Could Sarah find Love?

Sarah was cool as she listened to Anna 's apologize for her husband she really wanted her to come back but Sarah did not want to put herself in the position to have to climb out the window again she did not feel safe there.  The Read family was happy to have her here and she just wanted to go get her things and finish the painting in this home.

They did come up with a idea that she would go to the mansion in the day time with Esther and then stay here at night . Anna would pay the Read family for her board and then when the painting was drying she would head to Tuckerton to visit her grandmother and return in a few weeks and finish up every thing and then journey back to Tuckerton to live.

 Mean while the summer went by slowly Sarah just wanted to finish this painting and not have to be at the mansion with the family in it. Her only peace came because Esther was there with her they quickly became friends and enjoyed each others company.

Esther was hoping that she would  think about marriage to one of her brothers and she could tell she was interested in Caleb and she thought he was interested in her too.  But she knew that he would not do anything about it.

John also acted like he was interested but he tried not to show it. Could cause a problem so she wasn't sure what was going to happen but she did like having a friend around. She did take a afternoon to show her how to use a gun. She though she would need it  the longer the war lasted and everyone should learn how to protect themselves.

Esther one afternoon ask her when she was painting which brother did she like better? Sarah was a bit shocked by the question and replied "They  are both fine Men".  'But which one would you marry if you could"? "Well Esther they are both handsome but I think I would choose Caleb because he is strong and kind and a man of few words". After John Andre and his smooth talk a quiet man would be good.

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