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Sweet Pea News.. Happy New Year humans...

Hi, Humans

 My Human forgot to wish you all a Happy New Year.. I tried to tell her it is a little late some of our friends are already celebrating.. Well the human has been sick so you have to forgive her . so much for the flu shot humans....

  Happy New Year, Love, sweet Pea


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I will be back Tuesday  friends, many new items and of course stories and fun things miss Sweet Pea will be around too of course partying and having fun.

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Love lost and found and a family re-birth.

Sarah and the family were very busy celebrating 12 days of Christmas the invitation of Dolly in January would take a lot of travel to her home in Washington she had married James a few years ago her first husband had died of yellow fever along with her children. Fate had not been kind to her .
James who was quite good looking had served with General Washington and it will be fitting that they hosted a remembrance celebration where   people who loved and served with the General can come remember his life.

 Martha had decided not to travel to the celebration but will send a niece in her place.  Dolly who loved entertaining was busy getting ready for the celebration along with the 12 days. 

 Sarah was feeling better and better that Caleb was going to stay at the Mansion and allow the boys to be near Sally and herself. She found herself growing closer to Caleb again  one night she was talking about how they meet and he almost shot her with a arrow.  They both laughed and all 4 boys thou…

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I  am wondering about this card  should the word be off or of  . I would have to do it all over again to change it and i was wondering . Should i change it in another card?  I wanted to do something different and write something for those of us who are ready for spring.

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Christmas in the 18th century..

Martha Washington Christmas Cake
Take 40 eggs and divide the whites from the yolks & beat them to a froth then work 4 pounds of butter to a cream & put the whites of eggs to it a Spoon full at a time till it is well work’d then put 4 pounds of sugar finely powderd [sic] to it in the same manner then put in the Youlks [sic] of eggs & 5 pounds of flower [sic] & 5 pounds of fruit.  2 hours will bake it add to it half an ounce of mace & nutmeg half a pint of wine & some fresh brandy.”

 I thought you might like to read a recipe i found of Martha Washington's Christmas cake. The term  Christmas was not really used in the 18th century the date of December 25th started a 12 th night festival  .. 
Sounds like plum pudding to me .   They also loved egg  nog This is George Washington's very own recipe.

one quart of cream, one quart of milk, a dozen eggs, one pint of brandy, a half pint of rye, a quarter pint of rum and a quarter pint of sherry.’

  The 25 is when Marth…
Caleb  was happy to see the saw mill he had many happy memories there  growing up and help his adopted father and John there.  John was buried under the tree where they had spent many days eating lunch and relaxing after taking a break he would chat with Sarah there and plan their lives together.
Caleb was so sad when he saw the headstone he did something that his nephews thought they would never see  on bended knee over the grave he started weeping ..  John had been a brother to him and  he remembered all the things they did to help the revolution and how they fought to protect this town they both loved in the war years.

    Caleb got up and smiled at the boys " It's is sad when you lose a brother i hope you two will be together till you are old men". With that he walked back to the mansion with the boys.

The days passed and the family settled in to a pattern Caleb  helped out in the mill along with his 4 nephews  the women in the family made sure they only work half …

The family gathers together ..

" The  place looked the same ,"Caleb thought  some things have changed but Sarah was just as beautiful as ever.  After she hugged him for a good 5 minutes and even his nephews were starting to laugh  at the funny lady who is their aunt, Sarah let go and went to the kitchen to get Sally.

Caleb had missed his mother and was glad she was well. As Sally entered the room she was surprised how her son looked the same . Time had been kind to him and she was so glad to see him.  Caleb smiled and said" Hello mother i want you to meet your grandsons".  The two teenage boys stepped forward and smiled shyly. They looked so much like their mother .

 Sally reached out her arms to them and hugged them to her . The boys smiled and laughed and kissed her on the cheek". They had the playfulness of their mother and ask her if she had any horses for them to ride.

She replied "Of course John and Henry will show you later where they are and you can ride them as much as you wa…

Caleb returns

Sally was glad she had such a wonderful daughter- in-law she could have re-married she was still young but she did not have the heart to do so. The birth of her twin sons had been such a blessing to the family John was so happy. Those were busy days with the re-building of the many homes that were burned to the ground from the British. John did spend a lot of his time  in Philadelphia  bring them wood to help re-build homes that were destroyed .

 Many people do not know Philadelphia spent many years being war torn form the British and the Americans fighting over the city.  Many people had to flee into the country side or be captured by the British.

 Finally when the war came to a end and a new nation began the city had the need for men that had skills to re-build homes and businesses'.   After war comes disease and  out breaks several years after the war John came back to Batsto very ill.

  Sarah was tired and had a lot to do Caleb could be here any day as long as they do not ru…

Christmas at Batsto a short Whispering Pines Story

The snow was beginning to fall it was 2 days after Thanksgiving and our Sarah was going through the mail along with her dear friend and mother-in-law Sally the war was over the town of Batsto had gone through some changes through out the years.

  The family had lost John to the small pox  some time after the war Sarah had lost some many to the disease her dear friend Esther had passed away also her and Caleb had settled out west with the Lenape where they did  farm some land they were given.

 Caleb never did find a wife but his sister did find a husband and had 2 children who were now 12 and 13 both boys. Their parents both passed away from small pox and left him to care for the children. The  Lenape had almost been wiped out form the disease and Caleb had written to Sarah to ask if she needed help.

He would sell his farm and come and help out in a place he knew a lot about . It would be great to see his mother and Sarah he had so little family left and he decided he would be there …


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My holiday greetings to all

Hi everyone ,This  is going to be my holiday card  to all of you. I love antiques cards so i picked out a few of my favorites for you to enjoy... May this season of giving bring joy and peace to you and your family no matter where you  are in the world we wish you the best New Year.

 Warm wishes for a wonderful New Year,  and of course Merry Christmas to all that celebrate.
                      Nora, Sweet Pea....

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Sweet Peas News...

Hi Humans,
I am new here and  human let me take over the blog today..  As you can see by my pictures I am a small girl. Not a giant like my brother was.  Hope i can do a good job like he did .I am asking for my own store let's see what human does. 
Maybe in the new year she will take better pictures of me.  I hope so a girl has to look good in her pictures... 
 Love, Sweet Pea

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Have a good day , Nora

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Hi friends,

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A special treat Christmas at Barclay homestead.

Hello friends,

 Thought i would share a special event of one of  New Jersey's treasures a lovely working farm museum in the heart of Cherry Hill New Jersey. Barclay  farm was built in 1816 by Joseph Thorn 6 generation of a very old New Jersey  family founder of Camden .. Joseph Cooper.

 Each year the friends of Barclay put together many events to show case the beauty and charm through out through out the season. They even have a community garden where residents rent space to add to the beautiful of the farm with flowers and fruits and vegetables.

 Their are many hiking and bird watching trails to enjoy .. A wonderful place for all to enjoy through out the year..

  Enjoy the pictures of  the museum at Christmas and many thanks to the volunteers and workers that help make this place even more special..

 Enjoy the day friends and the holidays, we will be back on Monday, Nora

Roses of all kinds....

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                 Have a great day friends we will be back on Sunday, nora