arriving at Batsto

 The sun was high over head as the carriage continued it's journey deep in the Pines  Sarah was still hot even thought she drank quite a lot of water.   The scenery was nothing but pine trees and wild bushes and moss every where. The area would not be farmed till many years later well inti the 1800's and would become some of the best farm land.

 Wild blueberries were around but not like the type that this area would be known  2 centuries later South Jersey is know for their blueberries and even tomatoes and sweet corn.

The coach man yelled down" Miss we  are coming close to the town of Batsto we should be there in a few minutes. " As they round the corner they it was the Batsto  Mansion Sarah was surprised at it's size out here deep in the pines and the amount of cabins and saw mill and iron ore making and even a store.. 

 Soon they were on the way up to the great house and Sarah was a bit nervous she could see a small group of people waiting for her on the porch. As the coach stopped and the coach men jumped down and got the steps out for her she felt a bit of excitement .  The coach men both tipped their hats to her and thanked her for allowing them to take her on this journey she was quite touched and hanged them both.

 A man steeped forward and from the looks of him Sarah knew he was the master of the house he bowed and said "welcome Miss Henderson I am Charles Smith and let me introduce my family to you."   'First my wife Anna , and then my 2 daughters, Caroline and Josephine. "  

All the women stepped forward and smiled and said very politely ," Welcome to our home".  Now Anna hurried her into the house and began to explain they just moved here themselves and would she mind helping them get settled she would be paid extra of course.

Sarah did agree but wondered what she had gotten herself into the lawyer did not give her two many details about the job and the family.  Anna showed her to her room and had one of the servants bring her chests to her room being extra careful with her art supplies.

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