John Trumbell who I named in another article was born on June 6,1756 and left this good earth on November 10, 1843. He graduated Harvard in 1773 and serviced as a aid to General George Washington . After the war he returned to London where he was put in prison for the hanging of John Andre .

 He was let go and returned to the young country where Thomas Jefferson got him to make 4 large paintings for the capital Rotunda. I think if you have visited the capital you will see these paintings.  

 Now several scholars  have stated  that our flag girl could not have made the flag because of these paintings. According to what I am learning they were made after the war and he just used sketches and water colors of the scenes to make his paintings. Trust me oil paintings take months to dry and George Washington moved around a lot and he was a aid to him.

 He did seem to travel back and fourth to London a lot don't think I would after they put me in jail the first time but he did study painting under Benjamin West. His wife was there and I guess that is why he would go back and fourth.

 As you can see the flag is in the paintings and that does not mean the time was wrong they were painted after the war .. Whether they had the flags in battle or not proves nothing artists do add things to pictures..  Fast sketches and water colors in battle are not finished paintings.

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