traveling to Tuckerton and meeting up with the family .

 This is a beautiful view of the Mullica river in Chestnut neck and yes it is a real place and it is very important to the whispering pines story.. More about that later  

Sarah was ready early the next day to go on her trip she was lucky that the family cook had a basket of food for her and the others that were going on the trip . Esther she noticed was wearing pants like a man  , She was a bit shocked but guessed she had her reasons. Caleb laughed when he saw the look on her face and said" My sister likes to wear costumes pay her no attention '. 'She will dress  the right way in front of your family she is just more comfortable this way". 

Sarah was thinking well maybe she does have the right idea of course pants will not be worn by women for at least 150 years as a fashion statement. But  I bet many women probably wore them when it was needed.

 They  started on there trip and found they made good time they followed a trail down by the Quaker bridge and past several taverns this was the trail that was followed to get to Tuckerton  . It was first  followed  by the Lenape , Caleb's and Esther's people.  Sarah wanted to know about how Caleb and Esther came to the family and Esther did not know much of the details she was very young. But Caleb  did remember when the tribe would go to the sea in what is now called Atlantic city and get all kinds of shellfish..

When they stopped for lunch John decided he would tell a few stories about how his family came to here in west jersey. His great grandfather came to this land with William Penn. They decide they wanted to come to this area and settle and built the first house and church in the area when more people came to settle.

They decided to finish their meals and get moving they didn't want to spend the night on the trail and wanted to get to Sarah's grandmother's house before night fall.  The landscape was getting more flat and clear and they knew they were getting close to the town. John told Esther to stop and go change behind some bushes into her dress.

Esther came out looking like a proper colonial lady and got into the carriage first she tied her horse to the back of the carriage and started asking Sarah "Have you ever been here before"? "No I have not been here before".  'Well I have ". Caleb looked at John quite surprised he knew she had a habit of disappearing sometimes for days but had no idea she came this far.

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