John Andre was not use to see so many Indians in one place and was glad to go back to  the mansion. He had hoped Charles had the time to go into Sarah's room and look for the codes they were looking for . He knew they would not be easy to find because James Henderson was too smart for that . Sarah probably doesn't even know they are there. Hopefully she will not be able to tell Charles was in her room looking. 

 As they entered the Mansion John did see that Charles was in the main sitting room reading and when he entered he  smiled. He was questioning by the look on his face he found nothing but they will talk letter when everyone was asleep.

 Sarah made her excuses that she was tired and went up to her room she wanted to start the back -ground of the painting today and then in the next few days start the figures. In a few weeks it should be done and then she can go to her grandmother's and start her new life.

 Walking into the room she noticed her paintings supplies seemed out of place just slightly but she knew what went where in her paint box.  She heard a knock on the door and one of the servants came in it was not Beth so she ask her if anyone was in her room cleaning today.

She replied " No not that I know of". She left Sarah towels and left the room.


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