It was evening in the Pines the many frogs and other creatures were singing their songs the family in the great mansion had gathered together for one of their first meals in their temporary home. Sarah slowly walked down the main stair case of the mansion to the dinning room. It was a charming room with lots of dark wood and a huge fire place. 

She was a bit tired and hoped the dinner would be short evening was coming and she really just wanted to eat and go to bed.  Charles was already in the room and had shown her to her seat she found the family very formal not at all like her father and herself. They seemed very British and she thought that was a bit odd.

She had been told by her attorney  that they were very much in the colony's corner. The talk at dinner had been general and  they seem to want to know about the news of Philadelphia and how the social scene .. Nothing about the war and the troops that were in Philadelphia and how British spies were everywhere.

 Her father told her trust no one and she keep that piece of advice close . When the meal was finished she went to bed.

The sun was shining through the windows and Sarah was beginning to stir. It was just 6 a.m. and hear the household stirring probably the servant's getting ready for the morning meal. She decided to get up and get washed and dressed when she had a knock on her door.

 'Miss I have some fresh water for your bath', said Beth. Beth was a village girl and worked at the Mansion part time and was a quiet and respectable girl of her bosses. She did what she was told and keep quiet about what happened in the mansion.  She did have reservations about this new family something about them seemed odd but she knew they would only be here for the summer months and she would have the read family back.

 Sarah replied thanks Beth ", "Beth I have a question  where can I find flowers in this area "? Beth replied  only wild flowers in the woods next to the Mansion miss". "But be careful if you go into the woods".  " Their are Indians and wild animals in the woods and of course hunters just do not go to deep into the woods".

Now Sarah went down and had her breakfast she was the only one in the dinning room and decided she would then go  for a walk ". She  got a basket from one of the servants and opening the huge front doors into the bright sunshine. She could hear the  buzz of the saw mill that was a few hundred feet from the house across the small bridge.

The quiet rush of the water made Sarah thing of the Docks in Philadelphia and made her a bit home sick.  She saw a man coming toward her from the mill and she thought he looked like someone she had seen before. Josh saw the figure of a woman in the distance he knew the family that moved in and wondered who she was as he got closer she looked like the girl Cabel  and him saw at the Indian tavern. Could it be?

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