Who is the guest at the Mansion?

 Sarah was glad to meet some nice people in the town Annie and the children were pleasant and she did like Beth her maid  but it was different than meeting people who are from the area.  Sarah was so happy to meet Sally and Esther she started chatting about Philadelphia and what was going on there.

Both women seemed interested but really wanted to know about her painting and her father and his business.   Sally ask her if she had any examples of his work and she showed them her miniature of  he did when she was 18 just two years ago.  Didn't seem that long  ago.

 Sally said to Sarah , "Do you think you would have time to make 2 miniatures of me and my daughter Esther?"  'Perhaps ," said Sarah if the portrait doesn't take to long I can do that". She figured at least she could get out of the house a little if she does some other work  ' I plan to start the portrait today I am actually here for some canvas and  minerals to mix the paint with".  Now canvas at this time was sold in rolls and she would need a piece cut and then fitted to a frame maybe John can sell her a few pieces of wood from the mill. 

 "Sounds like a plan ', Replied Sally.  " We would like to invite you to Sunday dinner after church which is about a mile from here very close to where we live". "We would love for you to join us there also at 9 a.m.

 "I can have one of the boys come and pick you up at 8;30 and then meet you at the church". "Ok that would be great ", replied  Sarah.  She was hoping Caleb would be the one to pick her up but she knew that it would be frowned upon especially at church.

  She thanked the women and said her good-byes  she had what she needed and wanted to go back and start the portrait so she could spend more time with this family and get to know them.

Walking back to the mansion she noticed several horses that were being watered and lead back to the barn she was wondering if the master of the house was back and many he had guests with him?  Opening the  doors she heard voices coming from the sitting room she noticed one was Charles and another  was a voice she had heard before but would never think would be this far out in the country.

Annie came out of the room and said, 'Sarah Perfect timing come meet our guest he is very Philadelphia  too. As she entered the room the two men rose and greeted her . Charles said" Sarah there you are I would like you to meet ,.  Sarah could believe her eyes how come he was here?"


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