The story behind the reasons Katherine was killed...

Sirens could be heard in the distance as Josh and the other cop worked on his partner's wound luckily it was just a nick from the bullet they make vests for a reason and this certainly protected this officer but he would have to go to the hospital. Sarah was too nervous to say anything till Josh keep asking her if she was ok .

 He thought maybe she needed to go to the hospital too. This might have been to much for her to deal with and he decided to get her to go in the ambulance and get checked out. Shock can effect people differently and he had seen enough of this from car accidents and other  tragic events . She did agree to go just to get away from the house for a while.

  As she boarded the ambulance he made sure she had her cell phone something didn't seem right to him and he wanted to make sure she was protected at all times.  A crowd had started to gather around the home and the police were having a hard time getting them to go home and stay inside. They were looking for Joseph but did not want to cause a panic . 

 The man stood back hiding in the shadows of the dying light of the day he noticed the woman was going to the hospital and he  would have a better chance at getting to her there  around here. He had not wanted to use his gun but the cop got to close and he was lucky to slip away with  his partner wanting to help him..

He might not be that lucky the next time. Their are a lot of places to hide in a hospital and  he would ask her one more time for the artifacts and if she did not have them he would kill her.  Her sister was  a problem and they got away with that once another problem to make go away doesn't matter much. The cops are not that bright and have not yet figured out Joseph was not alone .

They had not figured out that the group that meet with Katherine months ago needed the art-facts for their biggest project ever and had no problem killing for it. They were not happy that Katherine  had written about the amulets were not used in the 18th dynasty at Amarna .  They wanted to prove to the world the power of Heka. 

The group so strongly believed in the idea that magic was part of a modern life that they had killed once  to silence a  non-believer. They knew they could be caught and sent to prison  but did not care .

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