The dinner and secrets in the lockets???

* this is what the church at Batsto looks like now back in Sarah's time it was a log cabin but this church stands on the site of the original. 

 Sarah did find a seat with Sally and Esther in the back of the church and  enjoyed the service . She was happy she went because of everything that she had been through in the last few months she needed a hour of peace.

 After the services the minster stopped her and welcome her to the area. She was surprised the service wasn't like the ones she attended in Philadelphia where they preached again the English. It certainly was not big like Christ's church in Philadelphia but had a sense of charm. 

 She was glad to be going to the Read house for dinner and happy both women were at her side when she reached the carriage. The ride to the house was a smooth one for once .. She was still not use to bumpy  so called roads that were no more than dirt . But getting away from the mansion was a treat.

 As they approached the house she loved the way it was large but had a nice homey feel to it. Sally was the first to step out of the carriage and gave her a hand when she stepped down. " Well Sarah this is my home for now till the family you are staying with leave in the fall."

" I love it ", Sarah replied . The women went into the home as the men put the horses and carriage in the barn. The house was alive with smells of Ham and potatoes cooking and of course a pie for desert made from wild blueberries picked in the woods. 

 The women started bring in plates of food and she asked if she could help but they said no you are a guest. The men just entered the room and John ask Sarah ,How do you like our summer house "?  "It's is beautiful', she replied . "Not as good as the Mansion but it will do for now". 

Now Caleb was not a man who said a lot of words but he did ask her about the about the painting and how far along was she?  Sarah was happy he was talking about something she loved. She explained to the family that she was really not a portrait painter she had learned to do Miniatures  that was what her father did. She actually showed them the lockets he did of her and George Washington.

John looked at Caleb with alarm she is wearing what they were probably looking for. John asked " Did you show that to anyone?"  ' No why?".  Please show no one especially in the mansion". said Caleb.


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