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christmas wedding plans

Christmas was not really celebrated in early America it was more a religious holiday and if you  tried celebrating in the 1600's you could have faced a fine. The holiday was not really celebrated nationally  until a 100 years later.  Our town of Batsto did go to church on that day and quietly celebrated the birth of Christ but no Christmas trees not really many gifts. There would be a big dinner with the people that could afford it.

Sarah decided to read the letter out loud to the room. Dearest granddaughter, I am so happy to hear John and you are thinking of marriage and he will take such good care of you. Your father would be so proud of you and all that you have done. Some day our country will be free and we can all be together.  I would love to be at your wedding. John has written if you say yes  he is hoping to get married around Christmas. What a beautiful time of year  I do hope it is yes and I can be there John has offered to come and pick me and so I can be at your wedd…

Wedding plans .

Sarah woke early on her birthday and it was a pretty warm day for late fall winter was coming and she was happy for once even though a war raged all around the country. The young country was fighting back and looking to grow a new nation. Sarah was proud that her father had helped what ever way he could . Though he died a terrible death she knew it was for a noble cause.

She got dressed and went down the stairs and noticed no one was around it was still early but at least John would be up.  They still had a few guests staying with them from Chestnut neck  and she enjoyed the company.
As she entered the dining room the table was beautifully set and she wondered if they were having company for breakfast. As she walked to enter the kitchen Sally and several guests came out of the kitchen and John was the last to enter. He was holding a big vase of wild flowers and smiled at her  and said " Happy Birthday''.
Sarah was touched by the idea they wanted to remember her birthday…

John and Sarah Marriage plans?

Esther was shocked to see her brother standing there how did he get there so quick  I guess the stop at the farm made lose time. Esther greeted General Washington with a polite  Greeting of" Hello General  I have something you need from the daughter of James Henderson ". She then produced the locket for general to see and opened it up to see the message inside that was written in code.

 'General Washington  replied Thank-you Esther your brother has been telling me all about you and you are quite the amazing young woman".  Let's see  if I can figure out what code James used ".General Washington went to his  writing desk and  though it was hard to see by candle light  he decode what the message was.

 When he finished  he smiled at both Esther and Caleb and said "Thank-you so much for bring this to us . We want to  bring you to a tent where you can rest and eat and feel free to stay here with us as long as you like".

Caleb and Esther were shown to …

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Meeting Washington

Working and helping others felt good to Sarah she did wonder how her family in Tuckerton were doing? She knew they were all safe after the battle and hoped they were getting ready for winter . John was becoming important to her and she wondered if he felt the same about her? He didn't really appeal to her at first be the better she got to know him the more he grew on her.

 It was late November and they starting to get snow. Many times during the day Sally thought of her missing children . Were the safe? Warm? she knew they were both adults but they were family just the same.

The small group of fire victims slowly went back to their newly built homes grateful for John's and the village's help. Christmas was nearly a month away and Sarah wanted to show the people around her how much they meant to her.

She started working on a hunting shirt for John she did have some sewing skills and this would not be that hard as for Sally she decided she would paint a miniature of Esther…
The trip to the Delaware river was long and Esther had to stop and let her horse drink and eat some grass she had nothing to feed him or herself and she was getting hungry,  Joe Muller had told her of a few safe houses to go to along the way if she ever was up this way. He knew she did like to travel and she needed to find people that were ok with Indians.

As she rode up on a very well hidden farm she could see that their was smoke rising from the chimney.   She hoped the couple that Joe had told her about was still in the home . As she rode up she could see a man in the fields he stopped working when he saw her and waved. 
She figured she was ok when he was friendly. She rode up to him and said to him what Joe had told her to. ' Herons fly south in fall".  He replied" , and come back in the spring". "You must be Esther come in and rest you must be hungry and let me take care of your horse". 
Esther was surprised she knew her name and asked him" Hav…

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The coming of winter and a Romance?

As the fall started to fade and the village was getting ready for the up-coming winter the people in the mansion carried on with their work Sarah helped Sally with the cleaning and did get a chance to do some sketching of the landscapes and even the buildings around the village.
One day she was close to the saw mill and she could see a group of Indians coming around the far side of the lake she was a bit nervous but hopeful that maybe her friends might be with them. She went into the mill where John was and told him.
 John came out and talked with the group and then told Sarah,"No worries they are old friends".  They were here to see Caleb and Esther and I told them what happened and they told me they would make sure they would let us know if they see or hear anything about them."

 Sarah was shocked that John could speak the same language as them and figured he learned that from Caleb  It didn't surprise her he certainly was a man who could do anything. He then as…



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John Read and Sarah Henderson could they become a couple?

The days pasted by slowly for the town of Batsto most people knew that two of their own were out doing something important and they wished them God's speed. But for John and Sally and Sarah the wait was hard. John was busy in both businesses'  the mill and the iron ore  business.  Sarah keep busy helping Sally in the mansion.
The only hope they all had was when the mail would come hoping and praying for word that the three that were gone were ok. Finally when Sarah went to get the mail she had several different letters one from her grandmother and one from her Cousin Dolly.
As she returned to the Mansion it was lunch time and John was on his way back too . She told him about the letters and that she wanted to open them with Sally too.  John and Sally gathered in the sitting room and Sarah sat down and opened the letter from her grandmother.

She started to read", Dearest grandchild  I wanted you to know and of course Sally and John  that we are all ok . The fight in Tuck…

Finding Esther.

Caleb did manage to find Sarah's grandmother and she was glad to see him he wanted to know what his sister told her where she was going.  My the time he managed to get her up and on her horse the fighting was over and she wanted to go back into the town and see what was left after all she had children there.
As the entered the town people were out of their homes burying the dead and heading to the woods guns in hand just incase any British were around, they were seen boarding their boats along with wounded and dead . The Legion that Washington sent had quite a few dead also a few farms were burning  Caleb felt he had to help the people of Tuckerton but he needed to find his sister.
The house where Sarah's mother grew-up looked the same. the doors were locked and they had to bang on the doors for anyone to come to the windows.  Sarah's youngest uncle and his wife and children were there with the other 's uncles wives and children . The men had survived the battle and …

The little egg harbor affair

Caleb was riding hard down the trail he hoped he could catch up with his sister but she was able to out ride him. She knew he would go after her and would try to stop her. He knew by now that the British would be at Tuckerton  and even the Legion Washington sent would probably not be enough to fight them off.

It was dark when Esther  got close to Tuckerton she could see where the group Washington had sent  had made Camp for the night . Funny thing she could see no one standing guard. She thought," wow they are lazy the British could just sneak up to the camp. As she dismounted her horse she could feel someone grab her.
The tall dark figure seemed familiar like someone she knew . Being the fighter she was she bit the person who had his hand over her mouth. Joe Muller" hissed it me you foolish girl now come along quietly so we can  hide the British are all around us and going to attack those fools in their beds sleeping".
Now as they got farther away Esther whispered&qu…

The woman spy journey to George Washington!!

As the men headed back to the town a young Indian woman was planning a dangerous trip to make sure Washington got the plans inside the portrait  miniature . . Sarah  thought it was dangerous agreed that she should go and  take the locket to Tuckerton and have one of the spies get it to General Washington.
Esther went in to the sitting room to talk with  her mother and she told her what she was planning to do.  Sally was very upset and begged her not to go. She was worried she would never see her again. They killed spies and she was afraid they would have no problem doing the same thing to a  Indian woman.

 Now Sarah's grandmother told Sally she would  go with Esther and make sure she  was protected under the Quaker faith she would tell any British that she had adopted her and she was of her faith so they would not be leery of her.

It sounds like a good story to the women and they all agreed , Both women got their stuff together and wanted to leave as soon as possible before the …

Woman spies of the revolution-Anna Strong

I usually don't post on Saturday but wanted to write this piece about women spies of the revolution. Anna Strong who is probably someone you have heard about through the series "Turn" on a movie channel is based on real people of the revolution war.

Anna Strong was married to Selah Strong who was a delegate to the continental congress he did get imprisoned at Sugar house in New York according to legend it has also been stated he was imprisoned on a war ship Jersey. Through some tory relatives he got released and went to live with them in conn.
Anna stayed on their farm on Long Island to help the spies know when to come in a pick up messages to then take to Washington. What they would do is use whaling boats  to cross Long island sound.  According to Legend she would hang a black Petticoat on her clothes line to tell the spy that a message was ready and then add the number hankies on her line to let the spy know what cove to meet another spy in to pick up a message.


Pulaskis legion

As the men of Batsto grouped together and some headed out to joint forces at Chestnut neck while others stayed to protect the town the women all gathered together in the mansion to figure out what they could do.
 Sarah and even her grandmother did learn to shoot they would have to be ready because even the British had scouts and they could come to the village.  Sarah did get Caleb alone and told him be careful and that she cared about him. Caleb was a bit shocked and told her, "You should not talk of such things we can never be and you know that". "Out here no one would care if we  were married we could be happy". said Sarah. Now Caleb did know he loved her too much to have her live a life of never being able to sell her art and even going to church.
"No Sarah this can never happen and I we will not speak of this again".  Caleb left in a hurry telling his sister to stay here and not follow and hugging his mother and promised all he would be back soon. J…

The battle of chestnut neck

The men of Batsto were gathering their weapons and meeting they plan to march to Chestnut neck and help the locals  defend the area. One of the privateers had ridden into Batsto first visiting the men at the forks warning them.

Sarah was busy taking things to a cart so they could hide them in the woods . Esther of course wanted to go with the men.  When they were busy in the mansion they found a diary that was written by Charles and the shocking details were so upsetting for Sarah  she could even tell the others around her what she read.

 It stated that about a year before when he had meet John Andre for the first time he wanted to find out all the spies in the area their were rumors that her father was one along with several Merchants in Philadelphia. They had decided that John would make it a point to get to know all the in-married ladies in the area . They knew of her and her friend Dolly Payne .

Since the British had control of Philadelphia at the time  they were putting on the p…

The battle of chestnut neck

As our group was deciding to leave riders came into the area from the governor letting the people  knowthey must get ready 9 ships  were on the way  to chestnut neck. Now the men from Batsto knew that the town was a shipping port and they would bring the stolen ships from the British there and send the supplies over to the Delaware where barges like the one Sarah came on to Valley forge where Washington was camped.

Sarah was not sure if she wanted to go back to Batsto she had no idea where she and her family would be safe. So  the women of the family decided to go back with them to Batsto but only her grandmother decided to go her uncles wives wanted to stay with their husbands.

 Sarah was a bit nervous on the way back to Batsto  she had no idea what she would find would Charles be there or worse John Andre.

  Finally as they entered the town John and Caleb saw there mother looking out the window with a worried look. She helped them in-load their bags and wanted to speak to her sons…

The battle of chestnut neck and how they almost got to Batsto

Caleb was angry with his sister he hissed at her" where have you been?' Esther started to talk but he said " Quiet I will talk to you tomorrow  go to bed". Esther went and got into to bed quickly she had a lot to think about but she was concerned about the village and what could happen to it. She wanted to go knock on her brother's door and tell him what was going on they needed to get back to Batsto Sarah could come back later or stay  her job was done but there home could be in danger.
Caleb went back into the room he was sharing with John  he was deeply concerned about his sister and did not like what she was doing and wondered who she was hanging around. He hoped that is was not John Muller because he and his gang were not good news. The locals leave them alone they are privateers and have their own rules and he just did not trust them that much.
John was awake when Caleb entered the room " What's wrong', he asked"?  "Esther was out …

Privateers and how they helped shape amercia.

Side note- Privateers were very important to the Revolutionary war. They would help  defeat the strongest Navy in the war at that time The British Navy.  The continental  congress even had rules of contact for the privateers and they had to post monetary bonds. The way this was done was quite amazing actually they would bluff their opponent  to give up with out firing a shoot.

Sometimes they would fight and people were killed on both sides. The American privateers stole 18 million dollars  worth of British supplies. The town of chestnut neck was a privateer's lair and the British were trying to stop the flow of supplies getting to the armies of America. At the time Washington was in valley Force and needed the supplies.  The small army of British had a very hard time in October when they tried sneaking into the harbor at chestnut neck.

They were trying to get to our favorite town Batsto because they were making cannon balls and other items for the American forces. They did get to…

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