summer and fall especially deer.. Have a great day friends,,,
The rose is a popular flower that artists of all kinds like to paint using all types of mediums I am inclosing some of my examples from what I have available on Zazzle to what I paint in styles that have been around for a long time..
Hello everyone..

 This blog will be about my art and my stores on Zazzle why I started them and what my art is about..  I have been interested in art since I was a child. I started drawing when I was very young when I had a social studies assignment to draw a picture of a market scene  in south America.. W hen I took my picture to school my teacher didn't believe I did it she thought one of my parents did it.

 She actually made me draw the state seal of New Jersey for her and when it came out very good for my age she was shocked but I guess she knew I had talent.   Well creative kids always got stuck decorating the boards in the class rooms my art career began.

Funny thing with art you are always looking and checking out the details in life it follows you no matter what you do from college to working in retail and beyond decorating plates in a china factory.. 

 My art has been featured in local papers even on local tv.  I have sold my work through out the area of southern New Je…