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 Enjoy your Sunday friends, Nora

My holiday greetings to all

Hi everyone ,This  is going to be my holiday card  to all of you. I love antiques cards so i picked out a few of my favorites for you to enjoy... May this season of giving bring joy and peace to you and your family no matter where you  are in the world we wish you the best New Year.

 Warm wishes for a wonderful New Year,  and of course Merry Christmas to all that celebrate.
                      Nora, Sweet Pea....

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Sweet Peas News...

Hi Humans,
I am new here and  human let me take over the blog today..  As you can see by my pictures I am a small girl. Not a giant like my brother was.  Hope i can do a good job like he did .I am asking for my own store let's see what human does. 
Maybe in the new year she will take better pictures of me.  I hope so a girl has to look good in her pictures... 
 Love, Sweet Pea

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Have a good day , Nora

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Hi friends,

    Thought i would share more new products this is a favorite and something i think i am going to buy it is 50% off would make a great last minute gift or something for yourself.

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 We have started writing a few verses inside our cards..

Enjoy the day , Nora

A special treat Christmas at Barclay homestead.

Hello friends,

 Thought i would share a special event of one of  New Jersey's treasures a lovely working farm museum in the heart of Cherry Hill New Jersey. Barclay  farm was built in 1816 by Joseph Thorn 6 generation of a very old New Jersey  family founder of Camden .. Joseph Cooper.

 Each year the friends of Barclay put together many events to show case the beauty and charm through out through out the season. They even have a community garden where residents rent space to add to the beautiful of the farm with flowers and fruits and vegetables.

 Their are many hiking and bird watching trails to enjoy .. A wonderful place for all to enjoy through out the year..

  Enjoy the pictures of  the museum at Christmas and many thanks to the volunteers and workers that help make this place even more special..

 Enjoy the day friends and the holidays, we will be back on Monday, Nora

Roses of all kinds....

Stickers and cards  all kinds of styles and designs available.

                                                                     Roses of all kinds .

                 Have a great day friends we will be back on Sunday, nora

Sweet Pea NEWS..

Some one  needs to tell me why cats can act so weird ?  Pine cat loved the bathroom too and was always in there too  but my new girl...  Well she loves drinking out of the tub , she makes me put on the water she leans in and drinks water.

 Now i tired a experiment and put tub water in a paper cup lol... As you can see she is now a paper cup drinker... lolololol.. I always get all the strange animals..  Even my huskies loved the tub  one would hide in it during thunderstorms... I mean this boy even had the curtain closed and he was 70Lbs. 

 who knows my friends,, have a great day and follow us on google +, Nora

we be back on thursday i hope...

Sorry Humans , Mom is having problems with her internet .. It's in and out..  see ya on Thursday love sweet pea.

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Getting into the Holiday spirit ...

Hi friends,

 Even  Sweet pea is in the holiday mood today...  We celebrate Christmas in style of course..  As you can see she is the queen of our bed....  She is very sweet  and bit crazy like her owners....

 She is a small girl not quite sure if she is a year . I was told she was 2   but it is hard to believe.

 Have a great day all .. Happy Sunday.. Nora