The visit to Tuckerton( clamtown)?

Not far from her grandmother's home Sarah and the group were surprised to see so many ships in the harbor at Tuckerton know at the time as Clam town. Esther had been here before she would sneak up here with Joe Muller and his gang from the forks seeing what British ships were in the area. 

The privateers did not have a problem with telling other privateers where the British were in the open sea they knew they might need them if they were under attack one day.  Esther knew her brothers would be shocked at what she was doing funny thing if she saw any British she would be wearing her Indian buckskins and they would not pay any attention to her and would even talk freely.

 She learned of many things to help the colonial forces just because they ignored Indians it really worked well for them. She would sneak out tonight after everyone went to bed and meet up with Joe Muller and the gang.  They always keep a watchful eye on her when she would approach the British ready to jump in and save the day if needed but they did know she could handle herself well.

 As the carriage pulled up to grandmother's large white home Sarah felt a bit sad to think the mother she barely remembered leaved here she hope she was happy because she knew the Quakers were strict. 

The door opened and Sarah saw her grandmother beaming with a big smile on her face. She wore the traditionally Quaker dress.  Following behind her were her mother's 2 brothers and their families . "Welcome home Sarah ',said her Gran and walked over and hugged  her .She had not seen Sarah she was 4 years old. She looked so much like her mother it was shocked to her grandmother.

Sarah decided it was time to introduce her traveling partners and the whole family welcomed them warmly and  helped them get heir bags and they went into the house to eat the evening meal together.
 After supper they all decided tp go into their sitting room to get to know each other her two uncles and their families wet home to  do the evening chores.

 have a great day friends , nora


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