The town of Batsto Wild flower picking

Sarah thought she knew the man coming to meet her he looked like the man she talked to  2 days ago at the tavern. As Joshua got closer he realized this was the woman that was with Dolly a few days ago so she must be the painter.

 " Hello and welcome to Batsto", he said. " You must be the painter the family was waiting for  I wish you would have told us at the tavern we would have stayed to show you the way".  Sarah replied "Thanks be we didn't have a problem my coach men were on the look out for robbers on the way here. 

" I f you like I can show you around the town real quick when my brother get's back".   "  I am looking for a great place to pick wild flowers the place needs to be brighten up the wood is so dark in there. " Well I helped my family build the place with my own hands and we like it just fine". Now Sarah was confused why they were not living in the mansion till Josh explained they  were just renting it for extra cash and they have a home near Pleasant mills that they are living in.

 Now Sarah felt that she had upset the man with her criticisms of the place and ask him " What is the best place for flowers". Now josh knew his reply upset her and she is probably not herself with all that has happened with the strange death of her father. So he decided to be kind and show her the area where she could pick  flowers.

 Sarah headed to the area and it was thick with brush and vines and she decided to sit on am log she found in a clearing and think about the chat she just had with Josh. As she bend down to pick a flower she heard  the sound of a object flying very close to her head. She found herself flat out on the forest floor and looking at the sky.

 Before she could get her wits about her she saw a concerned face looking at her. She knew this face it was the face of the Indian from the tavern.


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