Who is Mike and why is he involved ?

Josh got the report about the break in at the museum  the car license plates had been traced back to a rental company that was very near his friend's mike's apartment in the city. He remembered Mike had told him about the place when they were there if the needed to rent a car.

 He decided to try Mike's cell phone and it went to voice mail. Josh thought that was strange cops always answer their phones. He did decide to call the rental car company himself and see who rented the car.  The owner was very friendly and mentioned that he had a friend in the NYPD  and mentioned Mike he also said he was the one who  rented the car.

The owner was  mad because he went over the miles and when he came back he was in such a hurry   he didn't even paid for the overage.  Josh told him he would tell him when he saw him and hang up quickly. To say he was shocked was a under statement.

 He called his old station and asked for Mike they told him he had a few days off some personal business.  Josh knew he had to find out what was going on and is his old friend involved.

Sarah knew something was wrong when she saw Mike ignore the phone call from Josh. Something was wrong here and she could not figure out what?  Mike started to talk nervously about Josh and the investigation into Katherine's death. He wanted to know if he had a ideas what it was really all about?

 Josh got a call from the captain   , that the bullets found at the scene  were found were from a police revolver .  Josh decided it was time to tell his superior everything he knew about the case and that they needed to check into mike's background right away.

 Mike told Sarah he wanted to check out her work place once again to see if they could find anything  that could have been missed. " Lol Local cops he said don't have much experience with murders".  As they turned into the museum he turned and "said look this is how this is going to go you are going to call Josh and he will come here alone with the ambulant "  and wax figure". "If He doesn't I am going to kill you".

 Josh tried calling Sarah's phone she did not pick up. He was starting to get nervous . Pete was coming around the back of the barn when he saw the car pull up and Mike get out with a gun in his hand and holding it up to Sarah. Pete knew he had to call the police as swoon as possible but did not want to be seen.

Josh picked up the phone at the first ring Pete told him what he saw and Josh called his Captain an they made a plan how to get Pete to give up his hostage.

 Thanks for reading have a great Nora


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