Deer hunting gone wrong and the saw mill men..

 Sarah was a bit  shaken up after almost getting shot by a arrow. Cabel was so upset he picked her up and carried her to the mill where his brother was working.  Josh  was busy running the saw his brother approaching carrying Sarah. He felt a little bad  he knew he should have went with her into the woods.

 John went to meet Caleb and asked him what happened ?.    Cabel replied", I was hunting and I saw a deer and took the shot and the deer heard a noise and got spooked and it was too late. I went to investigate and I saw her on the ground ".  'I thought I killed her". " I saw no blood but decided to bring her here quickly". 

 John said " Sarah are you ok ?"  Sarah did reply yes but was so taken back by the strong arms of this handsome Indian she could say nothing.. The Men did find a chair for her to sit in and some water for her to drink . She finally had the strength to yell " What is wrong with you "!! "You could have killed me ".  Now Cabel was not bothered  by strong women his adopted mother was one and his sister certainly was one. 

 "I am sorry miss we have not been introduced I am Caleb Read and this is my brother John  Read I remember you from the Indian Tavern we did not know you were coming here ". We would have been more polite and waited for your coach to leave and come back with you ".  Now Sarah felt a little better that he was so polite  and seemed sorry that she was hurt.

Let's get you back to the Mansion and have one of the maid's help you clean up and get some rest", replied Joshua.

 Anne  saw the front door open from the sitting room first she saw the Read boy and his brother and then Miss Henderson who looked like  she had been attacked in the woods. She hoped she hadn't of meet with any thing sinister when she got up  the servants had told her she was out early looking to pick flowers of things. Her husband Charles had left last night late after everyone went to bed to go  into Haddonfield again  he would be back in a day or two but this place was new to her and the children  were of know help.

 Anne asked what happened, Sarah replied", I tripped in the woods over a log and Caleb saw me and helped me up.". Sarah knew how the English and some colonials  felt about the Lenape and she didn't want to cause Cabel any problems.

 Annie called for the servant to come and help her up to her room to cleanup and bandage the cuts from the vines she had on her hands and to help her into bed. She would have the doctor come and look her over tomorrow  and make sure she was ok.

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