John saves the day..

John saw the 2 men leave town as he went outside side for a bit of a break from his  work he knew they were not heading to his home but figured he better go and check it out just to make sure.  Caleb was working hard and he didn't want to bother him so he posted a note for him to see and left.

As he started toward home a few people ask him if he had heard the big fight at the Mansion and how the lady had thrown her husband and her friend out. She told him never to come back. She told him she was making plans to go back to England and that it would be without him.

John was concerned  that they might have found what they wanted and headed to let the British know what was coming . He doubted James Henderson put any information in plain sight like that and figured Sarah was the one holding the information.

As he approached his home everything look peacefully he knew his adopted sister and the people living near-by would not let anything happen to anyone.  But he had to check he did noticed that the doors were locked and that was a good sign.

 Sally opened the door when she saw John through the windows and was happy to see him. Sarah and Esther were busy helping with the evening meal and she wanted to talk with her son one on one.

" Hello son,' said Sally " What news do you have about the mansion"?  Well replied John," Anna threw out Charles and John Andre and is planning on returning to England as soon as possible according to people in the village and I did see them leave". " She is  upset what they did to Sarah and had enough of her husband's coming  and goings with people she did not know ". "He is gone and will not be coming back or he will be dealing with the people of the village". 

As they were talking they could see a carriage outside they could see it was Anna and she looked upset . John opened the door and asked her "How was she doing ?"  Anna smiled and said "Ok I am sure you heard what happened at the Mansion the whole village must know by now I am here to see Sarah I wanted to make sure she was ok".

Sarah at the same time Anna mentioned her name walked into the and was not happy to see Anna when you have to escape a man through a window at dawn and know one even helps you especially the lady of the house  well it is not a good thing.
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