escape from the Mansion?

 Sarah could hear someone was outside her door and she saw the door knob twist she called out ." Who's there ?" " It's me John Andre please I need to talk with you it is important ", Good night John it is late and I need to get some rest".  'Please Sarah ',  No John good night".  John had decided he was going to get the codes he knows she has to have no matter what .

"Well Sarah I will sit at your door all night if need be '. " That is up to you I am going to get some rest". Now by this time several members of the house were coming up the stairs including Anna and she was not happy. She knew that having a pretty artist in her home was going to cause problems the men seem to flock around her. Now John Andre was love sick sitting at her bedroom door wanting in.

Mean while Sarah was figuring out what she was going to do he would not hurt her if the family is around but she knew she had to do something so she decided to make a rope with her bed clothes and go out the window and climb down the tree that was outside her window.

She would go and the man from the general store to go and get John and Caleb and if she had too move in with that family and only visit  the mansion during the day. She had enough of this town and area and just needed to be done the painting and get out of here.

 As she opened the window and jumped into the tree she was glad she was not afraid of heights  it took her a couple of minutes to get to the ground dawn was coming and she could see pretty well.
Jumping from the tree she saw a figure could it be Caleb ? Fortunately for her he was up early and waiting for the general store to open up.

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