Whisper Pines what we know so far and a new installment

 Sarah's father had passed away from a known illness she had decided to pay off her father's debt and move in with her grandmother in Tuckerton after she finished the portrait of the family and Bats to.

 As she traveled along the stage coach route she had to thank her lucky stars that she did not have any problems crossing the Delaware during the night. The ferry men certainly knew their job she had heard many tales of the people and animals falling into the water and drowning. She was glad her guys were experienced. 

 They told her, " miss we will get you where you need to go but you have be careful on the country roads lots of robbers especially when you get deep in the pines  Joe Mullin is a crafty one him and his band of robbers."

 Now Sarah was not afraid of anyone she had lived among the British for the pass 2 years and her and her cousin Dolly  would even go to the plays with them. They had to make sure they said nothing about what her father was doing he had a small studio where he painted miniature portraits . He had studied under one of the great's Richard Cosway  of England .

He taught Sarah everything she knew about painting even thought most of their work was done in enamel or water color some of the work was done in oils .Before  her father died he had been working on a beautiful piece that her day had done of General George Washington.

 He always talked about how she must never let this and her miniature he gave her leave her person she wore them next to her heart all she had left of her father.  As she sat on the ferry dock they would told  her stories of the pines and the strange tale of the Leeds 13 child. The Captain  claimed the child was cursed when it was born and when it was born came out a devil.. Some say everyone in that attended the birth was killed ..

 But the old captain had meet the sad mother who  talked about how her devil child flew up the chimney and out into the night.  She would leave in-cooked meat out for the devil and it would be gone in the morning.   'Poor sad Woman was never the same", the captain said. Well Sarah thought to her self this was a bunch of nonsense.

 "Well has anyone seen the devil child",? " Only on stormy nights and the sightings always come before something bad happens", He replied.

  Hope you enjoy this story. I never found the original but remember large parts of it...

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