The sun was shining in the windows as Sarah stirred from her sleep she had a bit of a headache from the bump on her head but she felt ok other wise. Nothing broken  when she got up she felt ok  and she decided to get ready for her day. The maid knocked on the door with fresh water and ask her how she felt . She was really just had a bit of a headache.

She had planned to start sketching the different family members that were going to be in the portrait she thought it was odd the master of the house was not going to be in the painting.  She also wanted to write a few letters to her cousin and her uncle and her attorney and of course her grandmother.

She decided to spend the morning writing letters in her room and had the maid bring up a with her breakfast she knew Annie would be worried if she did not come down stairs to breakfast but she wanted to take it easy and write her letters and go mail them at the post office she saw yesterday.

 It was also a small general store so she thought she would look around and see what kind of items they had . She figured that she could not get the same type of items that she did in Philadelphia but  she really missed her tea.

Finally after 10 she was done her letters and went down stairs Anna was glad to see her and  ask about her health she had to assure her she was ok and only going to mail letters and the store which was about 500 hundred feet from the great mansion.

 As Sarah entered the store she saw a older lady who looked a lot like Joshua she was with a beautiful doe eyed girl with black hair that she thought must be Esther Caleb's sister. The two women smiled and thanked the merchant and turned to chat her.
"Hello you must be Sarah replied the older woman " I  am  Sally and this is my Daughter Esther.

 Thanks friends for reading.. Just a note I  changed the names of the men characters to the original names  I started out with... sorry if it confused anyone , Nora 


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