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Pulaskis legion

As the men of Batsto grouped together and some headed out to joint forces at Chestnut neck while others stayed to protect the town the women all gathered together in the mansion to figure out what they could do.
 Sarah and even her grandmother did learn to shoot they would have to be ready because even the British had scouts and they could come to the village.  Sarah did get Caleb alone and told him be careful and that she cared about him. Caleb was a bit shocked and told her, "You should not talk of such things we can never be and you know that". "Out here no one would care if we  were married we could be happy". said Sarah. Now Caleb did know he loved her too much to have her live a life of never being able to sell her art and even going to church.
"No Sarah this can never happen and I we will not speak of this again".  Caleb left in a hurry telling his sister to stay here and not follow and hugging his mother and promised all he would be back soon. J…

The battle of chestnut neck

The men of Batsto were gathering their weapons and meeting they plan to march to Chestnut neck and help the locals  defend the area. One of the privateers had ridden into Batsto first visiting the men at the forks warning them.

Sarah was busy taking things to a cart so they could hide them in the woods . Esther of course wanted to go with the men.  When they were busy in the mansion they found a diary that was written by Charles and the shocking details were so upsetting for Sarah  she could even tell the others around her what she read.

 It stated that about a year before when he had meet John Andre for the first time he wanted to find out all the spies in the area their were rumors that her father was one along with several Merchants in Philadelphia. They had decided that John would make it a point to get to know all the in-married ladies in the area . They knew of her and her friend Dolly Payne .

Since the British had control of Philadelphia at the time  they were putting on the p…

The battle of chestnut neck

As our group was deciding to leave riders came into the area from the governor letting the people they must get ready 9 ships  were on the way  to chestnut neck. Now the men from Batsto knew that the town was a shipping port and they would bring the stolen ships from the British there and send the supplies over to the Delaware where barges like the one Sarah came on to Valley forge where Washington was camped.

Sarah was not sure if she wanted to go back to Batsto she had no idea where she and her family would be safe. So  the women of the family decided to go back with them to Batsto but only her grandmother decided to go her uncles wives wanted to stay with their husbands.

 Sarah was a bit nervous on the way back to Batsto  she had no idea what she would find would Charles be there or worse John Andre.

  Finally as they entered the town John and Caleb saw there mother looking out the window with a worried look. She helped them in-load their bags and wanted to speak to her sons righ…

The battle of chestnut neck and how they almost got to Batsto

Caleb was angry with his sister he hissed at her" where have you been?' Esther started to talk but he said " Quiet I will talk to you tomorrow  go to bed". Esther went and got into to bed quickly she had a lot to think about but she was concerned about the village and what could happen to it. She wanted to go knock on her brother's door and tell him what was going on they needed to get back to Batsto Sarah could come back later or stay  her job was done but there home could be in danger.
Caleb went back into the room he was sharing with John  he was deeply concerned about his sister and did not like what she was doing and wondered who she was hanging around. He hoped that is was not John Muller because he and his gang were not good news. The locals leave them alone they are privateers and have their own rules and he just did not trust them that much.
John was awake when Caleb entered the room " What's wrong', he asked"?  "Esther was out …

Privateers and how they helped shape amercia.

Side note- Privateers were very important to the Revolutionary war. They would help  defeat the strongest Navy in the war at that time The British Navy.  The continental  congress even had rules of contact for the privateers and they had to post monetary bonds. The way this was done was quite amazing actually they would bluff their opponent  to give up with out firing a shoot.

Sometimes they would fight and people were killed on both sides. The American privateers stole 18 million dollars  worth of British supplies. The town of chestnut neck was a privateer's lair and the British were trying to stop the flow of supplies getting to the armies of America. At the time Washington was in valley Force and needed the supplies.  The small army of British had a very hard time in October when they tried sneaking into the harbor at chestnut neck.

They were trying to get to our favorite town Batsto because they were making cannon balls and other items for the American forces. They did get to…

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The visit to Tuckerton( clamtown)?

Not far from her grandmother's home Sarah and the group were surprised to see so many ships in the harbor at Tuckerton know at the time as Clam town. Esther had been here before she would sneak up here with Joe Muller and his gang from the forks seeing what British ships were in the area. 
The privateers did not have a problem with telling other privateers where the British were in the open sea they knew they might need them if they were under attack one day.  Esther knew her brothers would be shocked at what she was doing funny thing if she saw any British she would be wearing her Indian buckskins and they would not pay any attention to her and would even talk freely.

 She learned of many things to help the colonial forces just because they ignored Indians it really worked well for them. She would sneak out tonight after everyone went to bed and meet up with Joe Muller and the gang.  They always keep a watchful eye on her when she would approach the British ready to jump in and …

traveling to Tuckerton and meeting up with the family .

This is a beautiful view of the Mullica river in Chestnut neck and yes it is a real place and it is very important to the whispering pines story.. More about that later  

Sarah was ready early the next day to go on her trip she was lucky that the family cook had a basket of food for her and the others that were going on the trip . Esther she noticed was wearing pants like a man  , She was a bit shocked but guessed she had her reasons. Caleb laughed when he saw the look on her face and said" My sister likes to wear costumes pay her no attention '. 'She will dress  the right way in front of your family she is just more comfortable this way". 
Sarah was thinking well maybe she does have the right idea of course pants will not be worn by women for at least 150 years as a fashion statement. But  I bet many women probably wore them when it was needed.

 They  started on there trip and found they made good time they followed a trail down by the Quaker bridge and past sever…

Traveling toTuckerton.

The cold green of the forest helped the women stay cool as they practiced shooting in dense brush. Sarah had so much to do before leaving for the trip to see her grandmother. She wanted to go up to the mansion and check and make sure the painting was  totally done. She was ready to leave the mansion but did enjoy staying with the Reads .
Maybe when they move back into the mansion she will come back and visit but did not want to stay there until they are back in the home. Anna was quiet when she told her she was going to visit her grandmother she had paid her  and the  painting was finished. The only thing she changed during the whole thing was not putting her husband in the painting. She wanted no reminders of him.
 Esther was busy at home packing for the trip when Caleb came into her room to talk with her. " Esther how is Sarah really after  what she was put through by John Andre he wanted to make sure she was ok,."Brother you should ask her yourself she does like you &qu…
The air had a crisp clean feel it was only August but a kiss of fall was in the air. The light reflecting from the sun had a gold light reflecting the deep late summer colors of green red yellow. Butterflies were dancing in the wind collecting the last of the flowers life giving food. Soon it will be cold again and the butterflies will sleep for the winter to be awaken by the sweet smell of spring and the lure of the nectar of the flowers yet to be...

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My paintings

This is some of my other work.. This is a painting of the back of the general store at Bats to  same store that is in Whispering pines. It has been added on through the years.

 This is a painting of a road leading out of Gettysburg . Many years ago we went for a vacation there.

 I lived along this river for many years I have another painting that also shows the many moods of the river.

 I entered these paintings into a show hopefully I will get in.... happy hump day nora

House in the woods..

Sarah was glad that she could stay with the Read family and just go to the mansion during the day she tried to get Esther questions out of her mind. She liked Esther but was not looking for a husband. She just wanted to finish her work and go to stay with her family in Tuckerton. She did find that she would miss this village when she did leave and  the Read family.
 She had written a letter to her Grandmother and was happy when the mail had a reply that her family would be happy to see her. She decided that will she have Esther come with her and one of the brothers who both said they had know problem with going with her. She hoped that Caleb with volunteer but knew he probably would not.
Esther was very excited to come with her and would be glad to get away from the village for awhile but before they went she wanted Sarah to learn to use a gun. With the wild animals and even robberies on the roads she needed to know how to protect herself . So one afternoon when the painting was don…



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Could Sarah find Love?

Sarah was cool as she listened to Anna 's apologize for her husband she really wanted her to come back but Sarah did not want to put herself in the position to have to climb out the window again she did not feel safe there.  The Read family was happy to have her here and she just wanted to go get her things and finish the painting in this home.
They did come up with a idea that she would go to the mansion in the day time with Esther and then stay here at night . Anna would pay the Read family for her board and then when the painting was drying she would head to Tuckerton to visit her grandmother and return in a few weeks and finish up every thing and then journey back to Tuckerton to live.
 Mean while the summer went by slowly Sarah just wanted to finish this painting and not have to be at the mansion with the family in it. Her only peace came because Esther was there with her they quickly became friends and enjoyed each others company.
Esther was hoping that she would  think abo…

John saves the day..

John saw the 2 men leave town as he went outside side for a bit of a break from his  work he knew they were not heading to his home but figured he better go and check it out just to make sure.  Caleb was working hard and he didn't want to bother him so he posted a note for him to see and left.
As he started toward home a few people ask him if he had heard the big fight at the Mansion and how the lady had thrown her husband and her friend out. She told him never to come back. She told him she was making plans to go back to England and that it would be without him.
John was concerned  that they might have found what they wanted and headed to let the British know what was coming . He doubted James Henderson put any information in plain sight like that and figured Sarah was the one holding the information.
As he approached his home everything look peacefully he knew his adopted sister and the people living near-by would not let anything happen to anyone.  But he had to check he did n…

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George Washington's locket

Sarah  finely told the Read family that John Andre wanted her lockets for some reason he thought  something was in there. The one was of her when she was 18 and the other was of General George Washington that , the commander his self paid to have done for his wife Martha.
She was not able to deliver it to the General so she took it with her she was not willing to give it to anyone but the General himself. John took the locket from her and opened it and found it had another small compartment with small strips of paper in it. It was in code of course and they put it back carefully and quietly said we need to take this to him right away.

 John Andre was so angry he started yelling and woke everyone in the mansion Anna was alarmed and came racing into Sarah's room. She noticed she was gone and the window was open she started yelling at Charles and John . "What have you done with Sarah"? Where is she "? Why is the window open?" "Did she fall out the window &q…

Escape in the trees?

Caleb looked up at the tree he was standing under and saw Sarah hiding in the branches he whispered, " Sarah it's me Caleb let me help you down from there'. Sarah was never so glad to see  someone in her life". She climbed down the tree into Caleb's arms he wanted to know what is going on and she said, " Not here it's not safe John Andre is back and he is after me I think he wants the lockets". 
Caleb and Sarah got on his horse and left the area quickly they were going to go back to his house where she would be safe.  On the ride to the read's summer home Sarah started to feel a bit better and when she got into the house Sally and John and even Esther were up doing the morning chores.
They were a bit surprised to see Sarah in her night clothes riding on the back of a horse with Caleb. Sally was the first to speak and ask " What is going on here'.  Sarah apologized for appearing in her sleeping clothes she did not thing she would make …

escape from the Mansion?

Sarah could hear someone was outside her door and she saw the door knob twist she called out ." Who's there ?" " It's me John Andre please I need to talk with you it is important ", Good night John it is late and I need to get some rest".  'Please Sarah ',  No John good night".  John had decided he was going to get the codes he knows she has to have no matter what .
"Well Sarah I will sit at your door all night if need be '. " That is up to you I am going to get some rest". Now by this time several members of the house were coming up the stairs including Anna and she was not happy. She knew that having a pretty artist in her home was going to cause problems the men seem to flock around her. Now John Andre was love sick sitting at her bedroom door wanting in.

Mean while Sarah was figuring out what she was going to do he would not hurt her if the family is around but she knew she had to do something so she decided to mak…

Who is sneaking around the mansion?

The dinner was over before she knew it and Sarah was in the carriage heading back to the mansion she was wondering about all the people she was around can any of them be trusted?  She had high hopes for the dinner a chance to get to know Caleb better but he did not even come with John to bring her back to the Mansion.
 John was quiet and seemed lost in his thoughts. He did say to her " Sarah  please be careful  and if you need us please go to the general store and Joshua will come and get us''. 'He also wanted to know if she knew how to us a gun?"  She replied "No . John said we will have to change that as soon as possible like maybe tomorrow".  Sarah replied , ' I have some free time in the afternoon ". "How about around 2 ?" "Ok said Sarah and thanked John for the dinner and went into the house.
Anna was waiting for her when she entered the Mansion and wanted to know about the dinner . Nothing much happened she told her and d…

The dinner and secrets in the lockets???

* this is what the church at Batsto looks like now back in Sarah's time it was a log cabin but this church stands on the site of the original. 

 Sarah did find a seat with Sally and Esther in the back of the church and  enjoyed the service . She was happy she went because of everything that she had been through in the last few months she needed a hour of peace.
 After the services the minster stopped her and welcome her to the area. She was surprised the service wasn't like the ones she attended in Philadelphia where they preached again the English. It certainly was not big like Christ's church in Philadelphia but had a sense of charm. 
 She was glad to be going to the Read house for dinner and happy both women were at her side when she reached the carriage. The ride to the house was a smooth one for once .. She was still not use to bumpy  so called roads that were no more than dirt . But getting away from the mansion was a treat.

 As they approached the house she loved t…