House in the woods..

 Sarah was glad that she could stay with the Read family and just go to the mansion during the day she tried to get Esther questions out of her mind. She liked Esther but was not looking for a husband. She just wanted to finish her work and go to stay with her family in Tuckerton. She did find that she would miss this village when she did leave and  the Read family.

 She had written a letter to her Grandmother and was happy when the mail had a reply that her family would be happy to see her. She decided that will she have Esther come with her and one of the brothers who both said they had know problem with going with her. She hoped that Caleb with volunteer but knew he probably would not.

Esther was very excited to come with her and would be glad to get away from the village for awhile but before they went she wanted Sarah to learn to use a gun. With the wild animals and even robberies on the roads she needed to know how to protect herself . So one afternoon when the painting was done for the day she ask Sarah to come with her to practice shooting.

Please Sarah you really need to learn this it is important here if you are going to stay in West jersey  ". "You never know if you might have to shoot a wild animal or a English man or even a Indian", she said with a smile. "Besides I want to show you my special place that I go when I want to be  alone the only person who knows about this is Caleb and my adopted father God rest his soul'".

"Ok I will go she replied she was a bit nervous going into the woods especially after she almost got hit with Caleb's arrow.  'No worries I promise not to shoot a arrow at you".  The place they were going was really quite deep into the woods Sarah was getting nervous that would get lost but the young woman she was with grew-up in the woods and when they came to a clearly she saw nothing but a bunch of branches till Esther removed them and she saw a little house.

When they went in it was quite cool. The basics were in there a sleeping mat and other things to cook with.  
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