The Lenape indians in Batsto

 Sarah decided to show John the lake at Batsto as they started their walk they could see in the distance a group of people coming toward them.  John looked up and was a bit shocked to see a group of Indians coming into the town and no one was alarmed. 

 The Lenape tribe also know as Delaware Indians was slowly dying out by the 1700's due to not having protections from the European diseases they brought with them to the new world.  Many would loose their lands to settlers and by the 1860's would be moved to mid-west to live out their lives.

John had his hand on his gun as they approached . Sarah saw the look on his face and told him" It'  ok they work here in the village and are friends of John and Caleb the woman with him is John and Caleb's sister Esther.

 Now even Sarah was a bit shocked to see  Esther, she was dressed just like the Indians that were in her party..  Esther saw Sarah with some guy she was wondering if this was the guy that everyone in the village was talking about she felt like she had seen him before some where. She knew he certainly was not from around here.

 Esther approached Sarah and john and  said " Hello ', and Sarah introduced John . She had heard the name before and even before talking with her brothers knew  this person was questionable she was wondering why Sarah was so friendly with him?

Sarah knew she had to get John back to the house and away from the eyes of the small village she did not know what they would do . As they walked back she noticed the small groups of people following there every move.

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