John Andre and why the men of Batsto are worried about him.

 After the tea John decided to take Sarah for a walk around the small town she was hesitate to go but thought she  needed to get to the bottom of what was going on. She just thought it was strange he was here out of the blue she had not seen him since last winter. Then right after the first snow he was gone from Philadelphia that was about the time her father  took sick the first time.

 John did not appear  again till after her father's death.  John smiled and said "Sara will you show me around the town ?"  " Would love to see the goings on in such a small place ''.  Sarah agreed but did not think the people of the area would welcome him.

 First stop was the mill she wanted to see if Caleb was there are his brother ,of all the town they might be the most friendly. Both brothers were hard at work and did not look up from the saws they were using and Sarah thought it was quite strange.

 She did go up to john and tap him on the shoulder and yelled " Let's go. They are too busy to talk".  John smiled and with a nod, they walked off. "Sarah they were ignoring us couldn't you tell" No they are not like that they were Just busy nothing more"

 Caleb and John shut down the saws and went into their backroom in the mill to talk they could not believe Andre was here at Batsto they were very concerned that they had made a mistake renting the mansion out to a man that could have friends like Andre.

 The rumors were they he  had sympathy toward the British this would not do at all. They were a bit angry at Sarah for even showing him around the town. Tonight they will call a meeting at the forks and discuss the situation.  They knew they had to be careful going out the  island with Andre around .

 They would need to speak to John Muller  robbery and thief and see what he has to say about this man and the man who is living in the Mansion

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