Recap- what we know so far . Joseph went missing after Katherine's murder as Josh digs deeper into Katherine's life he realizes she was being stalked by him in the weeks before she went on the dig and even after the explosion.  The few weeks they had together he didn't seem to bother her  he guess because he was a cop.  Sarah seems to be holding a lot in and will only talk when pressed.  The  shaker village had a break-in and the car had New York tags.  Someone knew the amulet had been in the safe at one time.

Sarah knew she had to tell Josh she had seen someone  when she would come home late from work she just thought she was seeing things and it was the neighbor outside walking his dog. She had one scary evening when a person was looking in her window when  she went to close the curtains. She screamed and then called the police  by the time they got there the person was long gone . Sarah had be so un-nerved she called a alarm company the next day.

 Josh was not surprised Joseph  really wanted this piece from Amarna it was suppose to carry  some sort of magic powers if you believe in that stuff. He was wondering if he could find that group that Katherine went too.  He had heard of people grouping together for Satan worship and of course Wicca but never a group about Ancient Egyptian Magic.

Heka is the name   give to Egyptian magic it can be used in religion and everyday life the amulet was used in protecting the person are even the dead from evil and other bad magic. Josh still could not believe anyone would kill for such a piece. There had to more to this could Joseph just be crazy decided to stalk his dead wife because he was angry about her scientific facts.

 She had been working on a paper that in the 18th Dynasty the use of Amulets were no longer in use because of the believe in the Pharaoh's of the sun God Aten.  Could this have made him so angry he would kill? The art-fact he wanted had not even been dated yet how could he know that it is from that period.

 He knew he had to get more answers and the only palace to go would be back to the museum   he had to see if there were anything left at Katherine's lab where she was working on her finds.

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