Who is left standing in the round barn mystery?

 What we know so far the group that joseph belonged to was picked up for questioning in new York. Josh was closing in on his friend Mike who was out searching the grounds for Sarah. Sarah was hiding in a barn with a old friend .  The art-facts that everyone was hunting for were safe in a safe deposit box  at josh's bank.

The NYPD had quite the time getting the group to talk they were made up of history professors ,scholars, bankers, doctors and even a few lawyers.  They were quite shocked all of them had a lot of education. They could not figure out what was the reason behind all of this till they started digging around into other countries and found similar cases of murder etc. of archeologists  and important finds.

They also found several names of people in the group that were wanted on suspicious activities around said events.   The captain had several cops in the room questioning a lot of the group one on one.

 The captain decided he would take the leader one on one and tell him they better talk or he will start sending them to the other countries that they are wanted in and it will not be pretty.  The guy who had started lecturing Katherine about the bible and magic started talking. He told them they banded together to steal art-facts and sell them to a private collectors. They would only resort to killing when people did not give them what they wanted.

They knew they should not have killed Katherine but religion got the best of them they did not like her views on magic and the 18th dynasty.  They held their religion close and she was trying to prove that  magical figures  were not used in the 18th dynasty. "So you killed on a matter of view point ?", said the captain.

 What did Joseph and even Mike have to do with this ? " Were they your muscle ?"." Yes", he replied. The captain was so angry had all the group put in jail cells separate from each other. It will take along time to sort this out and he was concerned about what was happening in Hancock.

Josh was creeping up on Mike he could not believe he would probably have to harm a long time friend like this . Mike was still running down the dirt roads looking for Sarah lucky for everybody involved the village always keep the buildings locked ..

Josh decided he was going to call out to his friend and try and talk him into giving his self up.  They already knew he killed Joseph they had the proof. "Mike  you need to give yourself up". "I knew you would come Josh  I can't give myself up you know what they do to cops in prison".  " WHY did you do this ?" For money I needed money nothing more". Did you kill my wife"? "No Joseph did that and I killed him for it ".

 "No Mike I do not believe that "."Well I decided to kill him because he was stalking Sarah ". "well if you care about Sarah why threaten her ?"I was not going to kill  her I wanted to sell the art-fact and have her come with me to another country".  "Did she agree to this"?

Now Sarah was listening to this and decided she had to step in she did have feelings for Mike and did not want  him to be killed.  "Mike I am here ",Sarah came out of the barn and started walking toward him. "Please do not hurt Him", Josh. "Sarah get out of there", cried Josh.

As soon as Sarah was in range Mike shoot her in the heart and as Josh ran to her he heard another shoot and Mike was laying on the ground dead.

Josh  was sitting in a New York coffee shop reading the New York times he was back in New York again and on NYPD. He had to come into new York for the group's trails and his old captain offered him his old job back.

 The group's members had be found guilty in the us and many were wanted in other countries so they would not be seeing the light of day any time soon.

 He will always remember the two sisters he tried to protect . Hopefully they are together  again.

 well friends I hope you enjoyed this story,  it could use some work of course but it was fun posting for you all to enjoy may you have a great day, Nora


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