attending church..

 John and Caleb were a bit leery with  driving up to the mansion to pick up Sarah  they did not like the idea of this person she was seen with there.  A few people had told him late last night they were  seen leaving the village. They even woke up the stable man to saddle their horses and they both wondered why did they leave so quickly .

John wondered if maybe Sarah was the reason they were here and could she have something of her late father's that they might have wanted?  It was rumored that James would hide things in the miniatures' he made. Could he have hidden something in a locket she might have ?  They both had talked about this in length and maybe at supper they would ask her if she had any lockets from her dad.

Sarah saw the carriage pull up and was glad to leave the home with out seeing Anna  she was a bit upset that she was going out today. But she promised she would not be long. As Sarah stepped out the door she looked up at the master bedrooms windows she could see a figure that looked like Anna looking at her.

 Sarah smiled and  said," Good morning gentlemen, thanks for giving me a ride to church"." Where are Esther and Sally"? We already dropped them at the church and we decide to both come pick you up". replied Caleb. 

The church was a  two room log cabin out in the middle of know where . The insides were plain but comfortable for the small villages it served. as the entered the door a lot of people looked at them and smiled and Sally and Esther came up to Sarah to greet her.

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