The battle of chestnut neck

 As our group was deciding to leave riders came into the area from the governor letting the people  knowthey must get ready 9 ships  were on the way  to chestnut neck. Now the men from Batsto knew that the town was a shipping port and they would bring the stolen ships from the British there and send the supplies over to the Delaware where barges like the one Sarah came on to Valley forge where Washington was camped.

Sarah was not sure if she wanted to go back to Batsto she had no idea where she and her family would be safe. So  the women of the family decided to go back with them to Batsto but only her grandmother decided to go her uncles wives wanted to stay with their husbands.

 Sarah was a bit nervous on the way back to Batsto  she had no idea what she would find would Charles be there or worse John Andre.

  Finally as they entered the town John and Caleb saw there mother looking out the window with a worried look. She helped them in-load their bags and wanted to speak to her sons right away " Have you heard  9 British ships were seen at the mouth of the Mullica river  they are ready to attack Chestnut neck their is a meeting in the town tonight for all the able bodied men.  They fear is they could come here to Batsto because of the cannon balls and other things we have been making.

John was curious if Anna was still in the mansion ? "  Sally replied " No she fled yesterday it was she who told us about the ships she got a letter from her husband and he wanted his children out of harms way. '
" We can move back in  if we want to not sure if we should or not I have taken all the valuables along with moving all the servants away to other homes in the village. " They are in our safe place that we agreed on".

'Now ladies here is the plan John decided he needed to fill in everyone what to do I if the   village is attacked they had a special hiding place in the woods  that the British would not be able to find them. They will not be kind because the Privateers have stolen quite a lot cargo and ships. He also decide to hand  out the pistols and was going to show Sarah and even her Grandmother how to use them.

 Thanks for reading have a great day , NORA


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