George Washington's locket

 Sarah  finely told the Read family that John Andre wanted her lockets for some reason he thought  something was in there. The one was of her when she was 18 and the other was of General George Washington that , the commander his self paid to have done for his wife Martha.

She was not able to deliver it to the General so she took it with her she was not willing to give it to anyone but the General himself. John took the locket from her and opened it and found it had another small compartment with small strips of paper in it. It was in code of course and they put it back carefully and quietly said we need to take this to him right away.

 John Andre was so angry he started yelling and woke everyone in the mansion Anna was alarmed and came racing into Sarah's room. She noticed she was gone and the window was open she started yelling at Charles and John . "What have you done with Sarah"? Where is she "? Why is the window open?" "Did she fall out the window ". "Where is she???" 

Now the room started to fill up with servants and Anna sent them to look for her outside and still Charles and John said nothing.  Charles quietly told his wife he and John must leave right away it was a matter of life or death. He did not tell her it was his own death and John's if the village find out who they really are. 

As the search began the two men quietly left and for Anna that would be the last time she would see either men alive. But would be sent a letter that her husband was dead and ask if she wanted to go back to England with her children.

Caleb and John decided to go to the mill and work and told the woman to stay inside and keep the doors locked they would be back in a couple of hours they wanted to see what was going on in the town.  They both knew sister Esther knew how to use a gun she was quite the fighter and if they had to hide Sarah she would have the perfect place in the woods.


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