Heading to the indian king tavern.

 It took all night to cross the river Sarah did nod off for a few minutes and when she woke up she could see daylight through the coach's windows. She had climbed back into the coach and had tried to get some rest she could here the coachmen and the captain quietly talking about  the journey that was ahead and how they had to stay on the routes that were the most used.

 The trip to Haddonfield should be ok it was a few miles away and they should get there by noon.  They planned on staying at the Indian tavern. A place where colonials did hang out  and plot against the British. They would be leery of you and the woman coming from Philadelphia. But stay friendly and get into no arguments.

Men out here are quick to reach for the musket or beat you with their fists. Now Sarah was a bit taken back with the talk about the tavern. Her cousin Dolly and her uncle owned the place and they were very happy and friendly.

 Finely when they were on their way Sarah could  look forward to seeing her cousin. Dolly Payne who would later be Dolly Madison lived on Chestnut street  2 doors down from her. When her mother passed away her father counted on her Aunt to help with Sarah teaching her the graces every woman should know.

The sun was high overhead when they reached the town of Haddonfield  she  knew her father's lawyer had written to her uncle and they were expecting her.  As the approached the Tavern she saw a very small figure running toward the coach. It was cousin Dolly who still have the ways of a tom boy when it came to her family..

" Sarah you are here at last", yelled Dolly .. " come in and try and new cake I just made". Now the tavern had a reputation of serving good food and Cousin Dolly's food experiments were part of the reason.

 As Sarah exited the coach and  stepped  into the cool rooms of the tavern she could see the lower room was full of hungry travelers.  2 men were staring at her and, one was a Indian now she had seen Indians before but never one with such good looks.  They looked like they were not of the gentlemen class more of a hunter and trapper type.

They had been in deep discussion with a man she thought she knew  and had even been to the house to visit her father before his illness.  Joh Read along with his adopted brother Cabel had journeyed to Philadelphia and was on their way back to Batsto .  They had made a deal with a man to rent out the big home at Batsto to get the funds to ran the iron ore works.

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