John Andre Sarah's friend or enemy?

 John rose from his seat to greet Sarah with a big smile and a kiss on the cheek he knew she was here  but was glad to see her. She was as pretty as ever but looked at him with surprise that he was there in this small town.

 Sarah was taken back by the appearance of John and she wondered why a known British Military man was this far deep into southern new jersey she knew there were spies everywhere her dying father told her to trust no one and she didn't even a known friend.

 Dolly and her would allow the British military officers to take them to plays they put on at theaters at the time Philadelphia was taken over by the British and no one in the theater district would perform for them. She and Dolly both knew they had to go because they would suffer if they did not. They could be kind a polite but would not hesitate to do harm to them.

 John had been kind to her told her he hated the war and wished it could be different  they had a lot of things they both liked including art. He told her he wished he could show her the art in Europe some day after the war.

 Sarah smiled at John and said, Hello John it is nice to see you here".  'I have missed you Sarah and so glad you got away from the city and are able to make yourself some money after the death of your father". '  Can you show me what you have done so far".  " No John we are just in the sketch part of the painting and I really do not want to show you that part of it".

 Annie just walked in to the sitting room and announce that tea will be served in the dinning room
both men got up with John taking Sarah arm and walking with her into the Dinning room.

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