Escape in the trees?

 Caleb looked up at the tree he was standing under and saw Sarah hiding in the branches he whispered, " Sarah it's me Caleb let me help you down from there'. Sarah was never so glad to see  someone in her life". She climbed down the tree into Caleb's arms he wanted to know what is going on and she said, " Not here it's not safe John Andre is back and he is after me I think he wants the lockets". 

Caleb and Sarah got on his horse and left the area quickly they were going to go back to his house where she would be safe.  On the ride to the read's summer home Sarah started to feel a bit better and when she got into the house Sally and John and even Esther were up doing the morning chores.

They were a bit surprised to see Sarah in her night clothes riding on the back of a horse with Caleb. Sally was the first to speak and ask " What is going on here'.  Sarah apologized for appearing in her sleeping clothes she did not thing she would make it down the tree in her dress. 

" Esther please take Sarah up stairs and give her one of your dresses to wear then we will find out what happened'.  'Now Caleb tell me what is going on ', Well  she stated that John Andre was after her and she had to climb down the tree to get away".

Did anyone see you ?, ask John. "No it is still to early for the people in the mansion to be up and I think she locked herself in her room so they won't know till the servants try and serve her breakfast and help her get dressed.

John Andre woke up when Charles shook him. He showed him the key to  Sarah's room and smiled and said," I know nothing about this. My wife will be up soon do what you have to do and leave 

 Now as he unlocked the door he noticed that it still would not open something was in the way together the men pushed on the door and finally it did move and large dresser was in the way.
They noticed the window was open and there was no Sarah?

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