John Andre sat in the dinning room sipping his tea and listening to Anna go on and on about living out here in the woods.  Sara sat stone faced and  would smile and nod when she should but said nothing . She is wondering why I am here he thought . I do need to find the codes that her father had in his hands before he died.

 It could mean a win or a loss for the British it was that important . He knew that the iron ore made in Batsto was  being made into cannon balls and other items for the revolution. The Read family was know for helping  the patriots.

But what could they do ? Charles and him were in a area that was not friendly to the British and if they tried to strong arm the Read men they would have many friends that would come to their aid. He had noticed when he rode up with Charles many eyes looking on them.

 They would be watching his every move and even the servants could be listening to him and Charles talk. 

 Sarah said, " John how is your family doing "?  John was deep in thought and Sarah wanted to wake him up she really was trying to figure why he was here.

 John smiles and replied " Thanks for asking they are well they are still in Virginia and are working hard'. Now John knew this was not the truth his family was in England where they always were . 

 He had to make up a good cover story that what all good spies do and Sarah did seem to believe him.

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