Who is sneaking around the mansion?

 The dinner was over before she knew it and Sarah was in the carriage heading back to the mansion she was wondering about all the people she was around can any of them be trusted?  She had high hopes for the dinner a chance to get to know Caleb better but he did not even come with John to bring her back to the Mansion.

 John was quiet and seemed lost in his thoughts. He did say to her " Sarah  please be careful  and if you need us please go to the general store and Joshua will come and get us''. 'He also wanted to know if she knew how to us a gun?"  She replied "No . John said we will have to change that as soon as possible like maybe tomorrow".  Sarah replied , ' I have some free time in the afternoon ". "How about around 2 ?" "Ok said Sarah and thanked John for the dinner and went into the house.

Anna was waiting for her when she entered the Mansion and wanted to know about the dinner . Nothing much happened she told her and decided to go up to her room to work on the painting. She was beginning to think she needed to get out of here and the sooner the better.

 Before starting on the faces of the family she decided she would sit down and write a letter to her lawyer and tell him her plans and her grandmother.  She really would like to visit the family for a few days and was wondering if she could get John and Caleb to take her to Tuckerton where her family lived .

She was hoping to get a visit in the next couple weeks she planned on mailing her letters at the general store tomorrow. Hopefully in a couple of weeks she can get a reply and by then she should be finished with the painting and just would have to wait to let it dry and put some type of varnish over it and get ready for the journey back to her grandmother's house.

Sarah finished her letters late and went to blow out the candle and went to bed she was just settling down when she saw  candle light from under her door. The house had been  quiet but she heard the deep voices trying to be quiet outside her door.

She was a bit nervous and quietly got up and turned to the lock. She had no idea why someone would be outside her door. Charles and john Andre had left last night could they have come back?


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