The light was streaming through the windows of the tavern as Sarah yawned a slowing got out of the bed  it was summer but the tavern was one of those building's  that was 20 degrees cooler than the outside.  Sarah got herself dressed quickly and as she finished she heard a knock at the door. " Sarah are you awake it's me Dolly". Now Dolly had been up for hours, she had cooking to do for the early morning customers. 

 Yes dolly I am up and ready to go", Sarah opened the door and had everything packed in her bag and ready to go on the carriage. Dolly said your coach men are in the dining room eating breakfast when they are done I will send them up for your luggage". 'What is for breakfast Dolly/ "Some smells great".

 The hasty Pudding had been cooking all night and the  smells filled the air in the tavern most people would have their pudding with Ale but Sarah had hers with milk and molasses pour on the top. She  sat down and started to eat when Dolly came over and with a serious look in her eye said,  "We have talk." " if you have any problems at all please let us know my father and brothers can be at Batsto in a day's time." " If something does not   sound right or if you have any problems please let us know".

 Now Sarah was touched her cousin felt  this way  she knew she had family here and she could always return to the tavern if her grandmother gave her any problems. Her memories of the dear Lady were good ones she was so calm and loving she would not have a problem with her.

Now as she finished and said good-by to her aunt and uncle who also told her he was only a day away if she needed him and to make sure and write . Her coachman came in and said" Miss we need to get started  So Sarah hugged everyone and with tears in her eyes she boarded the coach and turned and waved good-by. Little did she realize this would be the last time she would see her Aunt and uncle the town would be plagued by yellow fever in the next few months. Dolly would have already been taken back to Philadelphia when the first case broke out and would spend the war with her family.

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