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The Mystery at Christmas

The snow was falling in the picture pretty town this place was  right out of a Norman Rockwell painting the kind of place you would want to spend Christmas.  The village was so full of history that people would open their homes at Christmas time and people would love seeing the decorations of holly and ivy and gold not like the busy decorations of the malls and the big box stores.

 But the young woman heading home on the bus was not looking forward to going home this holiday she was going to bury her grandmother her only close living relative and she was not looking forward to the distant 3rd cousins who she knew would want a piece of her grandmother's estate.

 She had left this place a few years ago and might well have been 25 years  nothing changes and the buildings seems to age even the new ones. The town to her had a grey film to it  she knew they tried to paint a pretty picture at Christmas time but it was the rest of the year that bothered her.

 The place had it's secr…

Happy thanksgiving to my friends and family and customers... and of course my readers..

May your thanksgiving be wonderful  and stress free. We certainly thank you for reading our posts and stories.  We have a lot to be thank-full for even  with the lost of our beloved Pine cat ..  I  still miss him and think of him with love.

 May you and your friends and family  have much love and joy this holiday season... I will be off for a few days and will be back on Sunday...

 Happy Thanksgiving friends, Nora

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Walking through life.

The older gentleman would wave everyday at the couple as they returned from weekend errands and wonderings through out the town they were trying to get to know. They neighbors were older than them and they knew the signs , younger relatives appearing with concerned looks and even ambulances taking said neighbors away.

 When they would see this older gentleman he was one of the few that could get out everyday and would make a mile journey to the local grocery store for supplies.  They would ask him if he needed a ride but he would say no thank-you  with a smile and a wave.

The spirit of this gentleman was to do what he could till the end you could see that in his face and even his walk . Sadly last week the signs were there cars all over the place and the couple wondered if they had lost there new friend.

In the next week they knew he was gone they were cleaning out the house and they had heard through a neighbor he had passed away.

 Rest in peace , your life mattered because you sh…

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Why do i paint and draw so many flowers?

The above question I have been thinking a lot about . I love the idea of the process on how a flower blooms there is a lot that they go through to become a flower. First of course they are seeds and then grow into young plants with the right soil and water and nutrients. They fight off bugs and bacteria to bloom and of course they need the weather to be right .

 Someone once ask me about some of my flowers what kinds are they ?  They like a lot of the things I do come from my imagination. Of course I can paint from photos and a lot of the time I do.  But I have fun with shapes and color of course blurring the lines of real and not real.

Have a great day all, Nora

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Christmas of Yesterday Year

The old woman sat staring out the window at the snow falling down she hoped her family would make it here for the Christmas dinner  they had here in the home.. Every year the same faces would track into this place doing there duty to visit their family members that  they have not bothered to see all year.

 Most people here are forgotten by family and sit and watch  tv  to pass the days. The ones who could walk  did get out once a week to go shopping and get there hair done.  A bus comes and picks them up and takes them home.

 She did get to go out more than once a week her daughter would come and take her out to lunch or what every she wanted to do. One weekend before Christmas she ask her" What happened to the old Christmas tree?" "You know the aluminum one I had when I was first married"?  Now her daughter knew what she was talking about and that tree was in storage she still had most of the ornaments to. She remembered growing up how she wished they would get a…