Traveling toTuckerton.

 The cold green of the forest helped the women stay cool as they practiced shooting in dense brush. Sarah had so much to do before leaving for the trip to see her grandmother. She wanted to go up to the mansion and check and make sure the painting was  totally done. She was ready to leave the mansion but did enjoy staying with the Reads .

Maybe when they move back into the mansion she will come back and visit but did not want to stay there until they are back in the home. Anna was quiet when she told her she was going to visit her grandmother she had paid her  and the  painting was finished. The only thing she changed during the whole thing was not putting her husband in the painting. She wanted no reminders of him.

 Esther was busy at home packing for the trip when Caleb came into her room to talk with her. " Esther how is Sarah really after  what she was put through by John Andre he wanted to make sure she was ok,."Brother you should ask her yourself she does like you ". What would be the harm of that "? 

 Caleb did know what was wrong with that his sister did not understand that outside this village they would not be looked on kindly especially if he was interested in a white woman.  She had not been to the bigger cities like him where their brother is greeted and he is ignored.

Caleb decided to change the subject and ask if she was ready for the trip he and John had packed up what they needed and were ready to go . 'I am ready" said Esther  . With that Caleb left the room and went to talk to his adopted mother. 

Sally was a bit in-easy with the boys going on the trip she wished that someone else was taking Sarah she was concerned that this young woman was coming between her two sons and that could not be good.

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