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attending church..

John and Caleb were a bit leery with  driving up to the mansion to pick up Sarah  they did not like the idea of this person she was seen with there.  A few people had told him late last night they were  seen leaving the village. They even woke up the stable man to saddle their horses and they both wondered why did they leave so quickly .
John wondered if maybe Sarah was the reason they were here and could she have something of her late father's that they might have wanted?  It was rumored that James would hide things in the miniatures' he made. Could he have hidden something in a locket she might have ?  They both had talked about this in length and maybe at supper they would ask her if she had any lockets from her dad.
Sarah saw the carriage pull up and was glad to leave the home with out seeing Anna  she was a bit upset that she was going out today. But she promised she would not be long. As Sarah stepped out the door she looked up at the master bedrooms windows she could …

Things are getting strange at the Mansion!

The room looked strange to Sarah as Beth left the room could someone have looked around her room and things? who would do such a thing and what are they looking for?  As she sat working on the painting she wondered really what was going on here?
Tomorrow was Sunday and she had promised Sally and Esther she would come over after Church . One of the her boys would be over to pick her up at 8;30 sharp to attend church and she did not want John to come with her. She knew he was not one to attend church and would probably leave by the morning he had stated earlier he wanted to get back to Philadelphia before Monday and that Charles was going to be coming with him.
 Sarah could hear loud voices coming from the master suite ,  Charles and Anna were having a ugly fight, she was angry he was leaving so  soon she wanted to go back to Philadelphia with him.   He told her no  and she started to cry Charles was so angry he packed his clothes and he and john both left that same day.
Anna appeared…

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John Andre was not use to see so many Indians in one place and was glad to go back to  the mansion. He had hoped Charles had the time to go into Sarah's room and look for the codes they were looking for . He knew they would not be easy to find because James Henderson was too smart for that . Sarah probably doesn't even know they are there. Hopefully she will not be able to tell Charles was in her room looking. 
 As they entered the Mansion John did see that Charles was in the main sitting room reading and when he entered he  smiled. He was questioning by the look on his face he found nothing but they will talk letter when everyone was asleep.

 Sarah made her excuses that she was tired and went up to her room she wanted to start the back -ground of the painting today and then in the next few days start the figures. In a few weeks it should be done and then she can go to her grandmother's and start her new life.
 Walking into the room she noticed her paintings supplies see…

The Lenape indians in Batsto

Sarah decided to show John the lake at Batsto as they started their walk they could see in the distance a group of people coming toward them.  John looked up and was a bit shocked to see a group of Indians coming into the town and no one was alarmed. 
 The Lenape tribe also know as Delaware Indians was slowly dying out by the 1700's due to not having protections from the European diseases they brought with them to the new world.  Many would loose their lands to settlers and by the 1860's would be moved to mid-west to live out their lives.

John had his hand on his gun as they approached . Sarah saw the look on his face and told him" It'  ok they work here in the village and are friends of John and Caleb the woman with him is John and Caleb's sister Esther.

 Now even Sarah was a bit shocked to see  Esther, she was dressed just like the Indians that were in her party..  Esther saw Sarah with some guy she was wondering if this was the guy that everyone in the villag…

John Andre and why the men of Batsto are worried about him.

After the tea John decided to take Sarah for a walk around the small town she was hesitate to go but thought she  needed to get to the bottom of what was going on. She just thought it was strange he was here out of the blue she had not seen him since last winter. Then right after the first snow he was gone from Philadelphia that was about the time her father  took sick the first time.
 John did not appear  again till after her father's death.  John smiled and said "Sara will you show me around the town ?"  " Would love to see the goings on in such a small place ''.  Sarah agreed but did not think the people of the area would welcome him.
 First stop was the mill she wanted to see if Caleb was there are his brother ,of all the town they might be the most friendly. Both brothers were hard at work and did not look up from the saws they were using and Sarah thought it was quite strange.

 She did go up to john and tap him on the shoulder and yelled " Let&#…
John Andre sat in the dinning room sipping his tea and listening to Anna go on and on about living out here in the woods.  Sara sat stone faced and  would smile and nod when she should but said nothing . She is wondering why I am here he thought . I do need to find the codes that her father had in his hands before he died.

 It could mean a win or a loss for the British it was that important . He knew that the iron ore made in Batsto was  being made into cannon balls and other items for the revolution. The Read family was know for helping  the patriots.
But what could they do ? Charles and him were in a area that was not friendly to the British and if they tried to strong arm the Read men they would have many friends that would come to their aid. He had noticed when he rode up with Charles many eyes looking on them.

 They would be watching his every move and even the servants could be listening to him and Charles talk. 
 Sarah said, " John how is your family doing "?  John …

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John Andre Sarah's friend or enemy?

John rose from his seat to greet Sarah with a big smile and a kiss on the cheek he knew she was here  but was glad to see her. She was as pretty as ever but looked at him with surprise that he was there in this small town.

 Sarah was taken back by the appearance of John and she wondered why a known British Military man was this far deep into southern new jersey she knew there were spies everywhere her dying father told her to trust no one and she didn't even a known friend.

 Dolly and her would allow the British military officers to take them to plays they put on at theaters at the time Philadelphia was taken over by the British and no one in the theater district would perform for them. She and Dolly both knew they had to go because they would suffer if they did not. They could be kind a polite but would not hesitate to do harm to them.

 John had been kind to her told her he hated the war and wished it could be different  they had a lot of things they both liked including art. H…
I will be back on Sunday but a news update please pray and sending good thoughts to our favorite historical town Batsto. I had posted in the past this is a historical real life town deep in the pines.. A fire is raging only two miles away.  The fire is 60 % under control but you never know.. 

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Who is the guest at the Mansion?

Sarah was glad to meet some nice people in the town Annie and the children were pleasant and she did like Beth her maid  but it was different than meeting people who are from the area.  Sarah was so happy to meet Sally and Esther she started chatting about Philadelphia and what was going on there.
Both women seemed interested but really wanted to know about her painting and her father and his business.   Sally ask her if she had any examples of his work and she showed them her miniature of  he did when she was 18 just two years ago.  Didn't seem that long  ago.

 Sally said to Sarah , "Do you think you would have time to make 2 miniatures of me and my daughter Esther?"  'Perhaps ," said Sarah if the portrait doesn't take to long I can do that". She figured at least she could get out of the house a little if she does some other work  ' I plan to start the portrait today I am actually here for some canvas and  minerals to mix the paint with".  N…
The sun was shining in the windows as Sarah stirred from her sleep she had a bit of a headache from the bump on her head but she felt ok other wise. Nothing broken  when she got up she felt ok  and she decided to get ready for her day. The maid knocked on the door with fresh water and ask her how she felt . She was really just had a bit of a headache.
She had planned to start sketching the different family members that were going to be in the portrait she thought it was odd the master of the house was not going to be in the painting.  She also wanted to write a few letters to her cousin and her uncle and her attorney and of course her grandmother.
She decided to spend the morning writing letters in her room and had the maid bring up a with her breakfast she knew Annie would be worried if she did not come down stairs to breakfast but she wanted to take it easy and write her letters and go mail them at the post office she saw yesterday.
 It was also a small general store so she though…

Deer hunting gone wrong and the saw mill men..

Sarah was a bit  shaken up after almost getting shot by a arrow. Cabel was so upset he picked her up and carried her to the mill where his brother was working.  Josh  was busy running the saw his brother approaching carrying Sarah. He felt a little bad  he knew he should have went with her into the woods.
 John went to meet Caleb and asked him what happened ?.    Cabel replied", I was hunting and I saw a deer and took the shot and the deer heard a noise and got spooked and it was too late. I went to investigate and I saw her on the ground ".  'I thought I killed her". " I saw no blood but decided to bring her here quickly". 
 John said " Sarah are you ok ?"  Sarah did reply yes but was so taken back by the strong arms of this handsome Indian she could say nothing.. The Men did find a chair for her to sit in and some water for her to drink . She finally had the strength to yell " What is wrong with you "!! "You could have killed m…

The town of Batsto Wild flower picking

Sarah thought she knew the man coming to meet her he looked like the man she talked to  2 days ago at the tavern. As Joshua got closer he realized this was the woman that was with Dolly a few days ago so she must be the painter.

 " Hello and welcome to Batsto", he said. " You must be the painter the family was waiting for  I wish you would have told us at the tavern we would have stayed to show you the way".  Sarah replied "Thanks be we didn't have a problem my coach men were on the look out for robbers on the way here. 
" I f you like I can show you around the town real quick when my brother get's back".   "  I am looking for a great place to pick wild flowers the place needs to be brighten up the wood is so dark in there. " Well I helped my family build the place with my own hands and we like it just fine". Now Sarah was confused why they were not living in the mansion till Josh explained they  were just renting it for extra…
It was evening in the Pines the many frogs and other creatures were singing their songs the family in the great mansion had gathered together for one of their first meals in their temporary home. Sarah slowly walked down the main stair case of the mansion to the dinning room. It was a charming room with lots of dark wood and a huge fire place. 
She was a bit tired and hoped the dinner would be short evening was coming and she really just wanted to eat and go to bed.  Charles was already in the room and had shown her to her seat she found the family very formal not at all like her father and herself. They seemed very British and she thought that was a bit odd.
She had been told by her attorney  that they were very much in the colony's corner. The talk at dinner had been general and  they seem to want to know about the news of Philadelphia and how the social scene .. Nothing about the war and the troops that were in Philadelphia and how British spies were everywhere.
 Her father t…
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arriving at Batsto

The sun was high over head as the carriage continued it's journey deep in the Pines  Sarah was still hot even thought she drank quite a lot of water.   The scenery was nothing but pine trees and wild bushes and moss every where. The area would not be farmed till many years later well inti the 1800's and would become some of the best farm land.

 Wild blueberries were around but not like the type that this area would be known  2 centuries later South Jersey is know for their blueberries and even tomatoes and sweet corn.
The coach man yelled down" Miss we  are coming close to the town of Batsto we should be there in a few minutes. " As they round the corner they it was the Batsto  Mansion Sarah was surprised at it's size out here deep in the pines and the amount of cabins and saw mill and iron ore making and even a store.. 

 Soon they were on the way up to the great house and Sarah was a bit nervous she could see a small group of people waiting for her on the por…
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The road to Batsto had a lot of ruts in it  and the movement was making Sarah a bit sick she took a drink from the water skin they had filled in Haddonfield on her way out of town she wished   her family was going to be around to help her.  It was new for her to be on her own and she hoped she could finish the painting quickly and head  to her family in Tuckerton who  were only about a day away. As the coach slowed down  and the road got smoother she found herself dozing off to sleep.

 John and Caleb had reached their family home in Indian mills by night fall the night before  they were so happy that their mother had left some stew on the fire. They had traveled back home quickly not stopping much just to rest the horses and drink some water.  Sally mother of bother of the men was asleep when they opened the door to the home.
Sally knew that her boys would be home early and she wanted to know how the deal went it had been hard for her after her husband had passed away in the big man…

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The light was streaming through the windows of the tavern as Sarah yawned a slowing got out of the bed  it was summer but the tavern was one of those building's  that was 20 degrees cooler than the outside.  Sarah got herself dressed quickly and as she finished she heard a knock at the door. " Sarah are you awake it's me Dolly". Now Dolly had been up for hours, she had cooking to do for the early morning customers. 

 Yes dolly I am up and ready to go", Sarah opened the door and had everything packed in her bag and ready to go on the carriage. Dolly said your coach men are in the dining room eating breakfast when they are done I will send them up for your luggage". 'What is for breakfast Dolly/ "Some smells great".

 The hasty Pudding had been cooking all night and the  smells filled the air in the tavern most people would have their pudding with Ale but Sarah had hers with milk and molasses pour on the top. She  sat down and started to eat wh…

The people of Batsto and the surrounding towns and Sarah comes to her new temperary home

The men had finished their meeting and all of them decided they needed to get back to the town and left the tavern . Dolly who was the official greeter at the tavern went to the door to wish them safe journeys and god's speed". She smiled at Caleb and said " My  friend is beautiful" and from Philadelphia and heading out in two days".  "If you see her traveling Please stop and check up on her".

 Now Caleb wasn't  much of a talker but John did reply. "Sure will Miss Dolly and you are just as Beautiful". "We are hoping to be home in another day and if we see her we will check up on her". Dolly thanked the men and they left.

 Mean while Charles had left by a back door he had a feeling the young woman who was sitting in the tavern was the girl he was waiting for . He wanted to hurry back to Batsto let her be surprised when the carriage comes to his rented home and she sees him. Let's see if she really is James daughter and not…