A blog post by Pine cat new items in the stores for fall...

 I have been adding new items to my stores human is lazy today...   Hope all my friends are doing well I have some new things to offer in my stores... 


 As you can see we have cards and even fall bags for all kinds of things treats, parties even Halloween... Well you could use them for special treats for your favorite kitties.. Lol

 Of course we have more cards human does like to make cards I think we have over 30 different kinds in the store... 

 Of course the above cat is my favorite .. Me in my younger days..  Such a handsome devil ....

 Poor human I need to buy her a rose bush or something she just keeps drawing these things.

 Great back to school items this is one of human's abstract designs would make a fun journal or something like that  too..

                          Well my  human does put designs on everything and even pencils..


 Clothes for kids and families

 enjoy the day friends please follow the human on goggle + and like our blog

 Love, Pine cat


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