Things are getting strange at the Mansion!

 The room looked strange to Sarah as Beth left the room could someone have looked around her room and things? who would do such a thing and what are they looking for?  As she sat working on the painting she wondered really what was going on here?

Tomorrow was Sunday and she had promised Sally and Esther she would come over after Church . One of the her boys would be over to pick her up at 8;30 sharp to attend church and she did not want John to come with her. She knew he was not one to attend church and would probably leave by the morning he had stated earlier he wanted to get back to Philadelphia before Monday and that Charles was going to be coming with him.

 Sarah could hear loud voices coming from the master suite ,  Charles and Anna were having a ugly fight, she was angry he was leaving so  soon she wanted to go back to Philadelphia with him.   He told her no  and she started to cry Charles was so angry he packed his clothes and he and john both left that same day.

Anna appeared in the dining room with a swollen face from crying and  asked her forgiveness  about the men sudden departure . Sarah was glad should would not to explain to either men why she was going to dinner at the Read house . She was glad to eat in silence and go up to bed and read and draw by candle light .

 It was about 6 Am. And Sarah was up and getting ready for her day she was getting ready to go to church and have Sunday dinner with the Read family. She wished that she could take Anna and the girls with her but she dare not.  To many people were not  happy she was renting the mansion and she was not really a friendly type of person so the village was very leery of them

She was ready by 8;15 when she saw the carriage pull up and she told Anna she would be back by 3  Anna was not happy she was going but knew the girl needed some fun. Maybe the young men of Batsto would show here a good time.

 thanks for reading sorry I am  late have a great Sunday all.. Nora


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