The people of Batsto and the surrounding towns and Sarah comes to her new temperary home

 The men had finished their meeting and all of them decided they needed to get back to the town and left the tavern . Dolly who was the official greeter at the tavern went to the door to wish them safe journeys and god's speed". She smiled at Caleb and said " My  friend is beautiful" and from Philadelphia and heading out in two days".  "If you see her traveling Please stop and check up on her".

 Now Caleb wasn't  much of a talker but John did reply. "Sure will Miss Dolly and you are just as Beautiful". "We are hoping to be home in another day and if we see her we will check up on her". Dolly thanked the men and they left.

 Mean while Charles had left by a back door he had a feeling the young woman who was sitting in the tavern was the girl he was waiting for . He wanted to hurry back to Batsto let her be surprised when the carriage comes to his rented home and she sees him. Let's see if she really is James daughter and notices that he was in the tavern 2 days before her arrival at the town.

 Dolly came back to her friend and smiled " now we can talk and you can tell me all the information about Philadelphia". "How is Betsy and her husband John? " Sarah hated to tell her the sad news of John passing away.  They 3 women grew up together  and even thought their  families came from the south felt like they had known each other forever.

 Sarah  told Dolly how after her father's death that Betsy wanted her to work in her business with her especially after her father's death and john's death. But  she knew nothing of sewing not something her father are even Dolly's mother knew much about.

Dolly was worried about her friend after she did this families portrait how would she cope with her Grandmother and family after her mother left the Quaker meeting house.  Sarah knew nothing of this faith and she did not think she would be allow to even paint. She did not know what her friend was getting her self into.

 Sarah ask Dolly what room would be her's for the night , She was tired and needed to rest for the long trip ahead .  They said their good- nights and both went to sleep .

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