The road to Batsto had a lot of ruts in it  and the movement was making Sarah a bit sick she took a drink from the water skin they had filled in Haddonfield on her way out of town she wished   her family was going to be around to help her.  It was new for her to be on her own and she hoped she could finish the painting quickly and head  to her family in Tuckerton who  were only about a day away. As the coach slowed down  and the road got smoother she found herself dozing off to sleep.

 John and Caleb had reached their family home in Indian mills by night fall the night before  they were so happy that their mother had left some stew on the fire. They had traveled back home quickly not stopping much just to rest the horses and drink some water.  Sally mother of bother of the men was asleep when they opened the door to the home.

Sally knew that her boys would be home early and she wanted to know how the deal went it had been hard for her after her husband had passed away in the big mansion but was glad she had her son and adopted children.  Her daughter who was going through some changes of late not dressing like a lady and wearing pants and even  Indian Buck-skins.

Esther who her Husband named after she was brought home after the fire and the death of her mother was a quiet  child but very intelligent . She did not remember much of the Lenape ways but did seek people of her on kind out for the information she was missing.

 She did like to do the things men did hunting and fishing and even going into the taverns which she frowned on.  With her dark skin and eyes the men in the tavern found her interesting but she was as mean as a bear if you made her made and she could shoot and even kill if she had too and they were a bit leery of her.

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