The men of the town of Batsto and are they inviting danger into their town?

  The man smiled at John as he and Caleb agreed to the mansion being rented to him and his family they had know why of knowing his connections to the British his cover was he wanted to get his family out of Philadelphia where the British were hiding around every corner. He would pretend to be a Patriot like them.

 He even dropped a name they all knew James Henderson he was a much loved artist in Philadelphia and rumored spy for the colonials he had gained his trust and a bunch of backwoods men should be know problem.

He did have one problem though he was expecting James's daughter at the Mansion to paint his families' portrait . He really was not interested in that even though his wife seemed so happy he had made the arrangements. He knew  she could have some important information about the plans of the colonists and he wanted it for General Cornwallis.

The plans to invade the west Jersey were falling into place and should happen in October the lord willing. He hoped to get the information by then. John was happy to get the money in his hands he didn't trust this man from Philadelphia but he needed the money to expand business and sell cannon balls to the revolutionary army.  George Washington was counting on him.

Caleb sat silent as John signed his name to the agreement he did not trust this man something about him . But he found his self more distracted by the beautiful  American girl who was sitting with Dolly. He found his self drawn to her and he knew him being Lenape Indian it would make his  interest in her frowned on in the colonial's circles.

 His story about how he came to the read's family was a sad one. John's father had been hunting for game deep in the woods and stumbled into his village burning down and all the people either dead or dying.  His mother was found crawling into the woods with him and his sister by her side. She was trying to save them both from the white men.

His adopted father tried to save his mother and took everybody back to his secret cabin in the woods that was so hidden by brush and fallen branches . That  area is where his mother was buried .

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