Sweet Pea's do and don't for Humans

 HI Humans,

 Here i am  looking scary on my favorite toy.. No i am not a cat from hell . Well ya kind of .... lololo....    I do have a list of things that bother me  1. when your human takes a shower we cats have no idea you are not drowning  so we must check on you  and sit out side the shower and cry for you to show yourself. Remember humans we can not dial the phone we do not have thumbs.. so if it bugs you we are siting on the toilet seat it could be worse.

2.  we will expect our water to be delivered  in weird ways . we will want to get in the sink and bathtub please leave the water running we can not turn it on..  again the no thumb thing.

3. This is a easy one we will want some of what ever you are eating ... and let you know by tapping you on your knee and will not stop till you deliver the snacks.

4. Please remember we are very happy just being with you and will love you forever.... so do not get rid of us because we have medical problems or behave a bit weird.

 Have a good day friends, Love , Sweet Pea.


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